Your top 5 movies of all time...

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I just wanted to get a idea of everyone's top 5 movies of all time.

but there are a few rules.

Rules are:

No Lord of the Rings movies.
No Matrix movies.
No StarWars Movies.

I'll start it off.

1. Ronin
2. ShawShank Redemption
3. Lethal Weapon
4. M (1931)
5. Living in Oblivion

if there are no LOTR movies why are u on the LOTR forum

good point but,
1. out cold
2. jurrasic park
3. lethal weapon
4. jaws
5. many tied

lotr and star wars are my top 5, i like other movies like x men and galdiator and other but those are my top 5

The Omega
I actually have to ask the same question as Enya.
Doesn't this thread belong in the General Movie section? If I cannot even MENTION LotR? But well, who says I can't? big grin

1) Matrix Trilogy
2) LoTR Trilogy
3) Equilibrium
4) Original Star Wars Trilogy
5) Fifth Element


Why did you posted that here in the LOTR forum????

The Unknown
In Order:

Kill Bill
The Matrix
The Matrix Reloaded
Terminator 2
Terminator 3

cause i wanted to see where all you fanatics stand outside LOTR

How about a title like this: "What other films do you like LOTR fans?"

I like the one where Jean Claude Van Damme kicks JRR Tolkien in his decrepit face. EYAH!

Than make you own post.

Nah!! I much rather contribute to someone else thread than by posting my own. stick out tongue

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (it's my number 1 so deal with it)
2. The Godfather I and II
3. Shawshank Redemption
4. Indiana Jones
5. many tied but the X-Men movies tops over the others

bravo for being most immature disgrace of a human being on this site. Why don't you just realize that you're a fool, and go crawl into a hole so you don't piss people off with your ignorance? You're pathetic.

wow ppl are so insecure about not picking LOTR. Like Tolkien will come from the grave and piss on your lawn.

Snapple Fanatic

Registered: Dec 2003
Location: Middle Earth

Hmmm, this coming from a person that lists their location as Middle Earth? Sweet Jesus, get out of your mom's basement and get some fresh air. You've clearly been cooped up for too long, you delusional clown. Call up your buddies, I'm sure that they're down for a Dungeons and Dragons game, you hopeless turd. Van Damme owns you.

Not insecure. I don't care about other people's favorite movies, and their opinions on LOTR. But you're just trying to pick fights by posting useless comments on the fanthread of LOTR, and that's really cruel. It's obvious, so why don't you just leave and quit bothering people? This thread clearly belongs in general movie discussion, so why didn't you post it there? I think you know the answer to that--think long and hard, and maybe it'll clear itself up.

not to mention the fact that I would be honored if tolkien pissed on my lawn wink

Lord of the Dance could totally kick the hell out of the Lord of the Rings.

you idiot, i have just posted a huge opinon on LOTR in another post and wanted to see what ppl of "middle earth" thought of other movies other than the easy ones to say they like.

Bennet, I hope you realize that Van Damme is a tool. He was created by people looking to make a little cash. He's 43 years old, okay? It's allll fake, you poor poor child. A friggin' three-year-old could kick van dammes ass, and you know it.

(you didn't seriously think I was from Middle Earth, did you? tsk tsk tsk)

And not to mention that your thread title is top 5 movies of all time yet we're not allowed to pick any from LOTR, Matrix, and Star Wars movies!? WTF!?

yeah....because *i* would pick van damme movies. They've got substance.


i have just posted a huge opinon on LOTR in another post and wanted to see what ppl of "middle earth" thought of other movies other than the easy ones to say they like.

The Omega
JohnMatrix> Maybe people just don't see you as an authority on what movies they may or may NOT chose? Should've picked a better title there, perhaps?
It's like going to the Horror Movies forum "Favourite Movies of all time" May NOT include any horror movies.

I think I know what it is you WANT to know. What OTHER movies do LotR fans watch (IF any smile)? Your post just comes across in the wrong way there.


