all you hip-hop haters

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John Smith
i want you all to give me some good reasons why rap is "bad" or "sucks".
and dont tell me about all these clowns on TV and the radio who talked about money,drugs,and bitches.i'm talking about real artists like mf doom,qwel,sage francis,slug(sean loves ugly girls),aesop rock,common sense,diverse,brother ali,pip skid,fermented reptile,j-live,madlib,ect

when you can tell me why those people are "bad",or "suck,then i'll listen

it's so easy to talk shit about all these suckas u see on TV because they're jokes and are entertainers more than they are hip-hop artists.dont let them ruin it for the truly talented artists who should represent hip-hop,and not eminem,cash money,ect.

i guarantee that nobody in any other genre of music can come close to being the writers that sage francis,aesop rock,and so many others are.

listen to the people who actually have talent before you dismiss the whole genre

Are you trolling for a fight bubba?

John Smith, it's funny, I don't like the mainstream rap I see and hear, but I've heard other rap and hip-hop, and wow! some of those guys have got talent. the problem is both sides for the most part are ignorant, people need to realize it's not the genres that suck, it's certain bands of that genre. Most music on the radio does suck. some people have no idea what music is out there.
I don't like most of the rap I have heard, but I haven't heard a lot of underground, I am not going to say rap in general sucks, but the rap that is popular requires little talent.
I don't know anyone who is talented in music who likes main-stream rap. but I do not some talented writers and singers who like hip-hop. I don't know the diff. between the two, but they tell me hip-hop takes talent and rap doesn't.

thanks for posting the facts rather than a bunch of mindless bashing of other music, because of that, I'll consider giving some of those bands a shot.
BUT I know metal bands that are extremely good writers. and i think it is unfair to say that other bands couldn't be better writers.

I've never heard of any of those artists messed

John Smith
i agree with everything u said

pretty much everybody u see on tv and hear on the radio are just gimmicks

of course they have no talent,because their music is geared towards 10-15 year old(mostly girls) who buy the most commercial music today is a complete joke.

John Smith
this board needs more open minded people like you

i didnt mean any disrespect what so ever by saying that they are better writers.i didnt mean that writers in other genre's arent talented or as talented writers.i personally just feel that hip-hop writers are better.check out people like sage francis and aesop rock to see what i'm talkin about.there are great writers in pretty much every genre, i just feel that CERTAIN(def not all) hip hop mc's cannot be surpassed when it comes to really is the point where magazines like "the source" say that sage and others arent mc's because they're into art.which i think is stupid.

i'm sure there are great writers in metal in other genre' i'm not trying to disrespect.

i just want people to hear hip hop artists who actually have talent before they dismiss the genre as a whole as so MANY people here at this board do.just because they hear that crap on the radio,doesnt mean all hip hop is like that.and there are so many haters here.people who havent even heard real hip hop.hip hop artists that put love,passion, and the art before money and marketing.

i would respect your opinion if you heard the people who truly represent hiphop and u still didnt like it...
but don't talk sh*t if you havent even heard hip-hop.and once again,that crap on tv and the radio is not hip hop.

Bad Boy
I'm producing the album for underground UK hiphop artist Menace... and I'm also in a metal band!

Good to see were getting some agreements here!

your right, this board needs more open minded people. The world needs more open minded people, being open minded doesn't mean accepting everything, it just means giving everything a fair chance. People do not seem to get that.

metal face

aesop rock, you guys will here him soon, i think he's gonna blow up pretty soon

he's dope, crazy with words and hero actually

illogic, smoke, adeem, brother ali, BLACKSTAR!, listener, el-p, mr lif, eyedea, la symphony

i gotta go attend to my aesop rock scrapbook....peacizzles

What a hipocrite.....

in flames
before i was a big hiphop/rap fan...i listen to oldies like gardnmaster flex/n.w.a/public enemy/krs one/big daddy kane/gangstarr/eazy e (old n.w.a)

right now i onlylike mos def/the roots/Diss Wun

but all in all rap/hiphop (what they play on radio and tv and that represents rap now ) Is WaCk

it just doesn't appeal to me. i like to hear instruments and not synthesisers when i listen to music

hypocrite stephen? why do you say I am a hypocrite?

