best blink 182 c-d

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big grin Happy Dance

Wheres Cheshire Cat & Budda ?

Anywayz from the list i'd have to go for Enema of the State there last two albums were pretty dull in comparision.

Darth Revan
I would say enema of the state except for the one with the pink cd has the song "feelin this" on it

dude ranch made the best frisbee, so ill go w/ that.

but musically, they all kinda blow

where is the originals..... buddha..... cheshire cat....... these are jus when blink sold out albums...

i lke the new one,
its deeper, waayyy better than the others

yeah i like how they went from .. lovey pop rock ... to dark pop rock....

Enema of the State mate...

BLINK 182.. the cd..

ok...sum of u may be mad at me for saying this, but....BLINK 182 SUX!!!!

hell yes BLink is......SH**

they did come shit when enema hit..

The new one had some perks, but Enema couldn't beat it. And the others aren't up there.

Yeah, where's Buddah and Cheshire Cat? Cheshire Cat was there best CD, with Dude Ranch being 2nd and Enema coming in at 3rd. And Blink NEVER sold out. Tell me what they did that could be considered selling out. They are still awesome, they are still playing what they want to play, and they still don't give a damn what other people think. So tell me how they sold out.

The best blink 182 cd?
the one that's on my table that I use as a coaster

Ok you guys shouldnt talk bad about my fav band.Their really good.Their songs are cool and catchy.TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS AND JACKET was awesome!

Wow H.M., that's real original. Let's all give it up for H.M. for making a brilliant joke!

Thats wrong and thats dowing my band.But it is funny! smile

i voted Enema, musically there new cd is the best tho

You only habe half their albums on that list....overall Chesire Cat is their best cd ever

out of that list definetly Dude Ranch

i vote enema of the state...but i havent listened to any of their stuff before that cd...i like them all though...

only 1 i liked was Cheshire cat

I like all of em. But best in terms of skill is their new one. I liked Enema the best probably.


sorry that it may sound a lil redundant, but Cheshire cat was by far the best. As the albums progressed the sound got more and more digitalized(some dude with computers fixes all the shitty tracks) and not so much of the original sound is left. But, that is just my opinion confused

yes, well its all good homes

Missing poll option: None


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i like them all ...

Hey all im new. To put my vote in, their new one is the best.

xLiNdS x 622x
i really like all of them...i cant pick..i just closed my eyes and picked one and it was the new one..but i dont like that one any better than the rest

Blink never sold out. But because they got better, ppl say they did. All they did was become more mature on their new album.

Flyswatter and They Came to conquer Uranus ... good old blink ... Buddha or Chesire are my fav

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