boyfriends mate died

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hi some people on here know me some dont well let me tell my story and why im here telling it.
it all start last thurday nite (27th nov)my bf and his mates were out clubbin now this guy had had to much to drink and decided to pick and fite with one of his mates im close to ....ok fair enough whats the problem there....well this guy beat him so bad he went into a coma and well congratulation u bastard coz youve killed him yes thats rite your up for man slaughter how could you be so stupid as to do something like that hes 23 for gods sakes hes got a gf 7 and a half months pregnant with his kid that bab'y never gonna know his dad now how does it feel? hmmm hope u get hwtas coming to you you scum bag i know your never gonna see this but your a scumbag

basically i wanted to open a new forum to anyone whos gone thro the same thing or has had a meber of the family or someone close to them die and share their feelings and let other people help i know what your going though people ok you can call me sad if you want but you shouldnt have to go through greiving on your own......
finally id like to share a poem with you i wrote to his dedication and every one else whos lost and loved one...

Remeber me

dont weep for me because i am gone
remeber me for i was blessed
with love with friends and in life
do not be sad for me because i left
it was my time
remeber me for i was loved
do not pity me for i was lucky in life in love and in everything i did
though you are sad about my passing be happy for me
for i am at rest and peace
remeber me for who i was and my memory
even though i am lost
i am with you in spirit body and mind and soul
every minuet of every hour of every day
remeber me for i was blessed
remeber me for i was loved
remeber me for i was lucky in love, life and every thing i did
remeber me for who i was and my memory

Wowwies...sorry about it all.

its ok just found out last nite sun of a ***** has got manslaughter charge but i hope he gets hanged scum bag

That really bites.

Well, I've not been through a Scenario like this, My First Cousins all seem to experience grievances like that.

Such as one dying from Bone Cancer.
Scarlet Fever.
Drug Related causes.
Car crashes.

What a night to regret on that guy's Conscience though, Knowing that was caused at his own hands. When all he could have done to prevent it was Walk Awayyyy...

That's bad! I've never had it happen to me but through work I quite often have to deal with people who go through situations like this, and it sucks big!!

Darth Revan
Wow...what a story......sorry about that.....
My grandma died a month or so ago from alzheimer's...very sad disease that affects the memory....they just keep getting worse and worse over a period of years until finally they forget how to function altogether and they die....

total metalhead
aww thats sad sad . why are some people so god damn dumb?

id like to thanks every one who makes a sensible comment here and any one who thinks they can be a moron and say stupid things like get the **** over it and what no get lost now i wanna help people ive been thro this too many times my grama my granda nearly my mum and one of my twin nephews ok i know how it feels its not good so before you say something shut the **** up and think first thanks again to every one making positive and sensible comments and opinions and you have my heart felt apologies if youve lost a loved one.


I think it's TERRIBLE just downright f***ed up!!! I know You know who this is, sk8rpunkbarbie, and I know I've said enough, but it doesn't feel like it at all. People shouldn't ever have to experience that kind of pain...I know you don't know this...but it's happened to me too...Lots of times, First my favourite uncle, Parkinson's disease, My nana...Apparently I don't have a right to know what happened to her...but I was too young. I hated it soo much I banged my head against the outside of her house so hard...and again and again and again...I hated everyone...I hated God for taking her away...At one point I even hated her for dying....I hated myself for not doing anything about it, too. SHE WAS F***ING DEAD AND ALL I COULD DO WAS BANG MY HEAD AGAINST THE OUTSIDE WALL OF HER HOUSE. It's the worst kind of pain ever...thanx for listening

Im sorry to here that hun.
I really shouldnt of read that today coz in feeling quite down sad I think i want to cry sad

total metalhead
me too sad sad sad

*hugs total*

total metalhead
*hugs SB*

why is the world so cruel???

My best friend sent me this poem the day she killed herself.....

Saying goodbye is never easy
It's the hardest thing to do
But what hurts even more
Is not the chance to say it to you.

Yesterday is just a memory
Our laughter was sunny and bright
Then clouds started to gather
For you were no where in sight.

You were my first real love
And this I will never forget
How you left without a warning
No good-byes, my only regret.

Wherever I may be now
Always searching for another so true
To place my world of emotion
Handing my love to someone like you.

If again I must go there
And experience all the pain
I would do it in a minute
For all the good I would gain.

No matter what my wrongs
You offered only love
Until the day you left me
For your new home up above.

I know you still are with me
Your love is within my heart
Though life is no longer present
Our souls will never part.

This is given to you in honor
Of all that we did share
I just wanted you to know, dear,
How much I really did care.

