Buffy vs. Angel

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The Unknown
Which show is better and why?

Lord Soth
Angel. Sarah Michelle Gellar always annoyed me

Angel. Its a more laid back mature show and there are't as many of those 'we can beat the evil demon no matter what' speeches, usually said by SMG

Angel, same reason as BB

Angel. Why? Two words: David. And Boreanaz.

Coincidentally, I didn't like Buffy much after season four. Spike was nowhere near as cool...

Lord Soth
And yet he got a lot better when he came on Angel! laughing

mini me 0206
you decide the fearless vamp or the hot slayer

What serie is your favorite?? Buffy, The Vampire Slayer or Angel ??
My favorite is Angel... And I'm glad to see that the Season 4 came out on last Tuesday...
22 episodes on 6 discs with lots of features and bonus....this is what I've always wanted... Angel to watch whenever I want...hehehehe
I got it from amazon.com ... hehee

Anyone else into Angel? and looking for this release??
Or, what you think of Joss Whedon, and his series?? the man behind Angel and Buffy!

kaleigha eden
Gotta go with Angel. I loved the supporting cast of both shows, but SMG just got on my one remaining nerve. I just found that Buffy would go to the campy, while Angel was not afraid to be dark. But, I do miss them both. As for Joss, all I can say is "X-Men, please?" big grin

Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel............................woo

angel but i like it better when theyre both together

angel, whedon really came into his own with it, its one of the best written shows in a long time, i personally think buffy got ridiculous towards the end.

ya. they dragged it on too long

i like them both alot, but its a lot better when they are together

I LOVED them both...and i hope Joss Whedon does X3!

He will make it the best

i watched more Buffy, though i didnt watch much of the both, but i liked Buffy (at least the first eps, the ones i watched) the most. And i liked when they were together too.

I luv angel!!!!! but i prefer buffy!!!!!!!!!!!

I love buffy too...but I am looking forward to something new. I was reading about this new show called The Mountain- have you heard about it?? I saw a clip and Barbara Hershey and Oliver Hudson are in it...

I'd say I like Buffy far more than Angel. Too bad the series ended already. Angel is just too uhh... not unique? boring? uninteresting? lol


Mr Zero

i Love both, like i have said before

I used to be a big buffy fan but when you watch al lthe Episodes of each show you realize Angel is just a little better.

hmmm Angel or Buffy...

iv gotta say Buffy. the storylines were so different.and original.
Angel was good dnt get me wrong but i just feel hed lost tht "something".

Buffy!!!! thats where it all started if it wernt for buffy there would be no angel well hmmm, I tried to watch angel but I couldnt 'get into' it I think buffy was more diverse and had alot more energy has anyone watched the buffy movie ?

Buffy tho im not a fan of either ... i wouldn't eveen consider watching Angel ...

Royal Knight
I would have to say Buffy...Angel was good..--but some of the stories sucked


Stealth Agent
Angel all the way. Angel's the best. Connor's my favorite characther.

I love both though. My favorite season of buffy is season 2 when Angel turns to Angelus

I gotta agree the first two seasons of Angel's story line wernt to good but i got pulled in round the third season.

alien Angel is much better its dark brooding, no mushy "Buffy I love you" and then riley trying to love buffy while pretending to be a hard supernatural tracker. And when Angel came to town it was no contest who was a better fighter.
It got better when Wesley joined the series and had his throat slit ,which he survived and became DARK wesley a loner.

I liked Angel better because David Boreanaz is so hott!!!!

alien Thats to much knowledge.

Buffy.... Angel just doesn't have the same spark.

They both suck.

Angel is definatly better than Buffy but i like both so much

Buffy because it was the original

I did enjoy Angelt hough hence the siggysmile

Buffy: Willow

Angel had better writing and acting... and was way funnier...

Buffy went to hell in its last year or two...

buffy by far angels marked under fatass and i just plain hate angel spike is cooler and every1 else is to

Buffy! I mean I can relate to a lot more, and in the long run it was more about growing up than anything... The one thing that dragged Buffy even the most tiniest bit was SMG....
I loved all the different portals to places in Angel like to Pylea and Quor'toth the idea that there were tonnes of worlds all at the same time..cool!

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