The Most Absurd Scene in a Movie!

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The One Himself
The whole Mission Impossible ending sequence with the train and helicopter was too much! Over the top! I thought the idea of a helicopter chasing the train into the tunnel was very unlikely and unbelievable. I almost laughed hysterically at the absurdity while watching it.
laughing laughing laughing

The most absurd moment in my personal opinion is not taken from a single movie, but has been shown in a cluster of movies, its when a particular character is running away from gun fire, running all over the place and despite the sheer amount of bullets firing the character in question does not get a scratch on them.

Anyone seen "The Bourne Identity"? Remember when he shoots the guy while falling down 5 stories riding the back of some henchman?! Er, crap!

total metalhead
the matrix reloaded ending is not so much as absurd as it is GOD DAMN FRUSTRATING!!!!!!! it just happens so suddenly.

Darth Vicious
I just happened to see Bourned ID recently and i have to agree with u, pretty absurd!

The "Trinity talks almost 5 mins before she dies" death scene.

the whole film was roll eyes (sarcastic)

A.D. Skinner
Here is one for you the movie Twister when Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt are running away from a Cat. 5 Tornado...not only do they manage to outrun it...but upon strapping themselves to pipes with leather straps...they are not struck by one single piece of debris as they pass through the tornado ! They emerge without a single scratch !

- Very unlikely

I liked Desperado but that scene in the Cantina was very absurd. Nearly 12 hitman with semi-automatic machine guns shooting and not one single bullet hit Antonio? I don't think so!!

Nothing tops Batman thawing out all of Gotham city with a laser pointer and some mirrors in "Batman & Robin".

The most absurd scene i have ever seen would be the one in basic intinct where he was accused of killing the officer in the car.

the whole premise of herbie goes bananananas just pissed me off so much! a volkswagone beatle that can travel through time to save the human race from evil cyborgs all while trying to win prom queen and get the popular boy. and that whole part where it just leaves work and doesn't come back but ends up getting a promotion despite f'ing up his TPS reports. cuban B my ass.
that whole movie stunk.

the end

Phelps being the bad guy in Mission Impossile was even more absurd than the helicopter if you ask me.

I mean, HELLO! That is JIM PHELPS! I mean, HOW long did he do the series for? That's like revealing Kirk is a Klingon in one of the Star Trek films. As in... no...

But I bet you never saw it coming...

Dude the entire movie is absurd! So is the 2nd...that 1 is even worst.
Every Hell scene in Spawn messed
I'll think of more.

I must admit I couldn't agree more. As a fan of the tv series, I was just disgusted by that.


A Talking Dog
"Don Hertzfeldt's Rejected"

people must watch this, it is the greatest excercise in Theatre of the Absurd, plus it revolutionizes the face of comedy.

Download it now {i am not sure if I can mention it} from the program that starts with a "Ka" and its ryhmes with "Huzzah". The file is small and priceless.

you're all talking about gun scenes, but does anyone agree with me that the whole 'like a virgin' scene between the duke and zidler in moulin rouge was extremely pointless and bizarre?

The One Himself
Oh... Yes you're right...I forgot about the 2nd one...It's crappy too... sad

Wow...the Tomb Raider movies. Especially the second one when she just punches the shark and stays underwater for an insane amount of time. Honestly, I got up and left.

Your lost mate. Angelina kicksass! big grin

ya especially in original sin: THAT SEX SCENE WOW WOW WOW

lol Have you see Gia?
But, topic.

The One Himself
Gia and Original Sin are great... shifty shifty shifty

lol smile
Ok topic.

is there n e good scene in giawink

lxg was completely absurd. but one part particularly which made me walk out of the theater was when sean connery was riding in a car going like 90 mph and he jumps out..they show his feet as lands and it looks like he just walked off one single steep squarely on his feet...he didnt have the decency to run or fall down, nothing..that was the last straw on this garbage for me.

Has anyone seen Motel Hell? In one scene, the farmer goes to the people in the ground with only their heads poked out. He takes a device to hypnotize them so he can get the nooses around their necks without them biting his hands off.

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