Who here likes punk....

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real punk music.. not no Good charlotte or like new found glory.... actual punk.... and if so.... who ? ....

Punk today is nothing like punk used to be. Good Charlotte sound like crap to me. Im a real punk fan. I would say that the Sex Pistols are good.

Sex Pistols, Anti-American Nowhere League, No-FX, I could keep going!

RANCID!!! ... and uhh yeah the list jus keeps going.. i jus opened this for alll the TRUE punk fans out there!

My favorite Punk band is Social Distortion!!!!!!!!!

"You guys wanna hear a happy song? Sorry, homey, we don't do no happy songs." -Mike Ness

both awesome songs by the one and only ... Sex pistols

Darth Revan
Yellowcard is good but they're not real punk

no clue who they are but ... yeah... anything but gc anf nfg and all those other gay poser bands *cough* simple plan and avril *cough*

not really.

It's hard to find a true punk band nowadays.

sure is .... but i listen to the old school punk bands who are still here... like rancid and nofx. .they can still have a couple songs worthy of being punk.. otherwise there are barely any bands who can have the "punk" title

I love punk!Misfits,Ramones,and Sex Pistols are the best!!

Like Punk but i can't stand The Sex Pistols, however i do like Rancid & The Clash

Evil Dead
Sex Pistols - best punk band ever

Somebody said it's hard to find a good punk band today...........check out The Corporate Avenger. http://www.taxesarestealing.com

Anyway.......I like:

Sex Pistols
The Corporate Avenger
The Germs
The Cramps
The Buzzcocks
The Misfits

germs are the greatest!!!


What exactly is "real" punk? There's no such thing. Your definition of punk is completely opposite from mine. I think that if the band loves the music, and they're using their music to say what they want, and they will let nobody tell them what to play, then they are punk. Punk is a movement, not characterized by the way you dress, or by political messages, but by a passion for the music so great that nothing can et in the way. I love New Found Glory, and I like Good Charlotte, but that doesn't make me any less "punk". I just happen to like a wide variety of music.

Evil Dead
when we say so and so is the best punk band.........we automatically assume you know it is just our opinion. It's not like they held a "greatest punk band in the world" contest or anything and somebody won. We're just saying who we think are the best.

just to clarify for you.........alot of people charcterize punk bands as:

- raw music.......performed by the artist, who doesn't feel the need to pretty it up and add lots of stuff to attract more people to the audience. They play what they feel w/o all the window dressing........if you like them and feel their vibe, their music is for you. If you feel they need to work on their playing/singing and need to add more pop riffs.....well, it's not for you because that's not what it is about.

- non-conformist......they do/play what they feel and won't change that for anything or anybody. A punk band doesn't care if TRL won't play their music because it's unpolished.......the music isn't made for TRL fans......it's made for the people out there listening who feel the same way they do.

It doesn't matter how a band dresses or what they play.........aslong as they play what is in their hearts the way they want to play it for the people like them..............not like Blink 182 or somebody who makes their music so full of pop/rock melodies that anybody who watches TRL can listen and say "hey, this is okay.....I can listen to this".......any band you ever see on TRL is not punk. Punk acts don't cater to the masses. They make music for a select audience.......those other people in the world who are like them. The bands you see on TRL don't make music for people like them, they make music for everybody to enjoy (hence Popular Rock...everybody liking them means popular)......they then go on TRL to promote their music to everybody.........hoping everybody will like their music.

No offense to you. If you like Good Charlotte and Blink 182.....alright man. They arn't punk bands but that doesn't say anything about you. You just happen to like music that isn't punk aswell. Hell, I like Nirvana, Pink Floyd and even Clearance Clearwarter Revival.........they arn't punk bands but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the good bands that are punk. I've yet to meet anybody who only listens to one genre of music. You like punk and pop/rock.....okay.....I like punk and classic rock........it's all good.

total metalhead
Underones, Ramones, Buzzcocks and The Clash kick ass yes

CREDENCE Clearwater Revival? Yeah, ok. I do like them also, as well as Pink Floyd. But how do you have the right to say who is punk is who isn't? Nobody has that right. I don't consider any band around nowadays punk, because I believe punk died in 1979. But there is no other word to describe the genre.

