Forum Rules

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The rules for this forum are pretty simple, if you post regularly in the horror forum, you know I'm very leniant when it comes to language.

The only rules are that member bashing will not be tolerated in any way, I know it may be frusturating when someone puts down an artist that you like, but deal with it, they have the right to dislike an artist, just like you have the right to like them. It's no excuse for a personal attack, and if one occurs, there will be trouble.

Next, don't start multiple threads on the same topic, it just causes confusion, instead use the 'search' function located at the top right hand corner of the page to search to see if there are any threads already discussing the artist you wish to discuss, if there is, do not start a new thread, I will close it.

That's about it, to sum it up, don't insult people, and don't start multiple threads, and just have fun. smile

For more information about the global rules of the forum, go too

PS. If you have any questions, concerns, complaints or suggestions, please don't hesitate to PM me.

Enjoy the forum

Dig the rules baby! What happened to Julibizzo waz with all the change in management

she resigned because she felt she didn't have enough time to mod the forum properly.

All hail our new MOD BACKFIRE

AVE BACKFIRE! legeamut longum lifum

thank you for closing russ mathers's thread about rap! I hate him and his buds on that thread becuz they wouldnt stop slammin me and trance about what trance said. SO thx again.

The leniency on language is fair and all but doesn't it contradict a bit on Raz's PG-13 rule?

Well from what I can see all the really bad words are automatically blocked. But yes, if I see really bad words (you know the ones), I will have no choice but to edit them.

lil bitchiness
thumb up

REally bad words are automaticly edited right?!

stuff like 'shit'....arent! i tend to say poo anyway, when im feeling silly!

Just a reminder, a new rule now being enforced, no battle rap threads, any new one's will be closed asap. The reasoning is because it is near impossible to have those 'battles' while using acceptable language.

Not even in the off-topic forum?
Ah well, I won the minute MF posted his fake picture.
Just call me MF's doom,
I'll leave a burger outside MF's room.. .
Heh, sorry, won't happen again.
But why was the freestyle thread closed? That wasn't even a battlerap thread, it was a place where you could post up your rhymes and, as far as I can see, get feedback.

lil bitchiness
BF gave the chance but the global moderator shut really his fault...and not much he can do about it....

Evil Dead
To hell with Backfire's rules I say!

metal face
kem you're the biggest idiot ive ever seen, for real man

the pic wasnt of me

why the hell would i do that

it was there to add humorous imagery

you know look at his face and imagine him saying it, i laugh out lout everytime i see that pic

and now you thinking its me, hahahahahaha

you dont have a sence of humour and you're dumb

hahahahahaha, i cant believe you thought that was me

you sonned yourself homie

im going to post a pic of my self ina battle

why would that make sence

and no battle threads?

pure weak

and i killed you kem and you know it

you have to sit and write your junk while mines off the dome and actuelly dope


you thought that was me


John Smith

Man, didn't think that was you, but I thought you thought I would,
Seriously homes, I'm going to ask you to respect yourself because your the only one that could,
Hey, here's a coincidence, you laugh when you see that guy I laugh when I see your rhymes,
Only difference is yours is actually a joke that dude is just funny to tards and old folks straight outta shady pines,
you say your stuff is off the dome? I say your dome needs dusting,
The **** you spit getting old quick even your face is rusting...

And yes, I just wanted to do that before somebody else did it to me.

metal face
you just embarassed cuz you really did think it was me

much like your rhymes


Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.