how should win oscars for LOTRs

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even though most people havent seen ROTK (all those few lucky ones that went to a premiere) but who do predict or think should get an oscar

i think Peter Jackson should deffo get best director

i havent read the last book YET so i dont know what sean astins character has to do yet but i know his actin is great and i know he has a very emotional storyline so he should get one

dean astin best supporting actor

I'm guessing you mean Sean Astin wink

I would love for Andy Serkis to win best supporting actor, because he's done so much in the movies and you never even see him (except for his glob of spit when Gollum's talking about potatoes big grin )

And then Peter Jackson should definitely get best director of course.

Andy Serkis should really get an oscar that poor guy.
Supporting Actor Nominations - by moi.
Sean Astin - Andy Serkis
John Rhys-Davies - Orlando Bloom
Ian McKellen
Best Leading Actress - Liv Tyler
Best Director - Peter Jackson
Best Leading Actor - Viggo Mortensen

hey he is an idea every single person cast and crew shud win something and nothin else except maybe johny depp for pirates

i would just like to mention dat was a very good gob of spit

shadow link
well basically all except for maybe acting ones i mean they desrev it and everything but its an action movie plus characters acting isnt really given enough time as a feature

but more specifically at least a nom for

sfx, sound, costume, best picture of course and best director, best sound, best composition, best adapted screenplay, best editing

i mean how dd fotr get 14 nominations


lmao!!!!!.........hmmm when i see it i'll give my guesses from Nominations................but for sure its getting noms for best pic, best director, special effects and sound ALREADY GOT cinematography, adapted screenplay,editing, score nods so no more in those.
LOTR GOT 14 cause it was out first and it is AN ORIGINAL MOVIe.........these two are continuations so they cant get repeat nods in some categories.

as for acting i have to see the rave bout sean bean.....he's the only one that could get a nomination.

NONE of the other actors would even get whisper of a nomination from me......yeah they're good but not OSCAR worthly..........i mean come on people.......i aint seeing no stellar performances with them anyway.
if serkis didn't get it last year then certainly not next( sorry man you were INcredible)

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