Every band just wants to be heard. Some happen to get breaks and they get signed to major labels. You and I have gone around and around on this issue, and we both have our opinions(i.e. Green Day). But what it all boils down to is that every band just wants to be heard, whether by few people or by the masses. I am in a band and I have aspirations to one day be playing in front of a large crowd, in a punk band, spreading my political messages. Nofx has done it for years, so has Propagandhi, and they are popular and are largely famous. Just because Blink 182 is on TRL that does not make them non-punk, or whatever you want to call it. It just caters to what they want to do. Rancid is all over MTV with "Red Hot Moon" and "Fall Back Down", and "Salvation" from their second album, Let's Go, was being played when it first came out. That doesn't make Rancid any less punk. Rancid doesn't give a damn what people say about them. They are going to do what they want. THAT is what punk is all about.

Darth Jello
TSOL, the adolescents the crucif&ks, Joykiller, minor threat, flipper, the germs, the normals, no wto combo, Lard, Dead Kennedys, DOA, NOMEANSNO, Wesley Willis, Three Day Stuble, DI, early Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, Ramones, the sex pistols, Channel 3, Viscous Circle, Negative Trend, the avengers, the weirdos, Shonen Knife, Half japanese, Strobe Talbot, Cathedral of Tears, Gentleman Jack, Fugazi, the slits, the raincoats, the buzzc*ks, JFA, MDC, they're all cool

I like punk.......in moderation
I love the clash I listnen to them everyday but they're more than just punk the sex pistols and the ramones are best punk bands IMO

Evil Dead
I must disagree with you SAtownPunk........

While all bands do want their music to be heard........punk bands want thier music to be heard by punk fans.......people who are like them and understand their music. This is completely different than popular rock bands who go on TRL because they want EVERYBODY to hear their music. Blink 182 wants fans............it doesn't matter who the fan is as long as they buy their albums. Blink 182 wants people to listen to their album even if they don't get the message (well, there aren't really any messages.......because they geared their music towards the masses to begin with)..........as long as some 12 year old kid can listen to a Blink 182 song and dance all night at her slumber party, Blink wants her to buy the album.

I guess that's a good point. Blink didn't used to cater to the masses until Enema came out. But I still like them. If they want money, then whatever. I suppose your previous statements about how that is not punk would be true. But TRL is voted on by "fans". True, Blink 182 encourages the "fans" to vote for them, but it is ultimately the "fans" decision to put them on there.(I put fans in quotation marks because I don't believe the people who vote them onto TRL erally care about the band and I doubt they ahve heard anything before Enema of the State.)

Evil Dead
I can tell you for sure that I havn't heard any of their stuff before Enema of the State.

Is it different than the stuff they play today (pop type stuff).......is it harder or more agressive?

It's not harder or more agressive, per se, but it is more punk-ish. It's not as poppy.

Darth Jello
Have any of you heard a Dead Kennedys song caled "Chickensh*t conformist"? It's the main reason I don't go to punk shows anymore. that and the fact that colorado's neonazi population has boomed since 9/11

BrandNew,yellowcard,trapt,afi,darkness...they are all punk/rockish. I like em!

and the list goes on and on and on

I'm curious to why you say that punk isn't it anyway charitorized by its political messages...yet you say you want to use your "punk" music to spread yours....hmmm? anyway What exactly are those political messages SAtown?.....

Can I just say thay there was definately a level of politics in the punk movement. Seriously "Anarchy in the Uk" as well as "God save the Queen" Had to be saying somting, along with Clasic Clash numbers such as "English Civil war" "Hate and War" even "police and Thieves" were relitivly political, Punk is well and truley dead, No Modern bands are punk bands. Punk could only happen when and were it did, it will not live on and it will not be successfuly re-created, what will continue to thrive though is peoples appriciation for the music that was made then and respect for the bands and music of such a significant era of sound.

ps: if any of those teenage "punkrawkers Dude" who run around with "Punks Not Dead" niko pened on the back of there skin tight white shirts read this please know that anyone who knows anything about what punk WAS is planing to kick you in the teeth.


Seriously, if people put the same amount of time and energy into medicine that they do into what is "punk" or not, we'd have a cure for cancer now. Who really gives a ****? In the big scheme of things, does it really matter? As I age, I sincerely hope that I have more to look back on and reflect on in my life than "damn, I spent precious minutes of my time laboring on what is truly punk instead of just enjoying music in general, be it Simple Plan, or the Sex Pistols, or Iggy Pop or what have you." (thanks, SAtown, for helping me to get to that level of thinking. smile ) Shit, some people, in this forum and otherwise, preach the gospel of punk like some Christians do the Bible.

Oh, and I'm going to say this with the full realization that I may get a new ******* ripped into me as a consequence, but what the hell, right? In my opinion, punk isn't dead, it's evolving, much like rock as a whole is. Whether you like this evolution or not is your own choice.

