So What Did you Get?

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So... yeah.... I got (and I am not gloating..... but.....) A LEXMARK X-75 meaning A Scanner / Printer / Fax/ Photocopier (main reason for new sig...), A DVD Reader / Burner, A New Bonzi Tree (I love thoes things) Reese Chocolate, Glosets, Hair Sprey (tacky Gift, but fun) (Thanks Mom)

And........ I gave My dad A Special Lora Secord Nut Edition of chocolates, My Mom, Lora Secord Limited Edition Finiest Chocolates, And I Gave Kitti (My Cat) Temptations Cat Treats....

And Do fish celebrate Christmas... becasue if so....

i know i got a white gold or plain gold ring.

Sweet... Gold IS always nice. Is it just a ring Like in Lord of The Rings, Or does it have jewls around or something?

i dont know.....i just know its a ring.

Haven't done the present thing yet as it's only 11:43 at night but yeah............

Cemetry Slut
I got wot i wanted my mum supprised me by buying me 2 pairs of thongs lol, I FINALLY GOT MY NEW MOBILE PHONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im changing my mobile phone.

Tired Hiker
I got way more that I deserved, for being such a bah humbugger this time around. I scored.

1. 'Pirates' on DVD
2. Socks and Q-tips
3. Boxers and . .. boxer briefs?!!! I'm not used to those.
4. A calender of 'Coastal Scenes'.
5. This really cool candle.
6. Indiana Jones Box 4 Disc Set, Widescreen,
7. More socks and Q-tips. (I guess it's important for my mom to know that I will always have a fresh pair of socks ready to wear and clean ears.)
8. A Sponge Bob Lollipop. confused
9. big grin MOVIE PASSES!!!! big grin
10. Two pounds of pistacchios.
11. A bunch of clothes, damn, my mom hooked me up with some sweet sweatshirts and sweaters and longsleeve shirts.

I don't deserve it! I've been all bah humbug and I totally scored. What's up with that?

Most Haunted Series 2 Part 1 on DVD
Most Haunted Places In Britain on Video
League of Gentlemen Series 3 on DVD
LotR : RotK on X-Box
The Simpsons : Hit & Run on the Gamecube
Medal of Honour : Rising Sun on X-Box
Dino Crisis 3 also on the X-Box
Best of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Best of REM
Ill Nino ~ Confessions
Cradle of Filth Hoodie
Kurt Cobain 'Final Tour' T-Shirt
Selection Box
PC Spec and Maintenance Handbook
Keyboard Cleaning Kit
50 Worst Places To Live in Britain book
X-Box CD Carry Case
Delta Force : Task Force Dagger for the PC
Deodrant & Shower Gel
& Loads of Sweets

i didnt open my presents yet.

Cemetry Slut
hmmm i got BRANDON LEE The Crow on DVD wink smilebig grin hehehe winnie the pooh socks, chocolate,new mobile,mobile phone cover,tigger top,leather coat,money,shower stuff,earrings,darkness CD (the christmas 1) ,more earrings smile

Pablo G
Cash, the Rocky DVDs, the Reservoir Dogs DVD, and the Bad Boys 1 & 2 box set. Im taking a trip to the states on the 26th and my mom promised me The Two Towers Extended Edition.

its only 3:30 in the morning so i have not opened my presents, but i did go downstairs and check them out, there is this REALLY big one down there, it looks like a television or a really big computer or somethin, oooh so excited!

WOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!! I got a phone, a phone, A PHONE!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! Finally after years of begging finally got one!!!!! Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance well i did already have a phone but .....yeah..... anyway and i also got a hair styler thingy that curls your hair and does other stuff too. me so yay! big grin

I got a styler too yes


-a necklace with a matching bracelet
-money (the forbidden xmas-present no )
-credit for my phone Happy Dance
-underwear wink


We opened ours at 1:30 am, when we got back for midnight mass. I got:
Super Mario Advance 4
Fire Emblem
F-Zero GX
Civ 3 Exp
WaveBird Conroller
GBA Player (3rd Party Maker)
Nickleback CD

Didn't get: FF 11, Soul Caliber 2, Car, FF tactics sad:

fotr extended
pirates of the caribbean
alan jackson cd
toby keith cd
bag of candy
paint brush

me and my sister got a dvd player and a 20" tv that we have to share

i got XBOX woohoo!
and i got linkin park tickets for the 18th of january(5 days after my bday smile ) at nassou collesium(i can't spell for crack) woohoo

..and some boxers(that dont' even fit)

Darth Bandon
I got Star Wars 1 & 2, Mad Max, and a Rat Pack cd, so I had a good xmas.


total metalhead
i got a sweet new cell phone with a built in camera, radio and internet functions. very cool yes

oh yeah and about 20 new cd's and dvd's and new amps for my guitar.

*hugs tmh*
hiya baby not seen you much. Have a good x-mas?

total metalhead
hey janie happy

yeah xmas was ok. i didnt know you played drums!!!

what did I get.........*thinks*

okay I got:
a webcam eek!
a little T.V for my room
gift certificates to like Gap and AE and such
2 really ace necklaces and a bracelet
the cutest socks
bras and panties
a hair straightener
this spa kit thing
and a whole lot of other stuff like chocolates and money
and my dad still has to get me his gift yes

yeah i play the drums. Im doing grade 3 and im pretty good. Its like one of my only talents! Are you good on the guitar? I got a well decent drumkit!

total metalhead
im okay on the guitar. i sound good when im playin with my band but thats cos they're all really good.

so what brand is your drumkit?

yamaha. Its pretty decent cos its all in black and silver. What kinda guitar you got?

total metalhead
i have 12 guitars big grin

the ones i use most are Jacksons though.

check this baby out. DK2 Dinky. i got a left handed one of these a few months ago big grin

that is awesome. Would post a pic of my drum kit but dont know how/cant really be bothered.
take it you like system of a down from your sig?
That band rules. They are like one of my favourite bands along with godsmack,murderdolls,korn,static-x they all rock.