Okay, since you're obviously very very verrrryyy slow, let me clarify. "Do not post bad things about LOTR in the LOTR forums. You will get beaten." Now, read that over and over and over, and, after it is forced into your skull, read it back to me, and we'll work from there. Okay? It'll be fine, trust me. big grin

The Omega
SKAliv> Okay, that's a little on the harsh and consending side. JohnMatrix isn't just attacking RotK, he's trying - albeit not very succesfully - to say what he didn't like.
And it IS his perogative to say "I didn't like RotK" IF that was the case, which I don't think it is.

whoh people, stop the arguing! we're supposed to talk about movies in this topic. who cares where it's posted? if you really think about it, this topic *does* have something to do with LOTR.

SKAliv, stop insulting what other people like and just drop it, okay? maybe you're not from Middle-earth, but you're sure acting like a stupid orc right about now.

well, i'm gonna have an extremely hard time naming my top 5 movies without LOTR. i'll try anyway. but just so you know, ROTK, TTT, and FOTR are my top three, for the record.

1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
2. Pirates of the Caribbean
3. um, i forget the title of the movie, it has Colin Ferrell and he plays Jesse James, American Cowboy or something like that? blink
4. Anger Management
5. Shrek

that's the best i can do. wink

oh c'mon you guys!!! don't you see that he's totally insulting you and taking advantage of us and denying it?!?!? It's completely degrading!!

taking advantage of us? WTF are you talking about? blink

he's taking advantage of us by being rude and incondiserate, and insulting...and then denying it, and pretending everything's all buddy-buddy!

I can see it..I'm just trying to not be so deeply and very , very affected if I could help it. All I know is I immensely enjoyed the movie and I don't care about him anymore.


right now you're being rude and inconsiderate.

besides, choosing five movies that you like other than ROTK isn't insulting or anything. you want me to explain how this topic is a good idea? 'cause i will, i have time to waste right now.

No he's not, SKAliv, I'm the one being rude and inconsiderate, not JohnMatrix. But only to you because you think that Lord of the Rings is real. It's not. You can take off your chainmail and put away your fake sword that you bought at the store outside Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland. You can throw away your cloak that you claim is +3 dexterity because it doesn't work. JohnMatrix asked a simple question and people for some reason got offended. It's a message board, not a think tank formed with the purpose of curing cancer or ending world hubger. Stop taking everything so seriously, take a deep breath, relax...AND CATCH VAN DAMME'S BOOT IN YOUR EYE! EYAH!!!!

see, what was that? JohnMatrix didn't post that you did. and Bennett was only saying his/her (sorry, i don't know if you're a guy or girl embarrasment ) opinion that he/she likes Van Damme (who's he anyway?) and you totally attacked him/her. just that, right there, is totally uncalled for.

Rocky IV
The Odyssey

the holy grail
crouching tiger hidden dragon
space balls
the big lebowski
any mystery science theater movie

hehe, this thread is entertaining.
y is everyone freaking out about someone who wants to know what other movies besides LotR LotR-fans like?

my faves would have to be
1-Pirates of the Caribbean
2-The Princess Bride
4-Benny and Joon
5-Austin Powers in Goldmember

Moving to movie discussion, since you made a point of making sure this thread would have absolutely nothing to do with LOTR's, why did you even put it here?


Do not bash other members, calling someone an idiot is unacceptable. Don't do it again.

Leon s.kenedy
5-Kiss of dragon/Pirates of carabbean

Anyway, back to favs are...

1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre - It pioneered the modern horro genre, and basically was a turning point for horror films, before TCM, horror movies were generally about monsters, or unbelievable psychos. TCM was the first to incorperate some actual realism into the movie, and with this realism it shocked people when it was first released...and the fact that it still shocks people, now 30 years after its release, shows that it is truley a horror great.

2. One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - The only film I percieve to be flawless, everything is amazing in the feel every possible emotion pushed to it's limit as some point or another, and the ending is absolutely devistating... If you have not seen this, see it asap, I promise you, you won't be disapointed.