That being said, and as I step off my soapbox, here's my list:

The Ramones
The Sex Pistols
Social Distortion
The Distillers
Dropkick Murphys
Flogging Molly
Operation Ivy
Blink 182
Simple Plan
Lars Frederickson and the Bastards
Good Charlotte
New Found Glory
Green Day

Reply as you will, but please realize that your negative comments (if any) will have no bearing on my likes or dislikes. However, if you choose to talk to a brick wall, then so be it.

Punk music was characterized by political messages, but it isn't anymore. Punk is such a broad genre of music that often times there are bands that can fit into it, but they are also rock, and perhaps even rap. The punk movement was classified by political messages and slogans. I didn't mean to say that it wasn't, so sorry for the misprint.

how can you say that punk is no longer political... Nofx.....US Bombs.... Left over Crack.... Anti-Flag.... these are just a few band that are on the top of my head that fight for a purpose. they dont jsut make songs bout stupid shit and everyday life, but they express their political views on subjects. there is no way of saying that they are not "punk". granite the "punk" revolution is nothing like the Enlish version, but this aint England! and why is the usa always compared to the UK?

Thats why we are on the internet to waste time, we are too dumb to cure cancer and lack modivation to get a job so we ***** about pointless bullshi.te.... ain't it grand!
I disagree with everyone on this forum sorry, so i'll giving up and going away.

You disagree about what?

I'm saying that the majority of the bands who are classified as punk nowadays do not have anything to say, politically. Sure, there are still the bands like NoFX, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, Pennywise, etc. But they have ben around for a while. Other bands that are classified as punk do not have the political messages.

I have no idea why USA is always compared to UK. I don't see any similarities. And frankly, I think the punk revolution here was better than there, especially in SoCal in the 80's.

well im not saying that all the punk bands have messages... God i know that. but what i am saying is that the ones with messages and views politically are still around and kicking strong, so punk is still around. and they are proof that "punk" did exist in the usa.

as for those other piece of shit bands... well call them "ponk"! because they seriously dont know what anything is about, except the money.

I dunno. I like a lot of those bands. I know some people who call them "bubble gum punk" and some who call them "pogo punk". It makes no difference. I still like them.

yeah... personally im not a huge fan of punk... like i maybe like a total of 6 or 7 bands that are classified that way.

and if you havent noticed yet, ska is more my thing.

ska is still considered punk, though. I love ska as well.

ska and punk both came from different backgrounds... when i say i like ska, i like the old schoold first and second wave, not so much of the third wave. and when the second wave came out punk was justing getting started. now if were talking bout these newwer bands then you could say that they are punk/ska bands, although personally they are more of a ska/rock, but that is jsut me!

so if anything punk whould be considered ska because ska is dated back in the 50s which punk originated with the clash and such in the late 60s i believe?

And I am saying punk is dead, and the sh!t bands your talking about in my opinon are the same as every other britany spears and Christina who ever, because the politics in thier music is to appeal to an audience as "political" and its all about selling the "punk" image as "cool" so they can start a new trend and desercrate real music that back then was simply that; REAL MUSIC.

Thats why I am choosing not to participate in this forum anymore because in my opinion, people you like to think your so "punk rock" because your t-shirt says so with pink glitter confidence. Its a ****ing Joke. I would prefer to talk in a horse sh!t forum if there was at least one person with a clue about what horse sh!t was.

well that was out of no where and kind of harsh.

so sex pistols are punk, and the clash?

this thread is becoming obsurd!

the definition of Ska and punk although really different genres really becomes blurred in alot of situations I find, I think its safer to say punk/ska rather than one or the other in alot of cases...
But I think i'm pretty much going to agree with amlap there, someone finally knows somthing. although 1976 was really were punk/new wave began.
but thank f*ck for amlap, somone in here has a brain.

sorry for being harsh,I think the term "punk" like alot of other terms are becoming incredably broad, Its just my opinion , dont be offended.

no i totally agree with you. but the toughest thing is that their is not true meaning of the word "punk" so most people tend to make up their own version ands it gets all distorted. so who knows if there is a wrong or right? i dont f.u.cking care anymore....

Yeah, i'm doing just that, give up, move on.

fair enough....so....i like punk stick out tongue

Actually, SAtown is one of the only people I know that doesn't think that what you wear makes you punk, that it's really not only the music, but a way of life.

