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i saw on the tv that what shoes a man wears tell a lot about his personality. so in order to include everyone, just say what shoes you have so we can get to know each other! (i sound like a psycho, dont i?)


well anyway i will start first:

red and white etnies sneakers
birkenstock clogs
teva flip flops
and i'm getting low pink converse sneakers soon smile

a pair of black and red nike shox, crappy school shoes and a blue/black pair of trainers

too mant to mention embarrasment

i wear uhh
those weird white and black converses and uhhh some pure black vans

Michael Myers 1
i wear vans alot of time and some airwalks

I wear walking boots most of time when not at work

lil bitchiness
I tend to look at people's shoes embarrasment

Guys shoes too...when im preving... i mean checking them out!!

i have 6 pairs of shoes ill look for pics and post them.

MC Mike
I have 10. big grin

MC Mike
That's 5 pairs, you know. stick out tongue

and the size of the know what that means....ahem i mean umm yea. shoes. woo. angel

lil bitchiness
shifty of course...

I wear steel toed running shoes. Tey are silver and have a black leather surrounding. Sooooo... what does that say?

by the way.... they are 12s I think

i dont know! they just had this like shoe psychic come on the tv and look at guys shoes....

lil bitchiness
What does it say? It doesnt say anything..its the way the shoes look that im conserned about.

lol........ Oprah...... even if it is not Oprah..... Seems kinda like an Oprah shoe...... "Today we look at guys shoes" "Oh my god!!!! these are sooo nice!!!"

lil bitchiness
laughing out loud

i think it was the 5 o clock news... confused

ohhh ohh! my turn! my shoes:

birkenstok clogs
nike tennis shoes

I usually don't wear shoes...

eek! BIRKENSTOCK!!!!!! yay!!!!!


eek!mine are dark brown, what are yours?

they used to be brown, but now they are dark brown, i wear them all the time! eek!

yes! they are soooo comfy once the fit your feet!!! walking in rain/snow and letting them dry on your feet makes them more comfortable once they dry!!!

i have:
black converse
pink converse
blue suede like trainers
blue nike trainers
black ankle boots
black heels
BRIGHT pink sandals
pink flip flops
lilac slippers
fluffy purple slippers
white and blue sandals
black and silver sandals
purple suede like trainers

A pair of those Pumas.

nice thumb up

Lets see, pink and grey Vans, Riding Boots, purple fluffy slippers!

I have all nike sneakers and they're either white, black, or both. By the way I wear size 14.

Jeez, thats big. . .

I wear a 6.

I know a kid who's size 16 and he's only 14 years old so stick out tongue

All kinds, everything from Gucci loafers to adiddas sneakers.

Nothing that fancy. I have a couple pair of Adidas Sambas, 1 pair New Balance, 1 pair dressy shoes, and my basketball shoes. I hate sandals, flip-flops, etc.


Jackie Malfoy
I have black and white hightops that I wear all the time.I don't know what kind of person this makes me but they are so warm and fiting I love them!
I even wear them when my dad forces me to go to teh temple.Don't worry angel I am going to make sure you get all the help you need.(Opens the door to two man wearing white coats and holding a stright jacket!)
"She is over there man!"LOL!JM

these are my boots

lil bitchiness
JEZus, those are just beyond any sexiness i have ever encountared!

Jackie Malfoy
They are cute Furryman great style!JM

rajah kalantiaw
i have air jordans 13-18
yellow nike running shoes
nike acg boots
k-swiss tongue twister
old skool chuck taylors (high and low cut)
converse one star lo cut sneaks
nike air cortez
hush puppy dress shoes
air jordan par 23 golf shoes...

Puma, Nike and Rockport. big grin

i have grey New Balance shoes #717

laughing I have powerfuff girl gym shoes, I still can wear little girls shoes

My shoes.

My shoes suck.

Got some nice comfy No Boundaries shoes. They are GREAT for 'sploring creeks.
New boring sneakers from the Dollar Store.
Brown layer boots.
A look-alike of Birkenstock clogs.
And some type of strange denim shoes.

I have a pair of Black Steven Madden boots -

they were marked down from $60 (something) to $18 last spring - super cheap

i love them to pieces...

i usually wear some blue converses, if I'm doing some sort of job i wear bage(sp?) coloured booties, but i might wear my booties more often. they sort of look like this:

i also have some DC's, Etnies and some Globes.

I usually just wear socks - i go through socks like crazy

I have so many sneakers i'm competition against Usher! lol, but i got all time fav's, my black chucks and my "old skool" nikes, lol.
big grin big grin big grin big grin big grin

aye, half my shoes are 6 and half are a 5

Yep - I love your pink and black converses btw! You were wearin those this mornin yeah?

yep big grin

Sweet sig and icon Furious smile
I wear Etnies.

I own:

My Black high-top converses.-I wear these always, except to church.
My Black Army Boots.
I just got new converses; they're blue.
And black very high-heeled shoes which I wear to church.

i have:
mid calf black not Converses
purple DM's with pink ribbons for laces
Japanese style flat black and red shoe things
riding boots
grey Vans

not really sure what that says about me

Well I cant list all of the pairs of shoes i have. Dang, Ill try.

Open toed-Black, High Heels
Black army boots
Old Sketchers
High heels, wooden heel, black straps, heart design
black flip flops
pink flipflops with butterflies
brown high heels, kind of like my army boots but dressier

big gay kirk
I have a pair of merrell Chameleon Velocity Lows..... a pair of Merrell Chameleon GTX XCR Ventilator Lows.... a pair of Salomon GTX 6s... a pair of National Coal Board Wellies, and a pair of steel capped work boots... oh, and a pair of slip on smart italian shoes for when I go out (they don't get a lot of wear...)

Frosty Beverage
homer simpson slippers
nike sneaks
adidas sandals
Georgetown Huntin' boots smile
and elevator shoes swank

Omgd, thats soooo weird!

I have,
Grey Vans (with pink bits)
Riding Boots
Blue things that aren't converse(but look like them)
and I'm getting Purple Doc Martens soon.
and I also have some knee high, REALLY high heeled black boots.

Just missing the japanese shoe things then. . .

i have

Red White and blue converse with writing all over them, peace signs, anti bush shit, lyrics happy
black high heeled adida type shoes
Orange and purple kangaROOs
3 pair of hiking boots

i have alot more i just dont feel like typing much today whistle

I have a teenage girl-like obsession with shoes.

Adidas Streetball III (blue, black & white)
Adidas Pro Conference Hi (white)
Adidas Top 5 (blue & white)
Nike Air Jordan IX (blue & white)

^Those are all basketball shoes, I love those ****ers droolio

Converse Weapon 2000 (yellow)
Nike vintage Tetra (cream)
Nike Air Max Plus (greyish-purple)
Reebok RV Speed (red & white)
Emerica Dorsa (white)
Adio Fifty Fifty (black)
ES Accel Plus (white & black)

all DC's:

Spectre 2 (black)
Axis (grey)
Alias (grey & white)
Gamma (cream)
Index (blue)

all Vans:

TNT (black & red)
Dr T (blue)
Escobar (silver)


Currently wearing pumps.

Ceterum censeo OTF esse delendam.

Rogue Jedi
Black Airwalks
White Airwalks
Black Hiking boots

Sandals smoke

Lord Knightfa11

The Grey Fox

My smart suit shoes, which I sometimes wear csually.

Otherwise, I wear Military express boots.

Originally posted by The Grey Fox

My smart suit shoes, which I sometimes wear csually.

Otherwise, I wear Military express boots. Oh shoot. Them some baller shoes.

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