Stephen, I think I know what your talkin about. Are you reffering to the "rap is crap" thread? go back and read what I said, everytime i said rap I meant mainstream rap, I even said that hip-hop requires talent, and some rap does too im sure, I'm sorry for confusing anyone. MAINSTREAM RAP is CRAP.

well they got a bad voice(most of them), the melodi sucks, no guitar solo play, do I need too say more?, take forexample a 80's rock band, like Europe, they are 100000000000000000000000000000000 times better in all ways! END OF STORY

Bad Boy
Europe are talented musicans but come on... the songwriting is corny!

I wud first like to point out that I'm not a rap/hip hop fan. But after reading this thread it seems that this genre is very like rock music (which is what I'm into). The acts who get into the charts and are therefore most well-known to the general public mainly have little talent, are controlled by thier managment like puppets, or sing about a stupid subject, like drugs and bitches. Since these artists are the most well-known, they often send out an image of the whole genre being like that. EG, rap being all about drugs and bitches, and rock all about suicide and anger. But if this creates a negetive image and puts most peeps off, Then why the hell does it get in the charts?!

John Smith
like i said,the music appeals to pre-teens and not so much us older folk unless its in a club,then everybody likes it.but mostly girls like whats on the radio and tv.usually because they can dance to it.

John Smith
like i said,listen to more than whats on the radio before you judge all of hip-hop.

yo Metal Face is right Aesop Rock is gonna blow up soon. gettin lot of popularity. im not much of a fan of Aesop Rock.

my favorites are Mos Def, Ras Kass, Chino xl, etc etc
o yea and Slug from Atmosphere.

i like the Chino xl diss to Pac in 96.
heres a small part of the freestyle
"Wrapping my yellow hands around your esophagus 'til your face turns purple like it was Leaky Leak, a ni**a with one ball shouldn't speak"
-2pac Diss Freestyle, 1996


1st paragraph and 2nd things> rap is bad. the end, end of story. rap has no tune, no melody, blah blah blah, none of that. it doesn't sound nice either, not all of it talks about crap and stuff, but if you hear it, that is automaticly what pops into your mind, mine atleast. rap is is a bunch of nonsence crunched together, and rymed. a rap song consists of all the following:

a rapper - an ill educated loser sitting on the side of the street who thinks he can make himself a living by throwing together words, and calling it a song

a drummer - some dude beating on the gound with a stick

a guitar player - some one with a decent enough education to buy a guitar, that sucks so bad at playing it, this is where he ended up

3rd paragraph thing > i just told you, hope you where listening

4th paragragh thing > don't go around dissing other genre's when you have no right in the world to tell someone that rap is better than any other one, you may prefer it more than something else, but you have no right once so ever to say that one is better than the other, it is not for you to decide

John Smith
ignorant people like this is why i made this thread.people who haven't even given hip hop a chance and judge it by what they hear on the radio and on TV.

-1st paragraph and 2nd things> rap is bad. the end, end of story. rap has no tune, no melody, blah blah blah, none of that(explain to me how rap has no melody or tune...and yes,i'm sure your music has blah,blah,blah)
-it doesn't sound nice either(nice?what the sounds mean?)
not all of it talks about crap and stuff, but if you hear it, that is automaticly what pops into your mind, mine atleast(that's because you're ignorant and wont give it a even admitted it by saying that when they do have somethin to say,u just wont wont listen because you're ignorant and go into the song hating wont give it a chance no matter what because you're so set on hating your opinion is pretty much worthless as far as it being a reasonable one.)
-rap is is a bunch of nonsence crunched together(tell me exactly what u mean by that.crunched together?), and rymed. a rap song consists of all the following:

a rapper - an ill educated loser sitting on the side of the street who thinks he can make himself a living by throwing together words, and calling it a song(see,like i said,this person is as ignorant as it gets.she's used to all these dumb thugs she sees on tv.all these no good punks videos she sees on mtv and bet.a lot of rappers are actually very educated and have college educations/ j-live,talib kweli,common sense,ect.j-live is actually a high school english teacher in Ohio.more rappers are educated and intelligent than there are bum mc's who sell drugs and talk about non sense.but she doesnt know this because she thinks that what she sees on tv represents how everybody is like.typical of her generation.and FYI,i cant even count how many country artists throw a bunch of sappy words about a girl they miss and call it a song.)

