This Was Amazing

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must have missed that no expression saw the ad

meanwhile.... little britain on BBC2 happy

hmm, i didnt watch that but i meant to

wow! blink

I saw a clip on richard and judy. I don't watch it usually but Kelly Osbourne was on there and i heard about this thing. Man, it was ugly, it looked like a lump of leather. I could understand the people not knowing what was inside the kid but when a 7 year old boys got a bigger belly than Santa, you know that he's got to get checked out. Could you imagine having something like that growing inside of you? Sends dhills down my spine. Well, i'm gonna watch Graham Norton now on channel 4. Alan cumming is on and i love him. He was great in X2.

i heard tex was gonna be on V graham norton 2nite....literally!

neways, yeh it was really freaky. there was a dude called Raz on the show.....

I can't imagine this... therefore I don't think I'm having kids laughing out loud
well, not anytime soon wink

sorry to have to break the newz to u but u remember when i said the sell by date on that condom wasnt expired? embarrasment

but wut if your a guy??? do u get pregnant with our twin??

yeah kind of sick isn't it.
But its veryyyyyyyyyyy rare

wow thats interesting...

holy shit

Tired Hiker
Okay, you guys are going to think I'm weird, or wierder i mean. Here it goes. I just watched Eyes Wide Shut and was wondering if the guy who played the desk clerk at a hotel was Paul Ruebens (aka Pee Wee Herman). So I read the credits and it ended up being Alan Cumming. Then, I letterally look down at my computer screen a second later and I see ab012f9448 wrote something about Alan Cumming! That was just trippy. confused

It's a small world ain't tired.

Darth Revan
Holy shit

Tired Hiker
crazy, just crazy


I don't want to know.

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