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lil bitchiness
OK, i searched for this, and there is no thread about Sublime...which is quite a shame, since they were an excellent band...Its really sad that Bradley died, as i would have liked to hear more stuff by Sublime...

Anyone here likes them? Doesnt like?

Man sublime is da greatest. Badfish is my feelgood song

lil bitchiness
big grin Santeria is the ultimate feel good, not just Sublime song, its the best feel good song ever!! All of their songs are great...yes

I think I dont like them, but I dont know.

For their Tribute to KRS One, they will forever remain cool in my book. Besides, they're pretty good at what they do.

lil bitchiness
They really are...their songs are great...What about Date Rape? I love that brought up an issue many other bands wouldnt deal with....

hells yeah sublime
i smoke two joints before i smoke two joints and then i smoke two more
they are a great band date rap rocks so doese pawnshop and all their other songs to

Evil Dead
I love Sublime.........I like the way they mixed rock/punk/ska all together to come up with their sound.

40 0z to Freedom was a masterpiece...........Robbin' the Hood was pretty swell.......and Sublime (the album) was just awesome.

The only thing that bugs me is the way they have released probably the same amount of "greatest hits" albums since Bradley died as they released albums when the band was together. That is quite ridiculous.

lil bitchiness
Yeah...i agree evil was quite shit to be honest..

Still love them though, and the fact that there isnt a band out there like Sublime...
Its a shame about Bradley, it truley is...


Well, I dare say he got what he deserved. Heroin is a nasty drug, and it has claimed the lives of too many wonderful musicians, but I guess nobody will ever learn. HOWEVER, it is is still a tragedy that it had to happen to such a great person, such a talented artist and loving father and devoted husband. Bradley Nowell was truly a god among men. He had a great voice, and his lyrics were gradually getting better. His ska guitar riffs were sweet as well. Sublime will forever be one of the best ska/reggae/dub bands of all time. RIP, Brad

I've been a Sublime listener since the age of four, and Same in the End is still my favorite song.

Evil Dead
I agree......he got what he deserved. He made his own bed. He constantly wrote and spoke about wanting to kick his heroin addiction.....and I understand it is hard. However, he is the one who wanted to use heroin before he was addicted to it. He knew the stuff was addicting before he actively sought it out. I can't blame him for continuing to use the drug after he was addicted........but he gets all the blame for the addiction itself. He was not born addicted. He purposely sought out the drug.......which he knew was addictive and life threatening. He made his own bed.......

The sad thing is........he never saw the greatest popularity/profit from his music. Their last album is what broke them into the mainstream culture and made millions of dollars........but he was already gone. He never knew how greatly appreciated his work was........

just asking do you guys now anyone that uses herion or died from it personnaly you know i dont think anyone knows how bad it really is unlees they have lived through it we dont know the circumstance arouned what drove him to use and before i start getting bashed i would like to say that my grandfather just o.ded and died from herion use two years ago

sublime is another one of my ultimate favorite bands, along with quite a few others. i'm not sure if anyone knows or not, but after bradley died sublime kept going on a little and made a band called the long beach dub allstars and its the rest of sublime minus brad, check it out! smile

...So we don't have the capacity to fathom exactly how bad heroin is unless we have seen it for ourselves? Those of us who haven't actually seen it can resort to movies. Yes, movies are fake, but they are also so real it's not funny. Have you ever seen Trainspotting? That's a movie to watch if you wanna see what heroin can do to somebody. So is Requiem for a Dream. Don't tell me I can't undertsand what it's like. I know enough to understand the dangers of it, and I know how many of my favorite musicians have died because of it.


Evil Dead
Seriously...........if you are trying to say that people don't know how bad heroin is unless we've used it, you are crazy. The reason we don't use it is because we know how bad it is and that it will kill you. Brad knew what heroin was and what it did to people before he ever shot up his very first time. He knew, he wanted to try it anyway........he got addicted and later died. He knew all of this could/would happen before he ever tried it.........he said "what the hell" and did it anyway.

i never said you have to use to understand it what i was saying that there is no way to understand what it does to people unless youve seen it with your own eyes and im sorry ive seen both of those movies and they still dont hit the nail on the head when it comes to herion

That's completely Naiive, Loserib

i dont see how it is being naiive since i seem to know more about the subject then just a few movies i saw

I'm not saying you don't know about the subject, because I'm sure you do. But movies have the ability to portray things that people wouldn't otherwise be able to see in most cases, such as heroin addiction. I know what it can do to somebody, and I beg to differ by saying that movies do hit the nail right on its head, because there is so much research put into movies by actors and writers.