But I like how you think that you know him so well based on what he posts on some message board. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Holy..Stiff-Kitten has an attractive way of writing embarrasment

Well, punk isn't dead, and we all know who the post-punk kings are; PROPAGANDHI.

I am punk music, I live for it, and I play it everyday.
I am punk, I go up to rappers, they describe themselves as P.I.M.P's, I introduce myself as the P.U.N.K
I listen to REAL punk such as The Clash, The Ramones, Sex PIstols, and even The Distillers.
I am the person Pop/Punk rockers envy, I am what materializes punk music as the world's staple.

Yeah, Propagandhi are awesome.

Actually, punk started in the 50's and 60's, with the Velvet Underground and the New York Dolls. That's where the idea began to arise to question authority and take a stand on issues that you consider important and that you want to be addressed.

If you don't like the bands that play "punk" nowadays, then I feel sorry for you, because it is some of the most creative and fresh music that I have ever heard. I love the majority of the bands that are labeled as "punk" today, and I have no problem admitting that. At least everything isn't just power chords and breakneck fast drum fills. The bands today have a love for creativity, and if you can't see that, and see that they are doing something truly good, then you are completely blind. The majority of the bands that are considered punk today do not even call themselves punk, and I said I've said before, the Sex Pistols NEVER called themselves punk, and they never wanted to be called punk.

After Nirvana, everything sucked, and people knew it but refused to believe it. In the real world, no other bands nowadays will be as good as the old ones, some get near, but they will soon fail. It's nature.

I beg to differ. I think there are many bands who will make a place in history, because there are bands in every generation that have a place. The Beatles had to start somewhere. The bands that will solidify a place in music history may not have emerged yet, but they will. They always do. And to quote Pereira, "The music now is an evolution." And a good one, I think.

i have mixed feelings bout he newer "punk" bands. it all depends on hich bands your talking bout...

as for bands of the generation... i think Sublime is def an example of a musical Miracle!

Probably, but still, all the bands that are great are the ones that dwell in people's garages, and the concerts that are really good take place at the small bar no one ever knew about.

laughing out loud

your in one of those bands arent you?... shifty

but i do agree. yes

Of course I am, but I've heard the other bands around my house, and they're like that fresh breathe of air punk needs. If only they were seen by many.

laughing out loud i wish i had that kind of air in my area... all i have every where is EMO bands....no

Hey, amlap...Hepcat has a new album coming out on March 23. Just thought you would want to know that.

well its a re-release of their first cd "out of nowhere". which is cool because that is their only cd that i dont have and it is a ***** to find. but thanks for the info!

lol. sure

dont like punk to much more of a metal head and rock fan

your one of "those" Guys... rock

EMO bands over here never get a gig.

One of the worse pop things amongst punk fans is the inane hatred of emo. Labeled "whiney crying music", when in reality ALOT of music comes under the emo genre, without being whiny at all.
EXAMPLE; former propagandhi bassist John K Samsons band The Weakerthans.

it is not so much i hate the music, but how much i hate the guys playing it. any guy in an emo band in my area is either a dickless ******* or a dickless *******... you take your pick?stick out tongue

i never really listen to Emo .. and i dont want to ..

I like emo...I like it because it's something you can relate to. And I think the people who say it sucks are too damn pussy to admit that it
s a great genre of music. Hell, even the Sex Pistols and The Ramones wrote songs about love. Some of the best bands I know could be classified as emo, and I have no problem with that.

i never got what EMO really is ... blink

EMOtional...which, when you think about it, would describe almost every band ever. It's a very wide genre, or could be. Most people associate it with songs about, "wah! My girlfriend broke up with me!" but that's really not what it is.

Here's the type of music I like. -----------> ALL

That's bullshit. Nobody like ALL types of music. everybody has one that they prefer over another, and it's not possible to like all kinds of music....in my opinion, anyway.

its kidna true in a way .. there are so many types ..

This became a POP Thread stick out tongue


pop punk...

what's wrong with pop-punk? I think it's a great genre. It's very upbeat and quick-tempoed, and most of the artists are very talented.


go there and make your voice heard!

Evil Dead
Forgive me......I don't know what "emo" is....

When did this come about? There was no such thing as "emo" back when I was a teenager. The first I heard about it was about 3 years ago on the internet. I asked for some information on the subject but nobody would tell me when this genre came about, what the credentials are for being labeled in this genre, who some famous bands in this genre are, etc.

I've been to FYE, Sam Goody, Best Buy, etc..........none even have an "emo" genre section. I guess they've never heard of it either. I still have no clue what this genre is supposed to be. Is it some underground thing?

