kem isnt getting the last word

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metal face
first things first i cant belive you thought pic was me/
while you think im fat you're dumb as dirt you'll never post a little free/
im battling dumb and dumber no homie theres still only one of you/
so dont get scarred cuz i know your mommy tucks you in then me before you knew/then you try and act hard with your ecko and shaun john/while i bust it for real ive murderd you with flow, rhymes and disses/while youve said some corny ass lines son i got more flow than ten horses taking pisses/you cant compare to my similies youve said i was fat and that's about all/doesnt matter cuz youve never seen me well since cuz im white and that guys black homie this is last call/what are you blind you boyfriend bust in your eye?/still got your phat farm on? call me fat you prolly look like the farm fresh guy/or ate him i dont know/twelve bars and you said nothing im ona rhyming spree ya clown/
i could dig a hole and you could but up side and you still wouldnt be down/

come and get me

John Smith
aren't you kayne west?????????????

or his brother?

Sure you could call me the farm fresh boy because I could even make country sound dope,
If this is the best the forums have to offer then there really is no hope,
This topic's going to get closed, just like Diary Queen after MF's last visit
If you're creme de la creme then the milk isn't that fresh is it?
My corny lines are called multies, you might try making one sometime,
Oh, better yet, you could drop your Thesaurus and try to rhyme,
Chicks I meet mimic their clothes: they get off,
You only meet chicks when you pretend to be doctor, ask them to bend over and cough,
I'm done man I'm gonna go out and get like my bars: Wasted,
You suck ass boy, and noone here wants to know how John Smith tasted...

John Smith
that's a personal attack!

Oh. Sorry, I didn't know MF's crew/groupies were off limits. But sure, go ahead, ban me.

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