Kate Winslet

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This British actress deserves an Oscar.she really know her job!plus she's seems to have an awesome personality.and she's also pretty! smile

Mr Parker
I agree with everything you say.She is like one of my top 5 favorite actresses.I've only seen her in one other movie besides Titanic,that one from last year where she was a lawyer trying to help an innocent man.So I naturally voted Titanic since she looks so gorgeous in that film and it is one of my favorite films of all time.I'll have to check out those other films of hers Sense and Sensibility and Quills sometime,never heard of them.Wow I cant believe there arent more Kate Winslet fans here,that I'm the only one responding to this thread. sad


Mr Parker
I just saw Sense and Sensibility the other day for the first time since I'm such a huge kate Winslet fan,didnt care for it.I also watched The Life of David Gale for the first time yesterday to.Thats ANOTHER great movie to watch sometime.Shes extremely pretty in that movie to.wow I cant believe theres just the 3 of us who are Kate Winslet fans. sad

The only movie I recall seeing her in is titanic, and the movie sucks so much that I dont even remember her performance. I'd like to see the David Gale movie, got to rent that 1.

Lil Seraph
Yeah shes pretty hot, but i say dat bout all chicks (Hilary Duff). Happy Dance Lol. And i've seen all her movies too.

the Life of David Gale thumb up thumb up

Its good to hear that some people have heard of her, but im a huge kate freak i think she is an awsm actress and isnt upsest with getting thin,like most actresses do.And you guys are so lucky to see her movie Dvid Gale, is it that good or its the Kate charm, ya any ways Titanic does not suck it is the best movie ive seen till now you fell forr the characters. mad

*feel *David

i really like sense and sensibility... sad

i love titanic
its the bomb even though the others are good too

I chose other. Why? ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND. Sooo good. Go check it out and if you're ify, trailer at www.budweiser.com/1 It's amazing, right on par with Adaptation and Being John Malkovich (all Charlie Kaufman films). She's also great in Heavenly Creatures. This poll is not complete.

Who else votes that this poll is not complete?

Just one more thing. Anyone else seen Heavenly Creatures besides me? It's one of Peter Jackson's first films.

Yes - strange film. A bit depressing though, isn't it?


She's good smile
A bit odd in Quills erm

Oh yeah, Heavenly Creatures is definitely depressing but most of all disturbing. It's done really well though.

I really liked Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

I met Kate when I was little. Coz her family is lives locally round me. Her uncle used to be the chef for this big arts place which had a restaurant and bar etc. My family knew him quite well, and sometimes Kate would come along, and me and my brother would play with her on the swings. She probably wouldn't remember me now, what with her bein' a big actress and wot not.

I loved her Sense & Sensibility. Also loved Alan Rickman in that too.

i've only noticed her in titanic blink

Same here

well.i'm speechless... no expression huh


Don't remember her much, for she was more my brother's age. I actually remember her uncle's cooking more, he made these really nice pizzas.........and he could do an hilarious Donald Duck impression.


thanks. i think Kate was great in eternal sunshine. (if anybody hasn't seen the trailer, it's on budweiser.com/1 )

I liked Enigma.

The only thing i didn't like Kate in was Hamlet. Although in that version, it wasn't exactly her fault that the characterization of Ophelia was waaay off base and annoying.

Eternal Sunshine was an absolutely amazing movie and she was great in that. I liked her in The Life of David Gale as well. She was alright in Titanic, but I preferred her in ESotSM out of all of them.

Did anyone else see her on Inside the Actors' Studio? She seems very sweet.

I need pics. Lots of pics. raver

she is an incredible actress and is really good at choosing her movies ... If you haven't seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind you should asap; Kate Winslet is excellent in it!

I also thought she was really sweet and entertaining on Inside the Actor's Studio smile

i know kate is very talented!
and she is really sweet and pretty!
she doesn't give a damn about who is fat and not!!!!
she does not stave her self to look like bones!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!!!!
... She also is amazing in Titanic, and many others, but those are the most notable imo.

Anyway, I thought she played one of the most incredibly annoying characters in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I mean, the movie was okay and so was the acting, but all I wanted to happen in the movie was for her to get hit by a bus. And it wouldn't have bothered me too much if the bus collision happened on or off-camera.

Ohh man I loved that movie so much love It's pretty strange though, I'll admit. I think that's why I like it so much...it's not like any movie I've ever seen before.

(Kate does a great american accent too!)

Well, wasn't she in a movie called hideous kinky too? And that Peter Jackson film...uhm...uhm....heavenly creatures. Don't like Titanic at all, sorry. Love eternal sunshine on the spotless mind though. Life of David Gale was brilliant!

Originally posted by Punkyhermy
This British actress deserves an Oscar.she really know her job!plus she's seems to have an awesome personality.and she's also pretty! smile
didnt put very many of her movies on the poll.. o well..

My favorite is Eternal Sunshine...

quills for me.. smile

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