a drummer - some dude beating on the gound with a stick
a guitar player - some one with a decent enough education to buy a guitar, that sucks so bad at playing it, this is where he ended up(ok,this says it all about nazgulinthedark.a typical rap song consists of an MC and the beat.there are very few actual bands like the roots who actually use live instruments.once and awhile they will use a guitarist ect., but for the most part its just the rapper and a beat you have no idea what you're talking about.its obvious that u dont even know enough about the genre to give an accurate description so please stop making a fool out of yourself.)

3rd paragraph thing > i just told you, hope you where listening(actually,you didnt tell me anything worth remembering)

4th paragragh thing > don't go around dissing other genre's (like i said,i wasnt dissing other genre's.and i do have the right to diss whoever i want.even tho i wasnt dissing anybody.this is a free country ,remember?)
when you have no right in the world to tell someone that rap is better than any other one(once again you prove you're as worthless as a two dollar bill when it comes to opinions.i said that hip hop mc's are better WRITERS in MY OPINION.not better artists.just better at writing.and yes,that is my opinion.i could care less if u agree with it or not)
you may prefer it more than something else, but you have no right once so ever to say that one is better than the other, it is not for you to decide (hahaha,actually,it is for me to decide because it's my opinion.i'm not gonna let somebody else decide my opinion for me.)

i would like to hear you answers to the questions i should be humorious if anything.

that being said,i like how all of this is coming from a toby keith you know how horrible country is????omfg,rap may not be the best genre of music,but at least its not the WORST genre of music like country is.

country music:
-same old boring music that sounds not only like every other song the artist has made,but every other country song ever made.
-no talent rednecks who drive around in their trucks asking their sisters and cousins out.
-country artists have never heard of the word concept.every damn song is about a girl or guy they're crying about.or they're hound dog that died,so they moan about.every song is the same.sounds the same.a bunch of sappy music with lyrics most musicians can come up with on the spot.oh,my girlfriend.oh my died dog.oh please,get something else to talk about besides relationships and broken hearts.
-country sucks so much,i'll let everybody else come up with their own reasons why it sucks ass.

i dunno,maybe it's because i don't drive a truck and my uncle isnt my sisters husband,but i dont get country at all and it flat out sucks.i've listened to a lot of country in my life because i know old boring people,and i have never liked a song, but at least i gave it a chance

but like i said,naz is the reason i started this thread.she basis her opinion of rap on what she's hears on the radio and tv.or what she thinks hip hop is.even if she did hear people who actually have talent,she would still say it sucks because she wont even give it a matter how good it may be,she wont budge.i never wanna be like that.a person who judges things they know nothing about.all because she has this wacked opinion in her mind of what hip hop music is.

if anything,you dont have the right to say hip hop sucks or is bad.who are you to decide that?
especially when you listen to country

I personally don't care for hiphop at all. I've heard some of the "underground" hip hop artists (a few of my friends are heavy hiphop fans) and while you can tell they put a bit more effort into their.....rhymes.... they still just don't appeal to me. I just find all the hiphop I've heard to be extremely repetitive and simple. The same 5 second beat repeated over and over again for 4 minutes, plus, I prefer musicians that play their own instruments.

John Smith
there's definatly a lot of hip-hop that dont have repetitive beats what so ever.depends on the producer of the particular song.there's a lot of great hip hop u havent heard.but there's just some people who'll never like it good or not.and there's good acts that use their own instruments.just not many.anywy,there's a lot of music out there i just dont feel either,so i can get what u mean i guess.

hehehehe i suggest everyone to listen to this song by Ras Kass its called Nature of Threat.

John Smith u heard it?