*cries* life totally sucks!

total metalhead
omg! i had a friend who comitted suicide too. what a horrible coincidence....

that poems really something...........

sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad


my friend killed herself 4 years ago next friday sad

total metalhead close to christmas as well.

i'm really sorry for you SB sad

sad sad guys

kid in my year called pete died the other year ...he had a heart attack it was really sad... he was picked on by all the trevs cause he was special needs... sad

Thanks total. December is alway a [email protected] month for me sad

Thats well bad Burly.
some ppl are suck [email protected]! mad It always happens to the nice people sad

total metalhead
aw thats terrible burly.

why cant people just learn to live with each other???????

im really sad now sad

I miss my nan more than anyone sad
she died 3 years ago and every time i go to the cemetery to see her i still cant stop crying.

one of my friends killed himself earlier in October.
made me and his other freinds very depressed

sad I miss them sad
Im soooo depressed at the mo sad


lifes getting me down sad

what happened?

well my best mate killed herself 4 years ago next friday sad
and my nan died 3 years ago sad My nan was like my best friend and nan rolled into one. I miss her so much, i used to tell her everything and when she died i felt lost and lonely....i still do.

My grandad came over last saturday and brought some of her clothes and perfumes with him and stuck them in my room. When i got home i went into my bedroom, not knowing he had been round and all i could smell was my nan, i just broke down and cried for ages. I cant talk about her without wanting to cry, i have tears in my eyes now.
Ppl might think thats really sad and that i should get over it but i cant sad

I never got to say goodbye to her because i was called out with work and i didnt know anything until the next day and she wouldnt let me visit her in hospital. sad

Sorry if i bored you messed I hate talking about my problems. I cant talk to ppl now, i tend to bottle it up until i cant coupe anymore.

sorry so much. *pats back* maybe it would be good 4 u to let it out... so go ahead and release.

on the upside, you're gonna be maried in two days

sad my nan wont see me get married! *cries*

ah crap! Im definitly gonna enjoy being your pageboy
*comforts and cnsoles in arms* ummm... its alirght let it out... i guess?
*pats her head*

*hugs LTA* Nah, i dont want to talk about it anymore sad

Im glad your our pageboy smile

whatever wrks for u

and ur happy im ur pageboy? why?

because i want you at my wedding smile

no way would I miss you wedding... unless i didn't know what time it was set for

neither do i laughing out loud

can i have a hug please LTA?

thanks every one for sharin and being positive towards each other and placebo fan thanks forbeing my mates your really are my best mate*gives placebo fan a hug and every one else*

I get down about people I've known who've died (including both my parents) but I know that people who've died would'nt want us to be upset or down. They'd want us to remember them at their best. If I died I'd want people to remember me and laugh and party.

Im sorry to hear that Amity75 sad *hugs*

I know they wouldnt want me to be down but i just cant help it. I miss them sooo much sad

*hugs to every one in the room*

Tired Hiker
Hugs and booty pats!!

*starts dancing*
hey lets have a disco!

*turns on x mas music* so this is x mas and what have you done? another year older dan ....da da da da da (dont remeber words!)

a new one just begun! your in a christmassy mood

Hey sk8rpunkbarbie, how are you today? smile

du de dum de dum dum dum.....what?

well its nearly x mas! da da da da da da de da da da da snow snow snow snow snow fine thanks for asking saucy seen my message in gentlemens club? hi placebo mate u ok?

no, i will go look now

hello everyoone ! its nearly kissmas!*hangs up mistletoe!

Happy Dance

total metalhead
aww xmas is the best!!! i got my first tattoo on xmas day last year rolling on floor laughing

its gonna b so fun smile were all buying stupid prezs for each other stick out tongue

total metalhead
ooo like monkeys??? everyone loves monkeys!

get me a monkey please!!!

big grin

hi all kisses forevery one ! *sprinkles glitter everywhere* la la la im the x mas fairy

tyeh thats me burly man! come in for a dance im in ork now!

hello everyone its neary kiss mas! *sets up kissing booth* kisses $2 dollars all money goes to erm.....the pressies fund....... for and stuff.......*puts tinsel in hair* singing la la la la *goes crazy with foam snow and spray snow * aaaaaaaaaaaaaa snow yehhhh

im so sorry my brover was beat up quite badly but not to that scale xxx

Well , my father , agricultural scientist , had this friend who used to go to my house when I was a kid , we played futbol and he was a very funny guy .

I think some weeks ago I heard that my dad and him argued . This guy had a kind of heart disease .
When they stopped argueing , this guy told my father he was going to go to the hospital to have a heart operation.
The operation was succesful , but some days later , he had a heart attack and died.

woah weird xxxx


I'm so sorry Sk8r.

Me and you have talked about other things thru PMz ((you know what I mean)) and I've been there for you coz I've actually been in the same position myself. But this time I'm afraid I don't know what to say ((first time ever)). I've never known that kind of grief, no-one in my immediate family has died, or even any close friends, so I don't know what it feels like. All I can do is hug you tight *huggles* and send my best wishes and more hugs to your boyfriend. I'm really sorry babe x x x

Dregh hunny, why do you put spaces between letters and your commas and fullstops? Just an innocent q........


Spaces go AFTER the commas and fullstops, not before wink

I don't know, "hunny", guess I'm used to.

crybaby messed that really sucks sk8...sorry. cry

Oh, and sk8r, my condolences.

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