Bad Music Videos

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Okay this is were ya can come to complain 'bout music videos ya don't like. For instance, has anyone seen the new Trapt video where they're in a hall or somethin' an' they're singin' then freeze. Move forward, then there's another version of them singin' then the scene freezes again, an' again, an' again. I get dizzy jus' watchin' it

we're not aloud to watch MTV here in arkansas. i go to a baptist school. music is forbidden. so is dancing (i think a big cup forbade it)

oh, so you hunt octopi (thats the plural for octopus you moron!!!!) at a baptist school in arkansas??? what a giant heaping load of crap!!! everyone here should protest against him until he gets banned!!!! i'll start a new thread and everyone just needs to sign their name at the bottom!!!

stop bashing him box, he hasn't done anything wrong. If you have a problem with him deal with it in private.

if you do that i'm never coming to your garage sales ever again. how will you pay for your glue habit then? what's a box of death anyway. and yes, the octopus is a wiley devilish creature located throughout forests world wide. take the north american spotted octopus for instance. last time i hunted one he took out seven good men before we trapped him. very deadly.

thanks for the support backfire. some people can't take a joke.

I'm not supporting you, both of you need to stop the nonsense asap.

i hate all of gc's videos.. idiotic and pointless...

*snort* I, for one, like boxofdeath. He/she is obviously here for his/her own entertainment.

-Smitten Kitten-

good charlotte videos

octapus and box of death are form the same area

Anything that i have seen by Eminem , boring and quite generic, also anything by Slipknot.

"Shut Up" by Black Eyed Peas...horrible song...horrible music video
"Me Against the Music" by Britney Spears and Madonna...horrible song...horrible video...c'mon Britney, everyone has already seen you kiss a 50 year old once...just let it be.

"Milkshake" by Kelis....WHAT THE HELL??????

Anything by Beyonce

Don't bother with 'octapushunter'. It doesn't have a brain. Seeing as it doesn't know where the UK is, how to spell 'octopus' and... hang on a minute. I thought a bit part of church stuff was all the singing and dancing and joy projected at the Lord. Heh.

in flames

LOL yeah that video is definitely out there. Along wit' all boy band vidoes, that video by Triumph the Dog is pretty...different.... huh

erm... top of the pops was on embarrasment
and posh spices first video show was miffedthumb down

Bad Boy
The one with Lionel Richie doing his 'hello' song!

hey madonna and britney dont kiss in me against the music video. at the end she goes 2 madonna but she dissapearz

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