John Smith
-it has no melody or tune because you can not put it in to note form and plat it back to yourself on an instrument that plays notes, a dum does not play notes, it plays beats-

now i know you're full of it.plenty of rap acts have had bands play their music i said,stop talkin shit about stuff u dont know about

-my cable provider, thank god, doesn't pick up those channels
and you said that you "bet" alot of rappers have degrees, therefore you have no background knowledge of the ubject you are trying to defend-

hahaha,i was talking about BET the channel ya dummy.not " i bet".it's a fact that college rappers have degrees and good education.get out more and actually try to know what you're talkin about

that yes, samg pretty much only about losing there girls, but if you know anything about coiuntry of today, many magazines call it "almost rock and roll" -

you just admitted how much country sucks.nothing new.same old boring predictable country.

anyway,i'm not gonna argue with this girl.i was sittin here tryin to figure out how somebody could be so ignorant.then i saw she was like that explains it.there's no hope.

but like i said,she's dissing hip hop when she likes country,hahahaha

and so being older than me automaticly means that you are smarter, and know more in each and every subject than i do? i don't think so, however old you may be, i can garentee, i know alot more in atleast one subject than you do

Bad Boy
John Smith knows wot he's talking abot, and you need to get a musical education...... and I'm not even a huge hip hop fan!



thats how u look like^

One reason I don't like hip hop is because of all that East coast vs. West coast they seem to talk in their music. From poping out a 45 to driving a brand new mercedez is there anything that they can make seem more like real life? Am I not correct on saying that Tupac wrote in one of his songs that he was going to kill Biggie cuz of the West coast thing? I mean what is that all about???

wrong. tupac said its not about east or west, its about money and bitchs etc etc power and money etc etc. he said that in the song called Bomb First. he dissed jay-z (which made me smile cuz i hate jay) and its basically not west vs east. its just whoever makes the best sales in the record industry. winner takes all but the people thought of it as new york vs cali. west vs east was a waste of time and lives. mainstream is mostly crap.

messed confused...

total metalhead
i used to hate hip hop but now i can see its appeal and have stopped all this dumb 'rap vs rock' pointless shit which i was on before.


"what???" indeed

not willing to tell.

rap is bulshit because they play it on the radio, and try and shove it down my throat in society. I also have to hear it from these f-ucking dickheads who feel they have to pump the garbage up as high as it will go in there car radios. the shit is so loud you cant hear any thing, they just play it so loud so people will think there hard or somthing, or someone will see how much base there peice of shit car can pump out. I know some rap can be considered music. I have no problem with that garbage, because atleast it is artistic expression. but the shit the is cluttered in society and on t.v and on the news, and on the streests, and in the cars. Is this bullshit about people talkin about how much money they got. There talking about shit they have never expierenced or went through. i mean this shit isnt even artistic expression. it's just a way to get rich or spread there name. All the rappers who incorperate meaning in there music, and produce sounds that sound like music. Are few and far between, there not the ones polluting society. It's the other assholes. im sick of the shit to.

maybe these people should learn how to play an instrument, and stop looking at word a day calenders and actually learn words, instead of looking up big words which make them appear to have a vocabulary when every other word is ****. even the so called good rappers cant rap without profanity being rampant in every sentence

thumb up

RR there are many intellectual rappers out there. well underground rappers in a way. Ras Kass (listen to the song Nature OF THreat lot of people got pissed at him for that), Chino XL etc etc etc

BAD THREAD IDEA ALERT BAD THREAD IDEA ALERT man are u just looking for a beating of a lifetime

el barto u listen to mainstream rap man. it does suck.

John Smith
somebody give this guy a hug...a puppy..somethin'

ROFL yo but RR u use to like rap man.

John Smith
my fault,i should have said this in my first post:



bunnies = omens
Ok, havent really read a lot of the past posts but I am a hip-hop fan so of course im gonna post.

My fave artists are Tupac, Eminem, Jay-Z, Common and Ice Cube.

im also a IV Life records fan, anyone else digging them? bringing the westcoast back!

rap sucks

i dont think people understand that their are different kinds of rap/hip hop.

Those people that bunnies= omens typed down are all mainstream. i dont think anyone here has heard the underground stuff.

As I said in another thread.