Any help some of you can provide would be appreciated. Educate me as to the subject.

EMO like satown said stands for EMOtional.

from my experiences with EMO i get that a emo band is usually 3-5 members large. they usually have a hardcore sound--alot of power chords, i cant think of a band that they might sound like--the lyrics are mostly about guys crying over lost loves and what not. hence the emotion. it actually came big when the Ska scene died down. its kind of like Ska little brother in a weird way because everyone who liked ska or even played it for that metter is into emo now.

i dont know if that is what your looking for, but that is what i get from it. i cant remember exact naems of EMO bands--i usually try to forget them-- but i do know that majority of the emo bands come from Drive-Thru records.

Evil Dead
thanks for the help amlamp.......much appreciated. If anybody will give me specific bands to check out, that would be great also.

"EMO like satown said stands for EMOtional"

I got that part of it.....but all bands play emotional songs. Hell, Motley Crue played "home sweet home", Limp Bizkit played "My way", and just about every band from Metallica to Led Zepplin have played whiny songs/ballads about lost loves and whatnot............

I'm really just looking for what sets other bands apart from these groups that earns them the label of "emo"......and some band names so I can check them out and see what this genre is all about. I've honestly never even heard of it anywhere except the internet.....not at record stores, not on the radio, not on tv, nothing. I'm completely in the dark on the subject.

yeah .. im lost to blink

What evil dead said is true, in some ways, and I do like all types of music. I can take them, and listen to them all the time, I do like some key genres more then others, but that doesn't mean I hate those. Once you've been an all around musician for fifteen years like I have, come talk to me.

oh .. i see .. since your a 15 year music Vet .. its understandable ..

Evil Dead
what did I say again?

idk ... no expression

Evil Dead, here are some EMO bands...

Taking Back Sunday
Further Seems Forever
Anatomy of a Ghost
Saves the Day
Antares Sky
The Get-Up Kids
Senses Fail
At The Drive-In
Count The Stars
Brand New

I think you'll find that the majority of those bands are actually quite talented. And as you said, all bands have played something emotional at one point, and that's why I think the name EMO is stupid. But it's a great genre of music, I think.

Evil Dead
ah..........it must be an underground thing as the only band on that list I've ever heard is Fugazi.

Um...I havn't listened to Fugazi in years but last time I did, they were playing hard rock bordering on a punk sound. What qualifies them to be called "emo"? I know they don't just sing sad little songs about lost love. They are (well when I listened to them) a hard rocking band. Then again, it has been a while since I listened to them. Green Day went from playing Basket Case to playing Good Riddance/Time of your Life within a matter of years. I hope Fugazi didn't turn into a bunch of whiny pussies.

No, no. It's about playing heartfelt music that can touch people. Fugazi started the emocore genre. It's not about whiny lyrics, but people mistakenly brand it as such.

Like all music.

exactly. That's why I said EMO is a dumb name. All music is like that.

i guess so ..

It's the damn truth no one can stand.


Evil Dead
<------- can stand the damn truth

<<< ---- me niether ..

<<<-------Is the truth big grin

Periera is an idiot! just kidding, Jennaroo

Evil Dead, have Corporate Avenger ever stated why they wear face paint? I'm just wondering if it has to do with them wanting to disguise their identities or if they just felt like wearing face paint.

*random comment*

corporate avengers....i saw them once and it was hilarious. brings back some ****ed up memories.

Evil Dead
Yes they have.......and it has nothing to do with disquising they're identities. They don't always wear it.

The lead singer Spike (credited as Corporate Avenger on the albums) is the former bassist of the punk band The Humble Gods........and brother of the the former Humble God's lead singer Brad "Daddy" X, who later went on to found and perform in the band The Kottonmouth Kings.

"Spike, aka the Corporate Avenger, is one-half of the vocalists in the group and is the brother of KMK front man Daddy X. He paints his face in white with a black cross to symbolize the suffering that his ancestors had received at the hands of Christianity. Adawee, aka the Wind, is the other half of the onslaught known as Corporate Avenger. He is a Cherokee Indian who paints his face as well. He says he paints his face to remind him of his ancestors who would paint their face when they went to war, and says that they are also fighting a war; a war of ideas."


after that little bio it all makes sense because i saw those guys with the kottenmouch kings. another wacky thing about that concert was that the little guy with the liberty spikes had a megaphone instead of a mic. does he do that often? and one more great thing bout that show was that they had a guy drinking beers on the stage holding cards with the name of the song they were playing. walking back and forth.

arent they very political, or did i catch the wrong message?

