Orlando VS. Josh Hartnett

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i think Orlando 's got the look. but not the acting talent
i think Orlando just luck for casting as Legolas.
what would it be if Josh cast this character ?
i love Josh in The Facuty and 40 days and 40 nights . oh don't forget . they've face each other at Black Hawk Down.

ummmm. Let's think about this!!!!! wink wink wink
eek! eek! eek!

JOSH IS SOO HOTTT.. but so is Orli.. and they can both act.. Josh a bit better tho... aww this is hard..

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I agree I think that Josh can act bettter, but both of them are really hot. I can't picture Josh being Legolas though.

They both can't act that well. josh is just ugly. orli can act a little in american movies but his fine nah sexy looks covers the fact he can't act that great in American movies. ya need to se orli in british films not that be some good acten. josh just can't act and he be ugly so i don't care about him

well I don't really like Joshno so I'll have to go with Orlilove

I don't really care for Josh either. I luv Orlando!!!!!!!!! love love love

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i love josh and orli both! i enjoy seeing orli's wild side and josh's boy next door image.

oh another place to show my everlasting faithfulness to orli!!eek!
*takes out pom poms again*

OR-LI oR-LI OR-LI OR-LI!!!!!!!!

um i agee. embarrasment
WOW at first i think nobody agree with me, that they are both can't act they have to learn more acting experiences from more movies.
in fact i 've seen Wild once on DVD but NAH it's suck.!!!!
OK. i'll them a brake.
so. i'm looking forward to seeing their more new chalance movies. cool cool cool cool cool

ORLI ALL THE WAY!!! love he's just a sex god wink

ABSOLUTELY!!!!!big grinbig grinlovelove

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to whomever started this thread: now look at what you have started now! laughing

orli a sex god? no...

laughing out loud you know me girlshifty

orli is a major sex godstick out tongue

No. i think Josh can act better than Orli. Orli is only Popped is eyes throughout the POTC, and his voice!!! HELLO!! this a movie not a play??
in fact they both have more to learn

orli is my sex god anyday. if only he was here

i dun really think josh can act,i think he's just a pretty face - my teacher thinks he looks like a murdererlaughing out loud

josh is pretty nice in movies but orli is better looking.


whew that was close!!


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