Now, before you attack me;

This doesn't mean I discourage people from listening to it. Some of my best friends listen to rap. I myself have different values. I listen to Death Metal. I love it because it is completely underground, purge rage into its music, and it gets the adrenaline pumping.

well i dont read every single post by every single person on the forum. i would luv to but i dont have time. and remember i wasn't only referring to u.

ummm have u heard the good songs not the crap ones. Have u heard stuff by Ras Kass? Chino XL? Mf DOom? Mos DEF!! etc etc. plz tell me the songs u dont like. dont assume all of it sux.

i have question:
whats "death metal" like? i would like to know since i never heard anything.

Hmm.. I'll give you some examples to download. They're safe to download since almost no Major or Minor Record Label wants Death Metal, except a few, which aren't unwanted anyways.

Download :

Nile - Unas Slayer of the Gods
Behemoth - As Above So Below
Shadows Fall - Thoughts Without Words
Killswitch Engage - Fixation on the Darkness

Any of the above will work.

i wont download YET. tell me how the music sounds is it crazy? loud? very loud? is it more like rock?

bunnies = omens
True, but I like other stuff as well.

Aesop rock, Murs, pharacyde, Mista Cane, Arsen, Cristyle...

they rank up there on my list to.

To be honest i havent brought any albums in a short while, im just messin wiv mixtapes right now

o yea does it have MEANING?

very nice Aesop Rock is good.

bunnies = omens
Well you may hate rap
but to me death metal is people shouting into a mic.

Each to their own...

so death metal is all shouting? aight i wont download for sure. but are the words easy to udnerstand?

bunnies = omens
Just wondering who people think is lyrically the best rapper?

RAS KASS= Intellectual and he expresses his opinons without fear.

bunnies = omens
I wouldnt listen to me HOcK3y, Im no expert on metal of any kind but i have a neghbour across the street whos into shit like that and i can just hear shouting

ill wait for gotwa's answer.

bunnies = omens
I like Ras, I have his runaway slave mixtape, real tight.
but i dont have any albums can u reccomend me any?

I have a problem with the nest lyricist, im constantly switching. For me its Common right now, i have never even met anyone else in Britain who had heard of his stuff, well until i introduced them

the album on my sig is real tight Soul On ICe. i also recommend the song Nature of Threat. this is when he really expresses his opinions and facts. that song is over 7:00 minutes long. and i gotta say the guy has balls to say what he wants to say.

bunnies = omens
cool thanks, i think i'll download that song then. Im always interested when someones got something interesting to say and hes a tight MC.

I can never find Ras cds in my store so I guess i'll have to find them online

hope u like it.

another intellectual rapper is Chino XL.

aesop rock is good, very good. my friend gave me some CDs and explaioned to me the whole hip-hop situation, he said he hates rap and rap and hip-hop was not intended to be like this.
Mars Ill is also a good hip-hop group!

Mars is aight but Aesop ROck is good. he's gonna explode soon. Aesop gotta go mainstream.they need to show what true hip hop is.

Bad Boy
Anyone hear heard Immortal Technique?

Death metal is just screaming down a mic? Ummmm drums bass and guitar anyone?

helll yes! Immortal TEchnique is crazy.

isint Black metal the crazyest

rap thumb down

yes i do agree that i sucks but THAT DOESN'T GIVE U THE RIGHT TO SHIT ON IT EVEN MORE

1.i can shit on whatever i want
2. fix the post i dont knowwhat u really meant. you said yea i do agree that i sucks or it sucks? fix ur post

bunnies = omens
find something else to do mate! your boring me now.

Anyone like Shyne?
The Spongebob against the world mixtape is also cool.

Im playing Nas right now, even nazgulinthedark cant say this guy has no talent!

lol yea

i hope people who read this stuff learn from it that you can not judge a genre so easily. My friend told me so much I did not know about hip-hop and rap origins. whoever said metal is just screaming down a mic goes along with all the rest of the hip hop haters and country haters and whatever. seriously, some people are just so ignorant. I used to laugh hysterically when people said metal didn't take talent, now it really bothers me, it shows how stupid and close minded people can be.

bunnies = omens
^ that would be me then.

Thats why I said 'dont listen to me I know nothing about metal' I was trying to state a point that thats my first impression of that genre, so dont judge a book by a cover so on and yada yada.

