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Okey dokey people,

This is gonna sound WEIRD but bear with me.

Seraph protects "that which matters most". If he is, as rumoured, an angel, could this be God?

Thoughts appreciated

Oh btw people, until the result of my self-serving post comes through {see the news and questions forum}, I'm gonna revert to noola for a while. After all, noola might soon disappear. So farewell for now

And there we are

Ahnold, Noola, whoever. I've see some of your other threads and they've been just fine. But this... this has got to be the worst thread ever (that make at least 1% sense. Some make -34% sense). Seraph (in the real world) is an angle, but in the Matrix, he is a program to protect that which matters most, whatever that means. God does not exist in the Matrix, so Seraph can not protect God. There are 23 threads on this including a really big one on just Seraph.
(Like I have that power)
PS: No offense, but this one just doesn't make much sense.

But you can see what I'm getting at

I see your reasoning, but it's flawed. The names of people don't make them what it means. It's based on similarities. The real Seraph protects God, and the Matrix Seraph protects Neo, I think

First of all, I think that calling this "The worst thread ever" is a bit harsh. Be reasonable.

Second of all, Seraph is a program, and thus does not exist in the real world {as you said}. We assume that Seraph is a program from the first "perfect" matrix that was assimilated into the system as an angel. Now if that is true, and he has angelic purpose, then is it so unreasonable to assume that, whether or not He exists in the matrix, Seraph is some sort of guardian for God? It's a little far fetched, but not utterly ridiculous. So there

MC Mike
Seraph protects the future... in so doing, he protects the Oracle, Sati, and even Neo...

At least, every thread we've had on Seraph and what he does ends in - he protects the future.

Welcome to last week etc. I wish people would stop typing, "Closing... Closed."

MC Mike


laughing laughing laughing

Erm, right. Getting back to the topic at hand... what do the rest of you think of my "God" theory?

Still... laughing laughing laughing

Truthfully....A Load of crap....Again welcome to last week...or the week b4...or even the week b4....

Other than just saying "A load of crap", please give an explanation! In truth, I think that my reasoning IS flawed, but that it is still logical

he protects that wich matter most, and that's neo, he wouldn't have told him "i protect you" cuz neo didn't know his truly purpose when he met seraph... he protects the future, hence meaning neo, the oracle, and last sati, cuz she is new.......... i think

The Omega
Noola/Ahnold(whatever) > Seraph is NOT an angel!
There are NO angels, demons, vampires, werewolves and ghost in the Matrix. Those are renegade programs, exiles, whom the system assimilates so the LOOK like creatures from myth and legend. Ok?

The closest thing you GET to a god in the Matrix is its creator. The Architect. An entity that created the world, created its rules, and determines the fates of the programs running around inside the Matrix.

Yeah! Besides I believe he was given the name seraph because he is a protector, like a seraph.

so then... THEY ARE angels, demons, vampires, werewolfs... but for the ppl inside the matrix... right?

MC Mike
That's exactly what I said... stick out tongue roll eyes (sarcastic)

Programs that are not doing what they're supposed to be doing...
Seraph isn't doing what he's supposed to be doing, but Omega just said he wasn't an angel, and he isn't. It goes as our PERCEPTION of angels, THOSE are angels. But a kung-fu chinese master is not what you think of when you think "angel", is it?

The Omega

MC Mike
Once again, just like I said, except much more true scientific babble that you can expect from Omega. wink stick out tongue

The One Himself

I protect that which matters most.



Shock horror BUT I'm afraid I have to disagree with you, Omega. I believe that the system, in an effort to assimilate something it does not understand, has not only given these people the appearances of angels and vampires etc, but has in fact mutated their code so that they have BECOME angel and vampires and whatever. Consider: Cain and Abel may not howl but they can still be killed by silver bullets. And though we didn't see it, the twins were sucked in by a vacuum cleaner and met their demise that way stick out tongue

So if Seraph IS an angel within the matrix, then my god theory is not that ridiculous.

After all, we don't know that he DOES protect the future; he could just be protecting his sandwich ala Joey for all we know big grin

Noola> the point is, we say that Werewolves can only be killed by silver bullets because the programs that seem, to us, to be 'werewolves' can only be killed by silver bullets. they are programs, that are exiled, because they have no purpose...how can something with no purpose suddenly have a purpose by being an angel/werewolf/alien...? it is insane to expect contradictions to both be true.

The Omega
Well: Belief doesn't prove anything.
As JediHDM says. Our belief that it takes silver-bullets to kill a werewolf, is BECAUSE programs, that the system assimilates as "werewolves" can only be deleted by a program written to resemble silver-bullets.

So you're saying Seraph was originally written to protect the Architect? Even if that was true, Seraph is NOT an angel. He's a PROGRAM.

