Maralin Manson

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just bought his anti christ cd i have been meaning to pick up some of his shit he is pretty bad ass i like his music and he put on a great show at oz fst this year unforutunatly i couldnt make it didnt have enough money. but ne way he has one of those box set cd's for 14.99 i suggest not buying it he has alot more songs that r better on the anti christ superstar cd. i am getting it for christmas also best of pantera and the new POD cd

in flames
marilyn manson is one of my fav bands..but i didnt like the change of sound on the new album..a change to the worse..i only like 3 songs from also buying the best of pantera.

did u buy the past present and future cd of rob zombie yet. now that was the best cd i ever bought has every great song of his plus the ones back in the day and a dvd of all his greta music videos i bet u already got that

I can't stand Manson he's just a rip off of Alice Cooper. On the other hand Pantera rock.

total metalhead
ok i guess. Disposable Teens was a great song but some of they're stuff is no good.

I like manson I cant wait for this summer when i got my tank top on driving with my T tops down on my camaro blasting The butiful people out of my system laughing out loud I know show off but hey why not stick out tongue

in flames
sadly i didnt still didnt come here to saudia.. when its here il get it im only getting it for the videos

i hate mansons new album... it's commercial shit, but the older ones are superb, you should try the portrait of an american family it's my fave, and from antichrist i love ... antichrist the most, it's one of my fave mm songs big grin

do you know what makes me laugh? i'm pretty pissed off when people talk about mm as a singer, not a band... that's irritating...

'there's no time to discriminate,
hate every muther****er that comes in your way'

I think that he sucks, hes a bad singer, and the guy who plays guitar plays no solo sick sick sick

thumb up?

i like that mechanical animals cd... although every song is about drugs ... its still good..

oo u live in saudi arabia i got a friend i think he immagrated from there to the states when he was a kid that or pakestein i cant really remeber

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there are alot of paki's here in saudia one of my freinds is paki and he is a metal freak

Mechanical Animals. stick out tongue

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thats a very good album

i luv being a meatlhead it is the best music to lift weights to also i can honestly say I have lifted a weight for more reps and higher weights because i was like listening to mudvayne or even distrubed

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hey man same here!!! i listen to panteras " yesterday dont mean shit " thats a song to lift weights long have u been in the gym ? and how much weight can u lift in bicepes ? (maybe misspelled it )

I LOVE manson!!

manson rocks and every song on anticristsuperstar kicks ass

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