xp sucks

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i haven't been able to post on this for awhile because windows xp keeps making me log into the site every time i press a link and so i can't do anything! this sucks!

Everybody knows XP sucks already buddy.

I use XP and apart from one incident i've had no problems with it, in regards to 113's problem have you tried finding the solution to the problem on the official site ? that may help.

i use xp too and i think it's been fine so far....

I also use XP and haven' t got any trouble so far.

no they are right about XP it SUCKS TO THE LEVEL OF INFINITY.
2000 runs much better

Win ME thumb up

When I had ME, it felt like an empty shell that went over 98. 2000 was pretty cool, but XP is great. I've had no problems with it whatsoever, you may not have set yours up right. I know that Instant Messenging can be screwed with if you set up the firewall and internet connections improperly.

XP sux, it keeps trying to help you! but it just gets annoying after awhile (5 mins)

blink Help was off by factory default for me, and I kept it that way.

MC Mike
ME! ME was a disaster! All my friends were all nuts over it, got it, and ALL, I say ALL of their computers were infected, slow, annoying, and jumpy... that's why now, in some stores, it costs nearly nothing. erm

It's called mass production, my friend.

XP was mainly designed for professional office use only, right? confused

yeh it was. a friend gave me a copy of XP proffesional, and cos his company paid like $500 for it, its flawless and works like a charm...big grin

Michael Myers 1
i got that too for free big grin

MC Mike
yes same here.

big grin

Michael Myers 1
everone in my house got it now we got a special version wink

i have XP and i luv it!

Michael Myers 1
yea mines ok its not bad at all

you finally found out that XP/microsoft sucks? nice

i got xp and it works fine... BUT I CANT BURN CDS WHILE ON THE NET!!! miffed: damn xp

me rulez all... and I guess windows ME does okay

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