3. Paths of Glory - Just one of many Kubrick masterpieces, but in my opinion, his crowning achievement...this is the film that pushed him into greatness, and was the first film to show that he was destined to be a legend of film. Plus it showed people who criticized Kubricks lack of emotion in his films, that he could indeed bring emotional power rivalring anyone else. Magnificent in every sense of the word.

4. NeverEnding Story - A childhood favorite of mine, I'm sure my nastalgic feelings for this film drive my love for this film even furthy, but I still find it to be magical, and showing a great message to kids...Don't be afraid to dream.

5. Requiem for a Dream - An absolutely devistating movie, the sheer power of this movie forces me to list it in my top 5, since I've never seen a more powerful film in my life...


28 Days Later
Dawn of the Dead
Cannibal Holocaust
American Beauty
Finding Nemo
Monsters Inc
Day of the Dead
Henry - Portrait of a serial Killer

1. LoTR Trilogy
2. Matrix Trilogy (whatever you say about not mentioning them)
3. Ice Age
4. Bulletproof Monk
5. Finding Nemo

somewhere afterwards - Gladiator, Gangs of New York

Hey Backfire no offense and band my ass if you want to, but i had been getting lit up like a xmass tree on the other thread and i just saw bennett get smashed too so where were you than.

John Matrix you are definitely a very pathetic imbecile and you should have your eyes gouged out, your nose smashed, eyelids sewed shut, fingers cut off, kidneys stabbed, ears cut off, elbows and knee caps hit with a sledge hammer, Head set on fire, and your soul taken away by me personally.

Burn in Hell you hopeless maggot.

what about when, SKAliv said this to Bennett

bravo for being most immature disgrace of a human being on this site. Why don't you just realize that you're a fool, and go crawl into a hole so you don't piss people off with your ignorance? You're pathetic.

So thanks for being there when i get flamed for voicing my opinion and for moving my thread which was just see where the LOTR fans sit on top 5.


Excuse me for not being able to be everywhere at once, I simply did not see those, give me the links to those threads and I will gladly warn them in the same manner I warned you.

However, retaliation in no way justifies bashing, for if it did everyone would be using it as an excuse, if someone insults you, simply report them too a mod. Retaliating with a comparable childish insult will only get you in trouble along with them.

im not going to report anyone, i mean come on its a message board. I just saying that if that guy reported the idoit thing he did it cause he was mad i wouldnt let him say LOTR. i mean look at what he posted to Bennett.

btw all, backfire has the best list so far

1. Beetlejuice ~ All time favourite film from any genre
2. Dawn of the Dead ~ All time favourite horror film
3. Jaws ~ All time favourite 'creature feature'
4. Clockwise ~ All time favourite 'Slapstick' comedy
5. Halloween ~ All time favourite 'Slasher' flick

the Godfather I,II
Natural Born Killer
Fight club
Plub Fiction
The Silence of The lamb
ops sorry more than 5

Now take it easy John Matrix there is no need to get offensive. We are not trying to fuel you with flammers. Let's keep it cool...mmkay?

The title you are looking for is American Outlaws also staring Scott Cann (Oceans Eleven), Ali Larter (Final Destination) and Timothy '007' Dalton as the villian.

Ok mine is in order

3.Beethovens 5th
4.Good Boy

you're joking right? GIGLI?! DUMB AND DUMBERER?! GOOD BOY?!? wow ur rotting your mind away now aren't ya?

anywho my favorite five:
1. Requium for a dream. Great movie they show it to us every year so we won't do drugs. Depressing ending as hell, poor mother.
2. The breakfast club. excuse me for liking and 80's oldie but i can never get tired of that movie
3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. There aren't many movies that can make me laugh now adays, thank god for this one.
4. Finding Nemo....view above
5.The Ninth Gate. Beautiful movie, powerful messages. I couldn't decide between this or Moulin Rouge which is my sobfest movie.

Okay, sorry about everything. I was having a really bad night, and my temper was short. I know I said some reaaalllly childish things, but please forgive me, I wasn't really thinking...I misread a lot of what you said. So can we drop this whole bashing argument? I really hope you guys can just forget about it. I haven't reported anyone, so lets just move on.

