What if...?

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MC Mike
With all our new knowledge of the Matrix, what do you think would happen if Cypher DID pull the plug...? Cataclysmic system crash? Hmmmm...? confused

ah that would have been great! just think about it.... we never would have been exposed to that garbage they called sequels....

This goes on the assumption that Neo reloaded the matrix at the end of Revo, btw.

If Cypher HAD killed them all, then Morpheus would have cracked and told Agent Smith the codes for the Zion mainframe. The machines would then have easily wiped out Zion {no need for all that drilling}, and the matrix would have crashed without the presence of the one, thus causing the death of all the humans that were plugged in too. Oops. Well done Tank! big grin

And boxofdeath, you have NO idea what you've let yourself in for... stick out tongue

oh no mike.... no expression

Yeah, what Noola said. I wonder what would happen to the Matrix without the Anamoly to reload it though.

I remember when I saw that scene the first time. My first reaction was Cypher would pull the plug and nothing would happen!!!!
laughing out loud
Everyone would just stare until Neo or Trinity somehow got back and kicked Cypher's %#*!

i don't think cypher could have possibly pull the plug, that's the whole point of the profecy, the one can be killed until he acomplish his task.

but if he have done it, then neo would have died, and the machines would have destroy zion long before due time. then the machines would have to create, or come up with another anomaly to reload the matrix

The Omega

MC Mike
What is it Tania?! Is it SANTA!? eek!

no expression nevermind

MC Mike
no expression you are strange

no expression okay then confused

MC Mike
confused but this is not a reason, not a why! why did you post "oh no mike"? no expression

...because he chose to. laughing out loud
The whole point of that scene was to show that Neo couldn't die b/f he became the One. By some divine miracle, Tank BBQed Cyphers ass.

Can some please inform me what is going on w/Burlyman and Tania?

MC Mike
I can see you now burly... unwilling to answer yet without hope...

I will kill them all! ALL I TELL YOU! evil face

...ehem... no expression

MC Mike
The answer to my own question - Everthing happened for a reason! Why was no one smart enough, except burly/Tania/Thomas/Erica/etc. , to say that! Man... my intelligence amazes me...

Of course, starting such a thread shows I'm stupider but hey, that's okay! Happy Dance

The Unknown
If Cypher had pulled the plug, then the machines still would have had to dig. Tank would have just pulled the plug on Morpheus just as he was going to do when Neo stopped him.

already said it in an older similar thread

MC Mike
THat's GRREEEAAT burly... no one cares!

stick out tongue jj

The Omega

A little bit off topic, but somhow related - do you guys think that Agent Smith REALLY would have re-inserted Cypher into the Matrix, had he succeeded?

i disagree with those that say Neo couldnt be killed until the prophecy was complete.i think that they led us to believe, up until the end, that the movie was based on toying with the oracle knowing everything but morpheos wouldnt say that she knew everything only "enough" in M1. and then at the end the oracle tells saraph that she didnt know it would turn out this way but she "believed". it was obvious to me when neo said to smith that he chose to keep fighting that the movie was based on choice. the oracle wasnt an all knowing person she just understood people. i can say that when i walk up to someone and punch them in the face that they will retaliate. she just did this on a bigger scale.

The oracle could read the Matrix and see what would happen, up to a choice that she did not understand...She saw Neo going to the Architect, what she believes is that Neo can stop the cycle...she cannot see past his choice, between Trin and humanity, and, because she can see the love Neo holds for Trinity, she believes that he will make the right choice, and she believes he will save them all. also, not everyone would make the same choice...i know that, if someone were to walk up to me and just punch me, i would wanna know what the hell that was for, before i even started to think about swinging...each person is different...

IF, and i say IF Neo was killed, then wouldn't he just have become the One even faster?

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