I got:
a new Cell Phone: Nokia 3310 -which was the one I wanted-
a dvd recorder: Philips DVDR75 -which aint just mine but still-
a new wake up thing": Philips -which I wanted-
a PCCD-rom Game: War Craft 3 -which I wanted-
2 ties(sp): no idea which brand -Which I didn't ask for-

and 50 euro's which is also very cool smile
1/8th of my new comp already here big grin

total metalhead
yes System rule. and Korn and Static X i love too.

if you get really good on the drums you should look to join a band. drummers (and bassists) are always hard for bands to get, so it should be easy for you to find one.

cooooooooool. Had a good xmas then? *hug* merry xmas!

yeah tmh. i am in a band but we havnt started up properly. How is your band goin? What did you eventually call it? I still think blood habitat is good!one of my crapppy suggestions.hehehe!

total metalhead
laughing out loud

we had some much worse suggestions than yours trust me! virginia said we should call it ''unexplained bacon'' confused

......and we still haven't thought of a name we all agree on.

can i have a xmas hug?
is your band going good?

total metalhead
my xmas just got better! big grin

nope we're getting worse everyday. we've written 1 and a half songs and our big studio session is in 4 months. by then we have to have at least 30 songs. we're dead sad

*kiss* now mine jus got better!
ooooooh its gonna be difficult writing 28 1/2 songs but youve got to try! This could be like your big chance hunny so youve got to all put loadsa effort in! I can appreaciate how hard it is though. Ive had three months to write my drum music from scratch to three of our bnads songs and thats hard enough!

Pablo G
When I woke up I found the Alien Quadrilogy !!!!!!

Treehuggerjanie*hugs pablo*
merry xmas!

total metalhead
eek! veryverygood!!!!!!

yeah im gonna have 2 work harder than i ever have in my life. i didnt used to write all the songs, but the guy who did all the lyrics left, so its pretty much up to me now.

btw what kind of music does your band play?

basically heavy metal/death metal.
My fav.
Does your band do the same stuff?

total metalhead
yep. we used to be more punk but now were pure metal. does your band have a name? i need some more ideas.....

yeah. its all goths and were all girls (just 3 of us but planning to get another member) and were called dephiath.pronounced de-fi-ath. How crap is that??? i wanna be called "daughters of slaughter"
Are you lot like punks or goths or what? Jus wonderin. I love bein a goth!
I dont like being labbelled but i stand out and my bfs a goth which is cool.

Get it with your own money, it's worth it yes

I got: Full Metal Panic! mission 4&5 Happy Dance , some stuff from Hot Topic, stuff from bath and boby works, $110 Happy Dance , a portable MP3/CD player Happy Dance , a bunch of candy, and I should be getting a snowboard soon... Happy Dance

I got my dog: a jumbone, three bisciuts, and a squeaky horse toy
I got my brother: Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits CD
I got I Stupid: A rubber band gun (she really liked it huh )
I got NtOnKsSuX17: $21, a button, two mints, and a tissue box big grin
I got my Neighbor: roller coaster tycoon 2 expansion
and I got my parents flowers big grin

I got:
Mario Kart Double Dash for Gamecube
A FUBU Shirt
And some cards

uncle john's unstoppable bathroom reader (dont ask)
black jacket
one of those gwen stefani for lesportsac purses
a huge picture frame for my johnny depp poster love
gift cards to hot topic, pac sun, and best buy

if i knew that there was this thread iwouldnt have posted what i got laughing out loud sorry bout that crash

i am a polythiest. i am not a catholic but i still celebrate christmas,

Blink 182 shirt
Good Charlotte 2004 calender
Tony Hawk Underground for Gameboy Advance
Blink 182 shirt
Popcorn and popcorn bowl
Coffee thermous
Mini electric guitar
Thursday CD
Spike bracelet
Linkin Park CD
Pack of Camel Menthol Cigerettes
$100.00 Hot Topic gift card
$25.00 Hot Topic gift card
$50.00 Media Play gift card
$15.00 Best Buy gift card

sounds cool. Ive been on my drums again.

white gold bracelet
cd player
perfume: from my boyfriendsmile
bath stuff
and im waiting for more

i got a best buy gift card to

I got a book telling you how to swear in foreign languages.

so how do u swear in spanish.

I got alot ofr christmas

New trumpet case- YAY!
Call of Duty, pc game -cool!
KOTOR, pc game- cool!
C&C generals/ zero hour expantion-yay!
MOHAA-old i know but still koo!
buncha gift cards
trumpet mute
Wynton Marcellis cd-awesome trumpet player!
far side calender
usb PC storage thingy-suped up floppy

but thats from grandparents and stuff, not only from my parents

Swearing in Spanish? "vete a la mierda usted coqida que coge" is a good way of getting a kicking in Spain.

I got
A von dutch hat ( green with orange)
A pair of seven jeans
A black jacket
ralph lauren perfume
Black bcbg stilletos ( thanks grandma wooo)
Zara brown stilletos
The natsha destroyed mini form abercrombie (thanks sister woooo)
a mary is my homegirl tee
5$$ gift certificate to in and out
and a 50 $$ gift certificate to best buy

wooooooo party even though i didnt get a dooney and burke bag sad

and care bare slippers ! woooooo

*twirls finger in circle* yay


MC Mike
Good job Spearhead. I see you've been practising your exercises. thumb up Good job!

it took a lot outta me but i think ill manage

MC Mike
thumb up Great! Tomorrow we'll tackle your...


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