Man my legs are going to be hurting tommarow

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Well today was leg day at the gym and all i can say is that todd one of the guys i train with got Franco Columbos old leg day routine and for those who never heard of Franco he was arnold's training partner back in the day. Well todd got his routine and we did it and here is what it was. this was prolly the hardest leg day i have done in a while


7 sets of squats
1st set 20 reps 135 pounds ass to the ground
2nd set 15 reps 185 pounds ass to the ground
3rd set 10 reps 205 pounds almost all the way down
4th set 8 reps 225 pounds almost all the way down
5thset 6 reps 245 pounds almost all the way down'
6th set 4 reps 275 pounds a lil bit less down
and 7th set 315 pounds pretty much past parrel for 2 reps but i went for 4 since it was the last set of squats


1st set 200 pounds 50 ****in reps all the way down to the chest
2nd set 400 pounds 25 reps all the way to my chest
3rd set 560 pounds 15 reps all the way down
4th set 740 pounds 8 reps all the way down


50 pound dumbells 5 sets 14 reps for each leg if u dont know what a lunge is then ur dumb laughing out loud

leg extiantions
6 sets pretty much 220 pounds the whole time we went down once i think

then i left to buy a leather coat wich i luv but tommorw im not kidding i will fall at least once or twice

MC Mike
thumb up I saw a big list and said to myself: this guy is tired!

Good job with whatever it says! thumb up

Thats nice! Rather you than me...

actully if i am not hurting tommarow and i can walk good then i am pissed cause i feel like i could have done more then

crazy u ask i think so

thumb up yeh i think ur legs will hurt tomorrow! laughing out loud

Well at least you can aim higher next time or something

laughing out loud thumb up nice way of ****ing up your legs... hey hwo come your ma hasnt been on for a while?

ask Tired Hiker, he will tell you laughing out loud

Captain REX
Good God, DeNiro! I think I'd pull EVERYTHING if I tried that...

I'm sure you have more muscles than that guy in your sig...

False Advertisement! stick out tongue

DeNiro's Mom
Screw that Tired Hiker! He's a bastard if I ever saw one! mad

laughing out loud yeah so uhh why werent u on ?

Captain REX

Tired Hiker
DeNiro, I'm sorry, Bro . . . . . . . but I hate your mom. sad Why is she so mean to me?

laughing out loudI dont know she said that tired hiker is a sick person i cant stand to even hear his name. everytime she sees ur posts she goes urggghhh him again laughing out loud

and Capt. Rex. the guy in my sig is way bigger then me laughing out loud thanks for the compliment though but for 15 im bult pretty dam good by 21 i should be as big as a house if i keep it up at oe guy in my gym put it

total metalhead
wow look!!! its De --->


laughing out loud laughing laughing out loud

heh cool,go u DeNiro,u must be strong

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