Look at my collection of music, its quite diverse but i know there is certain music which just doesnt appeal to me. But I do know Techno or whatever is a lot different to someone who has something to say. Give decent MCs a chance.
instead of just saying 'rap sucks' take note of the Mcs mentioned here that you may not have heard of before.
I am always willing to check out things reccomended to me.

extol and bunnies= omes are on my good list smile

Wrong? How about the lyrics to "Hit em Up" then?

Well this is how we gon' do this:
f**k Mobb Deep,
f**k Biggie,
f**k Bad Boy as a staff, record label, and as a mother f**kin crew.
And if you want to be down with Bad Boy,
Then f**k you too.
Chino XL, f**k you too.
All you mother f**kers,
f**k you too.
(take money, take money)
All of y'all mother f**kers,
f**k you, die slow mother f**ker.
My fo' fo' (.44 magnum) make sure all yo' kids don't grow.
You mother f**kers can't be us or see us.
We mother f**kin' Thug Life riders.
West Side till' we die.
Out here in California, ni**a
We warned ya'
We'll bomb on you mother f**kers.
We do our job.
You think you the mob, ni**a, we the mother f**kin' mob
Ain't nuttin' but killers

yea i know he hates them and he hopes they die. but he doesn't mean it literally like he said a million times in his interviews. He just wanted to prove to everyone he would be the best.

damn sux that he dissed Chino XL in that song sad

BUT AHAHHAHA chino xl came back to pac with a funny diss.

or maybe he has 2 different definitions for "hate" lol

Well, nowadays hip hop artist seem to tone down a bit with the violence and thats a good thing. Is true most of them had it rough and they had to expressed themselves somehow. I guess that now that things have settle maybe there will more positive changes in hip hop. I'm not a fan of hip hop but if it keeps it positive them I don't mind.

bunnies = omens
I remember I was with one of my mates and he was listening to NWA, i asked why he liked songs about guns (there was just a verse about shooting etc) and he said its just like listening to am action movie but with passion. I really thought about that, sometimes when I listen to 'gangsta' rap its just for fun. Listening to interlectual artists is worthwile. Theres a line.

I do think Hip Hop is popular for the wrong reasons right now. All I hear is about the ice and the bitches and these songs are getting most of MTvs airplay! 'Stunt 101' for example, that whole song is about 'stuntin', I dont hate G-Unit they have a few good tunes but nothing serious. I juts wish artists like Mos Def etc. Could share the limelight. then maybe hip-hop wouldnt get half the shit its taking right now

metal face
aes rock prolly wont blow up in the mainstream

his music isnt for everyone, mainly because he's very cryptic

uses big words and joins words to creeate pictures

while he is one of my favorite artist ever, i just see the reality

hockey please, its nice you like aes rock, run down some song titles and tell me what you think of the songs, for fun..weeee....and please ras kass and chino

try some sage francis and adeem, much smarter and creative...

while i wont hate on death metal i dont like it, one it scares me

and it is a bunch of screaming with one chord riffs, but if that's the music you like and listen to props to you cuz you enjoy it...

please have an open mind about music and enjoy the music you like

even if it is mainstream rap but its just dumbed down words fed to you

educate yourselves, i like to feel the emotion in the music, and i also like some party jams....but dont hate on other peoples music

because youve head a few g-unit and ja rule singles alright? deal?

you gotta dig, and EDUCATE

umm sorry MF i said Aesop ROck is gonna explode but i never really got into his music cuz i only heard like 2 stuff sad can u recommend me some of his good songs.

for ras kass i like soo many. my top 3 for his songs are Van Gogh, Nature of Threat (obviously) and Verbal Murder. but there are soo many i like. o yea and also H20 Proof

for Chino XL i really like the song Nunca (never), NO Complex (its ok), and the 96 diss he did to Tupac.

like i said too many good songs. hard to choose.

o yea and Mos Def also kicks ass

Metal Face not all death metal is one chord riffs...i know you said you arent hatin but why dont you educate YOURSELF before you talk about the things you dont like about other types of music...I'm not a huge death metal fan but i like alot of other metal

metal face
i guess you're right i have no right to say what they play

it just sounds like it.... and it gives me a headache...

dope aes rock songs....

all of labour days

get "daylight" NOW, most amazing song ever written

aight thx MF

yo i got question. why is that rapper "Defari" dissing Aesop ROck, Atmosphere and The Ugly Ducklings?

