Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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I've just done a quick search on the Chilli's and im really suprised that they haven't had a thread dedicated to them. They are without a doubt one of my all time fav's, there music is both thought provoking, meanignful, infectious and genius that has elevated them to the supergroup they are, Kieldis is one hell of a singer and definetly has one of the best voices in the business, John Smith is one of the greatest drummers in the world today up their with Maidens McBrain, Nirvana's Grohl & Metallicas Hammet. Been a massive fan and have most of the albums although i doubt anything will elevate the brilliance of the criminally underated Blood' Sex, Sugar, Magic. They are one of the few bands that can change there music to a certain style be it the funky beats of Give It Away or the thought provoking Road Trippin', they also have produced some pretty good videos Californication of course but also Rollercoaster, Can't Stop, By The Way and Give It Away to name but a few.

I agree totally i luv the red hot chilli peppers there music kicks somm major ass. I am looking forward to next summer when they come back to the tweddercenter so i can go see them in concert. HOneslty u cant get a better song then scar tissue. all there shit is great i luv listening to them im glad u posted this because they do deserve alot of recongnition that they havent gotten from the music forum

So, Here it is happy

their best of albums wicked, its got all their good songs, the two new ones, and a DVD of all their videos

in flames
i must get it..i love them!!!

total metalhead
i love the Chilis. fave album is BSSM.

BOPRecruit 16
is their greatest hits cd enhanced?

i love red hot chili peppers!!! they are so awesome!

Yea they are good. I want to get their greatest hits cd.

Its well worth it, despite having the majority of songs on earlier released CD's, it is still a must for any Chilli's fan plus you get two extra songs as a bonus.

the DVD that you get with it is awesome. They do the best music videos(except maybe dave grohl)

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