It seems to me like they are extremely political. It also seems to me like they love what they do, and they have some very important things to say.

Evil Dead
amlap.......the man you are referring to was Taxman, he was the third member of the group along with Spike and Adawee (The Wind).........he didn't sing. He was strictly a hype man. He always had his megaphone in tow. Taxman left the group last year to do other projects. He actually had his own movie that came out on video at the end of last year, it is called "Taxman".............

Yes, they are very political. They don't believe in perpetuating lies and half truths that many people have been taught. They make great music.......and like any social concious people, they incorporate information about political and religious lies into their music.

Some highlights include :

Voting Doesn't Work : This song discusses the American voting system and how it is a joke. There are only two main parties to choose from....each do basically the same thing. Do our votes really count? More people voted for Al Gore in our last presidential election......yet George Bush won. The system is supposed to be such that whomever the people vote to be president will be president........this was surely not the case in our last presidential election.

sample lyrics:
Voting doesn't work, 1-2-3
It's time you know your enemy
I won't pledge allegiance to hypocracy, your democracy is not for me
We tried to change this place, court room pulls an about face
Fantasies of a master race, our elections they erase

Christians Murdered Indians: This song goes into great detail about how the oh so moral Christians came to the new world and slaughtered it's people in the name of the church and their god.

Sample lyrics:

Once upon a time we were all tribal
Came the missionaries with their ****ing bible
1492 began the termination, the holocaust of our Indian nations
With Christian love and a moral authority
They killed our medicine men and stole our country
I never claimed this shit was poetry
It's just the ****ing lies of Christianity

You will pray to the lord and get down on your knees
Here's a cross for your back and the coughing disease
Though you helped us survive, we will laugh while you bleed
Then deny what we did, write our own history
We will kidnap your children and cut off their hair
Silence their language and outlaw their prayers
Beat them blind until they believe in the blood of jesus christ, our king

Taxes are Stealing: This song is about taxes. Originally, our constitution gave the government the right to tax us citizens when they needed to pay for government work. Instead of taxing us when they need to now, they tax us every day on every dollar we earn....and we don't even get any say in what our money is used for.

sample lyrics:

Taxes are stealing......and I get the feeling
That we're getting ****ed in the ass
They take what they want to whenever they want to
And our needs, they always come last
They lie, they cheat, they steal.......from you and me

Their hands are in our pockets, they're bleeding us to death
And the ****ing keep on taking 'till there's nothing ****ing left
It's a federal invention, they set the god damned rate
It's a little paper portrait with a legacy of hate
They're numbing all our senses with their bullshit and their lies
It's no god damned secret it's done right before our eyes
And if you don't cooporate they'll lock your ass away
With the very ****ing money that they ****ing took away

good stuff.

Evil Dead
I highly recommend you check out their last two albums.

Freedom is a State of Mind.......their last album. Chock full of greatness.

You can find this album at any local record store as it was released on a major label.

The New Testament........this album came out a few years ago. Also great.

I don't believe you'll be able to find this at any local stores as it's probably out of print and it was only distributed by Suburban Noize records. You can pick up a copy at www.merch.com............

Sir Bob III
^ i like you you a good person

Evil Dead


^Who are they again?

no other but hte CORPORATE AVENGER

They look kind of creepy.

I saw that one of the guys was wearing a Crass T-Shirt. That's awesome, seeing as how they were one of the most anti-religion bands I've ever heard.

Evil Dead
Spike wears a Crass t-shirt a good 90% of the time..........he likes to pay homage to the greats.

I don't know man.......listen to Corporate Avenger and you might think they are even a bit more anti-religion than Crass.

Just to name a few Corporate Avenger songs:

Enemy of the Gospel
Jesus Christ Homosexual
Christians Murdered Indians
The Bible is Bullshit

I have $20 Bill, Taxes are Stealing, Bible is Bullshit, and a couple more.

Evil Dead
You must d/l Christians Murdered Indians!

As a matter of fact, you must hear every song on Freedom is a State of Mind.

PM me your address and I'll burn you a copy of both Freedom is a State of Mind and The New Testament and send them to you for free. That's how much you must hear them.

P.S. The original version of $20 Bill from the Taxes are Stealing E.P. and The New Testament is 100x better than the remix on Freedom is a State of Mind. They slowed it down when they remade it. The original version is a fast paced punk song all the way through............which version do you have?

Let me listen to it again and I'll tell you.

This one was dying, too, so I figured I'd bring it back.

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