John Smith
hockey,u wanna hear some really intellectual stuff,get that "daylight" track by aesop like MF said.not only are his lyrics complex and thought provoking,but the beat is amazing too.

John Smith
in order to be a TRUE "hip-hop fan" or "hip-hop head",u must own these albums:

common sense "resurrection"

a tribe called quest "the low end theory"

a tribe called quest "midnight marauders"

organzed konfusion "stress:the extinction agenda"

nas "illmatic"

the pharcyde "bizarre ride 2 the pharcyde"

wu-tang clan "enter the wu-tang:36 chambers"

just to name a few

every single one of them is ESSENTIAL to any hip hop fan

i really don't see a reason to leave because this thread was made for me to come and say that rap sucks, soo uh, rap sucks

I know how you feel, I was the same, but I'll bet you don't know what you are talking about. mainstream rap sucks.

and also: myths and stuff about hip-hop:

hip-hop originated from black gangsters. not true hip-hop originated in the Bronx by people who were sick of violence and hate they spoke about the negative in their world and the good they could get from it rather than enforcing the negative.
also, they would dance and get down to their beats but gangsters couldn't do that because they would have to take the guns, drugs, and blood money out of their pockets to dance and do those head rolls, so they got angry( gangsters did) and they said basicilly "we can do that too" so they foprmed a less talented crappier version of hip-hop, which is basicilly gangster rap.

John Smith
all my hip-hop heads,go to her thread "toby keith" and let her know how much he and country sucks

ok smile

i dont mind hip-hop but it makes kids in my school go round so "iz it becauz im black" i and just feel like saying "Shut up, you loser."


i don't want them in there!! ugh!! you asked people to come and say why rap sucks!! come on!!

metal face
toby keith is giving his fans the finger!!!!

hahaha, in your sig pic

i only own two of the essential hiphop collection

im still gully

ya that daylight beat is......


it said good reasons why rap not a hip-hop fan but i dont diss have to respect musicians equally, it doesnt matter what kind of music it is. I don't like country im pretty closed minded huh? well its not true that i dont like ANY country...or i dislike ALL hip-hop....but mainstream rap does suck like 50 thats someone i have 0 respect doesnt take talent to get shot 9 times. K im done rambling

bunnies = omens
Im sorry but it makes me laugh that a country fan is in here saying 'rap sucks' over and over lol.

Anyways I own one album which i suppose is pretty country 'Kane'. But the way you up in this thread every day saying the same s hit, it really gives the impression you some red neck or something

bunnies = omens
Is he? Do you know the names of any of the disses?
I know hes been dissing Xzibit a lot cause they aint cool now but really all the above artists are better than Defari

hahahahaha! that amuses me. ok, 1 i am not a redneck, i'm not even from alabama, i just live there. 2 i don't know where you get that idea, because if you'd take a peak at the toby keith thread, it is mainly a bunch of people who like rap saying how much country sucks, expesially john smith over there with his 2 word posts. 3 i have never heard of 'kane'

bunnies = omens
well i dont go to the country thread slagging country off, I dont need to.
and im not not saying your a redneck but you give off that impression for some reason. Anyways forget that look at this

Thats Kane, Cristian kane has an amazing voice (to all the country loavers im sorry for posting it here lol)

hum...i haven't ever heard of him..intresting

Defari is pissed cuz he said "wack" artists like Aesop Rock, Atmoshphere and The Ugly Ducklings are stealing his money with no talent. lol i started laughing

metal face
ya i heard about that

he said it in a interview

bucause those cats are blowing up and he isnt

lol sux for him

John Smith
rolling on floor laughing rolling on floor laughing

that's what i'm saying!!!!!!!!!!!

ok no more talkin about country...its annoying.

Bad Boy
Wot I do?

bunnies = omens
Ok question, what rap albums can you listen to over and over?

