Seraph's strange motives...

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Gus The PI
In Revo {and in ETM, come to think of it} Seraph contacts people using the phone. In Reloaded, though, he has to use Ballard as a messenger to contact neo {and poor Bane dies as a result}. Why didn't he just phone the neb instead?

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About Seraph: Morpheus and Trin did not have to fight Seraph to talk to the Oracle...Why? And that boring conversation about "Truly knowing somebody fighting them or something"...????????

Seraph has to use Ballard because he is sent with something...remember when Ballard hands Neo the chip or whatever, and he says its time...

Anybody see the Ballard/Seraph fight it was pretty funny. "You do not truly know somebody untill you fight them."
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Morpheous had to return to Zion to recharge his ship. Therefore it wouldn't have been at 'broadcast level' if Seraph called. Ballard, Bane and Malachi? were still in the Matrix and Ballard had handed off the message to Bane after running into Seraph. It's like this,

Secret Meeting
Agents enter
Neo ingages them while everyone in the meeting escapes
Adventures in sewers
Ballard meets Seraph and then the Oracle
Ballard and co. meet up and Bane takes the envelope
Group meets Smith and splits up and latter Bane is infected by the Virus


That tears it, everything I write is either ignored, ridiculed and now it's confusing. Great. Since all I've done is annoy everyone and providing what little knewledge I have doesn't do any good, I'll leave for a few days. After this, I'll go slowly this time. Jus follow me in this rough timeline of events based on The Matrix Reloaded and Enter The Matrix game. Here goes.

Every Captian on every ship gathers in a meeting so Niobe can tell them the Machines are digging. Morpheous, Trinity and Neo show up late and Morpeous asks for one ship to remain behind to get word from the Oracle. Ballard agrees to stay behind.

During the discussion, Neo senses Smith and goes to investigate. The two guys at the door take the earpiece and give it to Neo. The Ungraded Agents bust the door down and Neo tell the guys to retreat to their exits. Neo fights the Agents, wins and flies away to the Oracle's old place.

This part is tricky because time has passed and we aren't told how much.
Anyway, the SWAT teams have cornered the rebels in the tunnels of the sewers and Ghost/Niobe rescues a bunch of them, including Bane and Malachi. Niobe and Ghost then lead an Agent away from Ballard's crew and they meet the Key Maker.

Ballard and Crew split up for unknown reasons. My thoughts are their Operator got a call from Seraph and told them to look for a messanger from the Oracle. The crew searchs the tunnels of the sewers for a few hours and Ballard meets Seraph. After a comical and short fight, Seraph takes Ballard to the Oracle.

Here things are once again left unclear, after speaking to the Oracle and exchanging whatever info they had, Ballard leaves and rejoins his crew. Bane somehow gets the envelope containing whatever info which would be given to Neo. The Crew somehow runs into Smith, he chases them causing Ballard to seperate from Bane and ??. They are chased to that warehouse and Bane gives the envelope to his friend saying "All that matters is this. You first." Bane's friend escapes and Smith then clones himself onto Bane. Smith/Bane then returns to the real world and the rest is history.

That wasn't confusing. ElBiUs probably just never played Enter the Matrix.

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