Look, I'm sorry to sound so harsh, but will you lot PLEASE stop grilling me when you don't agree with my opinion! Now look - we all know that facts in the matrix universe are never 100 percent clear; while its true that "belief doesn't prove anything", views like mine shouldn't be shot down in such a harsh manner!

In fact, that's the only thing I hate about this forum; some of you are so closed minded! Cut me some slack! It's my opinion, and I ask you not to spit at it like that! If you disagree, fine, great; but you are going about it the wrong way!

Case in point: what the oracle said about vampires etc can, in my opinion, be interpreted in many ways. And nobody can flat out say that what I think is wrong when none of you lot know for certain!

There - I apologise, but what was said HAD to be said!

"It was meant to be."

i understand it is your opinion, but they are programs, exiles...the Oracle herself said "Everytime someone said they saw a vampire, a werewolf or an alien is the system assimilating some program thats doing something they're not supposed to..."
meaning that, we see Vampire, alien, ghost, when in reality it is justa program that is, acting up, if you will.

The Omega

Gus The PI
First off, I am noola+ahnold, so don't get confused as to why "Gus the PI" is responding.

I feel that the oracle's words can be interpreted in a different way, namely that the rogue programs have now assumed the role of these mythical creatures. I realise that my opinion could be wrong, and I am welcome to that: what I DO NOT like, though, is people saying that my opinion is "Truthfully, a load of crap!" and stuff like that when, frankly, all that you people are expressing is an opinon too.

It is possible that you are right, I'm not denying that; please understand that I am NOT attacking your views, just defending my own, harshly criticised ones. There's a difference

Gus The PI
And another thing: while I can understand your interpretation of the oracle's words, I do not think your analysis of the nature of vampires and warewolves and ghosts is necessarily accurate. I know of some ghosts from modern culture that are NOT always transparent {E.g. spike from angel season 5}, and who is to know whether persephone drinks blood or not? PLUS - in ETM the vampires could be killed with wooden stakes

Thoughts appreciates

Gus The PI
And another thing: while I can understand your interpretation of the oracle's words, I do not think your analysis of the nature of vampires and warewolves and ghosts is necessarily accurate. I know of some ghosts from modern culture that are NOT always transparent {E.g. spike from angel season 5}, and who knows whether persephone drinks blood or not? PLUS - in ETM the vampires could be killed with wooden stakes

Thoughts appreciated

I don't think you understand what they are saying.

The only reason we think vampires exist is because of exiled programs or programs doing something wrong, except we don't see them as programs which is why we label them vampires and as JediHDM and The Omega said the only reason we believe that Vampires or Werewolves etc can be killed by certain things is because these certains things have a certain code that can delete the program.

Think as if you were in the matrix, the only reason these myths exist is because of programs being out of line throughout the 100 year loop of the matrix, so Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts etc etc, do NOT exist, they are all just programs and something that the adverage joe in the matrix does not understand hence they interpret it as being some odd creature such as a Vampire etc.

The Omega/JediHDM have the best most logical theory/answer to this i have heard so far. Lets hope i haven't screwed the theory in my little speech, if i have, terribly sorry.

The Unknown
The Twins can change between transparent form, meaning that ghosts can be solid or transparent. And the amulet may have altered Spike's soul which makes him solid, or something like that.

The Unknown
And there are also ghosts on Angel that can change from Invisible to Transparent, and then Solid.

Okay, heres my little bit of magical Daedalus input (also a name from Greek mythology but no I do NOT have a son named Icarus).

If you've seen the Animatrix you'll already know who the God type character is, its that Angelic woman (supossedly "mother nature"wink who narrates the story about the Second Renaissance.

Oh yeah and Omega, CHILL you get FAR too PASSIONATE in your POSTS *hides* Sorry, don't hurt me blink

omega> do u really believe that ghosts inhabit abandoned buildings and rattle chains?
o, n no seraph doesnt protect god. god is a human created belief, but not a programmed thing in the matrix, a better question to ask is if there is a heaven for pplz plugged in...could their brains be saved and plugged into a DIFFERENT matrix, where everything is good and amazing w/no problems? i have no proof on this its jus an idea, becuase otherwise death is too final. im not that religious either BTW.

In reloaded Seraph explains that he protects that which matters most. Also in reloaded Morpheus gives his rousing speech in the Zion temple and proclaims something to the effect of "and after 100 years I remember that which matters most - WE ARE STILL HERE". I believe that Seraph protects the imbalance of the matrix. He helps the Oracle and Neo for this reason.

wtf are u talking about...seraph in the real world?...you people are on crack.....lol....

actually sleepincat, that makes more sense than anyone else, except that we dont know how long seraph and morpheus have known each other to say the same things. remember? he only showed up in reloaded, and neo was like ,"who are you?" as though he'd never seen him before, and wouldnt he have been there when neo went to the oracle the first time? obviously he protects sati, that was a given, but i think its more of the essence of sati, a program w/o limits, without a set FUTURE that makes seraph protect her. so seraph protects the future.

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