Back to Sublime...someone wanna tell me why it's so damn trendy to like them now? Every damn jock I know loves them, and it frustrates me when the only songs they know are "Santeria" and "What I Got"!

shit ive known sublime since i was like fifteen or sixteen im 23 now

the most tragic thing about Bradlys death is that he ODed on heroin, which he kicked after his daughter was born. then one night he shot up again and that one time killed him.

Long Beach Dub All-stars is long past now... actaully some of the members of LBDAS are now, or did do some work with some of the members from Hepcat, calling themselves Dub Cat. but i think that is long gone

i really dont think it matters who likes sublime... the whole point of what sublime was doing was to make music so everyone can enjoy it. if you notice "robbin the hood" and "sublime (self titled)" are two completly different styles. the greatest thing bout sublime is that they did it for the fun and not for the money. which brings me to the point about bradly dieing before sublime hit it big. sublime making millions was never his objective, im glad he passed away when he did, becaue with more money you can get more drugs!!!

all in all im glad i can talk to a guy/girl that i have nothing in common with about sublime. music is a great thing for people to share. so what if a "jock" like a few songs he heard on the radio... whos to say the songs that you like are any good. because i listen to all of sublimes stuff and i think santeria is one of their best songs. and if they are the only songs they know of tell them to but their cd because they will be more than likely impresed with the rest of sublimes stuff.

I didn't say there was anything wrong with jocks liking the songs...I said there's something wrong with jocks who claim they are fans of the band, but don't know shit about them .For instance, one of my friends was like, "Oh My God! I just heard a new band! Sublime! They are awesome!" and she seriously didn't know that Brad OD'ed and died.

well people learn... im jsut saying that not everyone knows bout sublime, and yes some are learning now. why be so hateful about it?

Darth Quagmire
sublime is great

there's no doubt about that

Darth Revan
They're great... They have a really unique sound, which I love. Sometimes it gets tiring hearing the same style over and over again.

where is everyone?

hahah seems lime someone is bored as hell....

well i jsut learned today that the band i mention earlier "hepcat" got back together and are touring so that means no "dubcat"...meaning i guess the guys from sublime are taking a break

but they are in Long Beach Dub Allstars. I didn't know they were in Dubcat. lol.

but are long beach dub allstars still doing shows and whatnot?

I have no idea. I never took the time to listen to them, anyway. They're nothing without Brad.

yeah they dont really have any good stuff. i myself has only listened to them one your twice.

Sir Bob III
caress me down!!!!!!!!!!!

well instead of getting into all this talk about the other bands... what is everyones favorite sublime song?

i have a toss up between Ebin and April 26 1992.

lil bitchiness
The ultimate Sublime feel good song is 'Santeria'. with out a me anyway..

Mine is "Caress Me Down", also. "Date Rape" , "Bad Fish", and "40 Oz. To Freedom" are close, though.

Darth Revan
I'm listening to Sublime right now cool

I love Sublime...but my CD broke sad need to get a new one!

Santaria is definetly my feel-good song yes

lil bitchiness
Yey! Go Sublime!! rock

I love that song. It's awesome.

Honestly, who doesn't like Sublime?

And Korn used to open for them back when they were nobodies raver

sublime is probably one of those bands that no one hates, sort of like nirvana.
nirvana's singer and guitarist died
sublime's singer and guitarst died
they both used heroine and died (but cortney killed kurt)
they both started out at around the same time
everyone knows who sublime and nirvana is
everyone loves them both
santeria is their ultimate song, that and wrong way, and date rape.

MC Mike
Sublime kicks ass. no expression

I like sublime. I love "seed" and "wrong way"

try again

just was playing greatist hits yesturday i cant think of a bad song by them

Ou Be Low hoo
I am also an aficionado of the group known collectively as 'Sublime'. 'Badfish' is a classic tune, I especially appreciate the madness of the lines "I dive deep when it ten feet overhead
Grab the reef underneath my bed" - First off, ten feet overhead is HUGE and secondly, there's no way you want to be any where near the reef at that size...What am I talking about? Anyway...It's a shame the glory that is Sublime has been bastardised by 'Long Beach Dub All Stars'...

Still, if you like Sublime, you should check out 'Slightly Stoopid'...So mellow, yellow and sunny...

I was listening to them on my blunt ride today

I wasnt to keen when i listened to them, guess its not my style

I can understand why others would like them though

Sublime is a funny thing around me.
there's a HUUUGE following here because they are from Long Beach, where I live, so everyone's into them

Sublime is my favorite band of all time. I've been listening to them since I was about 5 years old, I'm not even overexaggerating

Great Band, Lets go Get Stoned and Hope are amazing songs.

I usually only listen to rock but I cant help but enjoy Sublime. They have some great songs

Darth Revan
I don't practice santeria, I ain't got no crystal ball... happy

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