Neo Can Move Things With His Mind?

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In reloaded, I noticed when he's fighting Merv's gang, after he does this giant jump onto the railing above, he stretches out his hand and 2 'sword' looking things just fly to his hands. There's probably been a board about this, or theres some reason that he's the one or something, but I'm just wondering if this has any significance.

I remember Morpheus said something about there being a man born inside that had the ability to change what he wanted, to remake the matrix as he saw fit. Then he says 'that search is over' and is refering to Neo. Do you think maybe Neo was recreating the matrix so that things could fly to him or something like that?!

Can someone gimme an explanation?

It doesn't need an explanation, he is the one, he can change things and fly and make things move and basically do whatever he wants.

Why would things flying to him be any different to him flying, which doesn't need a seperate explanation, and neither does this.

In my opinion.

Neo was doing the reverse of stopping bullets, he was giving weapons a momentum. it is, basically, rewriting the coding of the program that governs that object, even if only for the time it takes the weapons to reach his hands.

Yeah. Neo's cool and stated that by making the si's(sp) fly to him. He kicked the crap out of those guys and didn't think twice about it. Just like a true ninja. ninja yes

Ok, follow on question. So why couldn't he push people with his mind?

MC Mike
They are too big, too much complicated code... etc.? And those were programs and they might have complicated code too...

one thing...

Matilda's the one.

U think Neo had x-ray vision? And telescope eyes. He could have been spying on unsuspecting women as he flew high overhead in M2.

MC Mike
stick out tongue Like Korri, except she wasn't "unsuspecting"... shifty

Definitely not. big grin

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