By the way, I'm a girl...sorry again.


awww snakliv ur so cute hahahaha


lil bitchiness

2.Once Upon a Time in America

3. Sev7n

4. Matrix

5. I am Sam

Mr Parker
Okay since we cant list the star wars movies,mine would go
3.Rocky 2
4.Rocky 3

Honestly,I cant believe so many people think Man-spider,err I mean Spider-man is so great,that movie is so bad its not even funny.

YA!! GO FOOTLOOSE! love them 80's movies!

oh well..let's see

1. Fight club
2. Pulp fiction
3. Snatch
5. American beauty (the 5th position changes as the mood..and the first three don't have a speciffic order)

i'd nominate :
recquiem for a drea: as the most shocking movie
and blair witch project I: for the best horror made.

lil bitchiness
Yey! Fight Club kicks ass!! big grin

yes..well, those are truly good movies.

No particular oder

Home Alone
Lord of the Rings triligy (counts as one movie)
The Matrix

1. LOTR(o ya my favorite, im obsessed smarter than y'all ppl about it)
2. Saving Private Ryan
3. Star Wars(All of them)
4. Enemy at the Gates
5. Braveheart

1. friday 13th seires
2. nightmare on elm street series
2. rockstar
4. resident evil
5. spider-man

The Star Wars Saga
The Last Emperor
Apt Pupil
Shawshank Redemption

close seconds:
Indiana Jones Trilogy
The Godfather 1&2
Batman (the first one)
and we have to mention Reign: the Conqueror, even though it's not a "movie"

I have more to include.

Shawnsack Redemption
The Godfather
X-Men 1&2
Brave Heart
Pay it Forward
Indiana Jones Series

Gladiator - Russel Crow one not the boxing one
Lord of The Rings - Fellowship of the Ring
Lord of the Rings - Two Towers
Lord of the Rings - Return of the King

Beyond 5
Fight Club
Salton Sea
American Beauty
Donny Darko
The Crow

Raiders of the lost ark
The Crow
Ninth Gate

matrix trio
lotr trio
back to the future
life is beautiful
face off

shadow link
spirited away

a beautiful mind


forest gump

beack 2 the future trilogy

Mine are:
The Usual Suspects
Pulp Fiction
Silence of the Lambs
The Shawshank Redemption
Night of the Hunter

No particular order; love 'em all cool

In no particular order and sticking with the "No Matrix" rule...
The Howling
X-Men & X2
Office Space

1) River's Edge
2) Menace II Society
3) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the real version, thank you)
4) Braveheart
5) Starship Troopers
6) Falling Down
7) South Park
8) Sling Blade
9) Hellraiser
10) Mississippi Burning

close call between my fave films but here they are:

1- The Green Mile
2- Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels
3- Pulp fiction
4- Equilibrium
5- 28 days later

1) Pirates of the Caribbean
2) Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion
3) Drop Dead Fred
4) Leprechaun 1 and 3 (counts as one because... err... anyway)
5) The Lion King

I know, I am such a kid. :P

Terminator 2
X-Men 2
Face Off

1.Pirates of the Caribbean
2.LOTR-Fellowship of the Ring
3.LOTR-Return of the King
4.The Matrix
5.The Last Samurai

I think I could deal wihtout saying the trilogy's even though they obviously are top otherwsie why make 3. ther aren't in any order though because i can't decide which ones i prefer

Kill Bill
Fifth element
Peter Pan (new)
Jurassic Park
The ring ( american version)

The Matrix
The Matrix Reloaded
The Matrix Revolutions
Kill Bill

Neo_Version 7
For now:

The Last Samurai
Kill Bill Vol. 1
LOTR: The Two Towers
The Godfather Part 2

Fallen Jedi
1. Pirates of the Caribbean
2. LOTR: Return of the King
3. SW: Return of the Jedi
4. SW: Empire Strikes Back
5. Kill Bill

I know, I know LOTR and Star Wars are on the list, but my all-time favorite movie list wouldn't be accurate if I didn't include them. Sorry, but you're just gonna have to deal with it.

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