Revolutions Vs. ROTK

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I'm a little afraid to say it, but Return of the King was a better ending to a trilogy then Revolutions. Granted the philosophy was still there in Revo., but Rotk in my opinion was way more triumphant. It may not have been as "deep" in meaning as Revo., but it made up for it in emotion and character development. Now, on the other hand I still think The Matrix is a better trilogy than Lord of the Rings, barely, just because it made me think more and the answers weren't made immediatly ready to me and I had to search for them, I enjoyed that. I just wish The Matrix would have spent a little more time on the characters, which I think they could have done by making a movie of the time between M1 and M2 when Neo and the crew were saving and freeing people. In the end I cared more about the story and only the very Main characters and not enough of Zion or the human race, while in LOTR I cared for just about every character, including Golum.

Not to mention the action. The action in Reloaded was better than M1. The Lord of The Rings has done a good job in pushing it further and further. The battle for the kings castle is nothing short of AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE. Whereas the Super Brawl just left you like, what the hell.

Anyone think if Hugo is taking a cut from the back end of both of these that he'll take us all out to dinner? Being in two of the best trilogies ever has to pay well.

There is no comparison LOTR is the trilogy that has been etched in stone as film making history. The matirx movies were heading that way until revolutions fell short. Im sorry to say but LOTR and matrix are in two different catagories and only one reigns supreme.

You can't compare the two. Completely different genres and everything, different films. The only thing they have in common is they're both ends to trilogies. Please stop talking about this... there's no way to judge either way.

Oh no! not another Matrix vs. LOTR thead! There are already a bunch of them in other forums can we just stick to ONE of them???


There are plenty of these throughout the forums. No need for another.

I don't mean to offend any of you, even though I did expect this reaction,I'm just saying that after seeing Return of the King it delivered more than Revolutions. I still enjoyed the ride of the matrix more,but when I left the theatre after seeing Rotk I felt more rewarded. There just needed to be more character development. For example, when the chick that was helping Links woman died I couldn't have cared less, or the crew that died from the sentinels bomb had no effect on me, Trinity's death on the other hand was sad, but there just needed to be more of that.

I know it's kind of pointless to bring this subject up, but when I see a movie that good I just wish Revolutions could have been more like it. Once again I'm sorry to have offended anyone.

As a whole, Lord of the Rings are much more unique, and well made.

Yes, The Return of the King was absolutely brilliant!....But why compare? They are totally different, and I don't think it's fair to do so! I have a place in my heart for both! smile

difference for me is I cared more for Neo and Trin dying in Rev than I did with others in ROTK. I was just sad at the end of ROTK where as with Rev. I actually cried when Trin and Neo died, and cried at the end of the movie. The Matrix hold a closer space in my heart than LOTR does. Don't get me wrong I love LOTR but Matrix is all me!

yeah but not alot of people died in ROTK so you cant really compare them on the deaths that they had as matrix had two main characters die

Exactly! That's why it's pointless to compare these two! Can't we close this thing? confused

As I stated before there is no comparison so I dont know why some ppl keep pusing the subject. The matrix movies range from excellent to mediocre the lotr trilogy is excellent throughout the entire run.

They are also two different stories and should not be compared. Omega please do us all a favor and close this topic it really is meaningless.

Revolutions all the way!!!!!!!! cool big grin cool big grin big grin cool

When I went to see the end of it I was bored and just waiting for the end fight between Smith and gripped me all the way and I could if sit there for a further 3 hours. I'm just saying this on a enjoyment factor and nothing more. I enjoyed ROTK a lot more..soz

The Omega

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