For me:

*Illmatic - nas
*Reasonable doubt - jay
*the black album - jay
*black on both sides - Mos Def
*Electric Circus - Common
*Awkward - Ty (uk hip hip at its best!)
*All eyez on me - Tupac
*greatest hits - Ice cube

Those are always on, then theres always the ones you never play...

bunnies = omens
oh yeah Bazoka Tooth - aesop rock

too many but the ones that pop up in my head right now are

Soul On Ice- Ras Kass
Bazooka Tooth- Aesop Rock
God loves ugly- Atmosphere


to all hip hop fans.
this is a video of canibus, ras kass, and krondon freestyling. tight

metal face
uhhh, hard one for me

aesop rock-labour days
sole-selling live water
(smith is gonna flip) el-p-fantastic damage
science project-anti
qwel, damn i cant remember the cd title cuz i dont have it written down i just play the hell outta it
swollen members-ballance
illogic-got lyrics?
mr.lif-emergency rations

John Smith
way hard for me so i'll just name whatever comes to my head first

-organized konfusion "stress:the extinction agenda"
-mf doom "operation doomsday"
-quasimoto "the unseen"
-a tribe called quest "midnight marauders/the low end theory"
-park-like setting "school day 2,garbage day 4"(ANYTHING from the peanuts and corn label)
-common "resurrection"
-qwel "if it aint been in a pawnshop,then it cant play the blues"(<---- the one metal face was talking about.great album)

those are the ones that popped into my head first

all of them are 10/10

haha,metal face u muppet...i told u "fantasic damage" was ahead of its time

John Smith
if you could recommend one album to somebody,what would it be?

metal face
uhhh, that's a tough one, good question

John Smith
i would recommend common sense's "resurrection"

one of the best hip hop albums ever.

common's wordplay and lyrics on this album are unmatched by any other album by anybody else.ever.

no i.d.(who produced the album) was in his prime

both create classic after classic track.not just great hip-hop,but great music.great storytelling.great wordplay.great concepts.amazing lyrics that will remain relevant untill the end of time.

great from top to bottom

"i used to love h.e.r." is my favorite hip-hop song ever

that song by Commen Sense "I use to lover HER" is great. i love the lyrics.

metal face
hard question like i said, cuz i would love to go on and reccomend a dozen underground releases like "aesop rock's labor days" but people who are new to hiphop might not enjoy or be ready for the vast ima say


John Smith
great choice

toby keith unleashed

bunnies = omens
Nas - Illmatic (or maybe even stillmatic)

Introduction to Uk hiphop - Black Twang - Kik off

blink wha?

metal face
LOOK OUT! toby keith is unplugged

John Smith
rofl @ unleashed

so he was on a leash?

damn country folk and their weird incest fetishes


hmmmmmmmmmmm and those hip hoppers who aint able to talk properly smokin'

John Smith
you must be one because "aint" isn't even a word

the intention of the joke was to combine the hick word aint and that about the hip hoppers who cant talk (the majority of them) roll eyes (sarcastic) stick out tongue

metal face
bunies=omens i see we have the same tastes,

since you said illmatic and all

Hmmmm... how you doing?

bunnies = omens
lol, fine wink

im listening to stillmatic now actually, this album never gets old, its been what 10 years now?!

metal face
excellent, good to hear

now im not the biggest nas fan but isnt "stillmatic" newer and illmatic like 10 years old?

so how's the UK? you got one of those sexy accents?


good to know...

metal face
indeed cuz you know i was always shy to ask angelique if she listened to different kids of music, but it looks like my question has been answered, thank you

bunnies = omens
lol you know what i mean, still ill. cant be assed to edit
and i have an accent dunno if its sexy though stick out tongue

I cant belive i havent mentioned Big L yet I love ''heist''

Big L was/still is great. i liked Platinum Plus. Deadly Combination with Tupac was good too.

metal face
if you have an accent im sure its sexy, chicks with accents always sound hot for some reason, *shrugg*

i thought maybe you thought stillmatic was old, i dont know...

never got into big L

gonna bump this new tribe, smith told me to get


i cant say if i like rap or hip hop cause most of the rock bands i listen to like limp bizkit saliva and linkin park. so i cant say rap and hip hop if it sucks or rules