Mace will die!but how???

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super shadow GL
maybe vader kills him i dont know what are your teories.

He will die at the hands of Anakin or Plapatine is my guess.

super shadow GL
yeah probably
but i would of like to seen him die at the hands of Boba Fett

The One Part 2
Anakin will stab him in the back (quite literally).

Is boba even in Episode III

Boba may be in the last I heard.

But nothing has been filmed with Daniel Logan yet.

He may come in and shot a few short scenes when they come in for pick up shots.

So if they already filmed Mace's death and no Daniel Logan, then he doesn't die by Boba Fett.

I read an interview with sam jackson and he said his death has been filmed. so no bobba

I say Anakin.

I want Palpatine.

I just looked at a website and it said that Mace Windu gets killed by Palpatine with his force and Windu dissappears into the force.

That would be interesting.

I'm with Shadowkiller; Anakin or Palpatine.

erm... guys, in an interview SLJ (samuel l jackson) said the rumors of getting stabbed in the back are false
if I remember correctly it was he goes to palpatine to confront him and gets in a duel with anakin
should check again though

Dirty Vader
maybe dooku kills him but highly unlikely.

I thought he died within the first five minutes of the movie?

after that build up in episode 2 i dont see anyone but Boba doing in Windu!!

even with GL stating his role will be smaller and the lil guy not even be sure he would be in it and Jackson saying it was Anakin? nice

Dirty Vader
Oi! Spoilers, Yerssot! You did a good job until then.

no, cause it was general knowledge, it was in interviews, no spoilers, it's just that people keep hoping for some reason that it will change

super shadow GL
ok.i think it will be anakin or so i read.

I posted a Fan-Art Pic AGES ago. It's lost somewhere in this forum but it's a mock Mace Windu death.

super shadow GL
you go LyN

Darth Ninja
I think Mace will sacrifice his life to cover someone's escape (like Ben did in Episode IV). The one who kills Mace is Darth Vader in his black Sith armor.

Thanx...but I didn't make it, I just posted it.

Darth Ninja~ That's how I can picture it. Great idea!! thumb up

Darth Ninja
I hope Mace puts up a very challenging fight against (the armored) Darth Vader, before he gets killed. I'd like to see Darth Vader bissect Mace (cutting him from head to crotch), then laugh. We've heard Sidious/Palpatine laugh (in ROTJ), so I'd like to hear Vader laugh.

An evil laugh. Definitley.

It is possible that Darth Sidious wil kill him( i hope so) but honestly i think it will be Anakin.

Yeah...I'd say Anakin too Spectra. How do you think Sidious will show himself??


well... i maybe wrong but i don't think Sidious will show himself, rather it's Yoda who will find him and Sidious now discovered will fight Yoda to remove the threat. It's not Sidious style to make appearance until all things goes right.

Darth Revan
There was already a thread about this a long time ago Yoda kills him

Na! Yoda isn't capable to do so. Compare to Sidious he's less capable. Sidious will tear this guy into shred.

Yoda finds him?? Oh...ok...I haven't heard that before. Are they going to duel in EpIII then??

a hyperspace chat with Nick, he said that Sidious WILL weild a lightsabre in battle

Ohhh.....WOW!! happy Happy Dance Thanks Yerssot!! thumb up

you can read that everywhere lyn messed

"Star Wars" Prequel Tidbits
Posted: Tuesday Jan. 20, 2004 11:30pm (Au-EST)

Author: Garth Franklin

some spoiler stuff here

''Gareth' has done an exhaustive job compiling a list of all the goss after talking with stunt co-ordinator Nick Gillard in a recent webchat. Here's the breakdown:

- A lot of people in Ep3 will be hit with a lightsaber the way Obi-Wan was hit in Ep2.

- Nick's cameo Jedi character has long hair and will be seen facing off against Anakin.

- Obi-Wan of course defeats Anakin in Ep3, but winning one fight does not necessarily make one the best at it.

- There will be short scenes/shots of Hayden and Ewan doing lightsaber work during the pick-up shooting in March.

- We will see the younglings fighting, which will include Rick McCallum's daughter (Mousy McCallum)'s Jedi character.

- Darth Sidious uses his lightsaber.

- Nick and Hayden have seen the first 1/2 hour of the film and were very excited.

- The Anakin/Obi-Wan fight will be the longest SW fight ever. It is currently edited at 10 minutes!

- Nick has seen Hayden in the Vader costume.

- As it stands now, the final duel will not be intercut with other action sequences, though that is subject to change.

- The Anakin/Obi-Wan duel is very fast, similar to the speed of the Obi-Wan/Darth Maul duel.

- Nick was not in ROTJ.

- Nick is always having to "lay down the law" with Hayden during training.

- If Nick shared any new information not yet known he would suffer "grevious" bodily harm from Rick.

- Nick's Jedi character cameo is only a few seconds.

- There will be more than 2 people fighting in the confines of the Trade Federation ship fight scene.

- Nick was sitting right next to Mousy McCallum (aka "Script Girl"wink for this webchat.

- Mousy said she flipped off the webcam because 'ol Rick told her to.

- Nick's favorite lightsaber from the saga is his own and it is yellow.

- Mace (Sam) does not use "vaapad" (?) in Ep3, he does what Nick tells him to do for the scene.

- Mousy said "he-ell no" to the question on whether Rick can beat Nick in a fight.

- Nick was not willing to tell us why he and Hayden were practicing lightsaber fighting together as was seen on yesterday's webcam shots.

- The casting is decided for both the character's personality in mind and the build of the actors, but moreso the character.

- There are so many memorable fights aside from the Obi-Wan/Anakin duel, but Nick likes the one he cannot reveal.

- Anakin's fighting style will certainly change as the character goes further towards the dark side.

- Mousy listens to hardcore rap and is a self-proclaimed "inside-out oreo".

- When asked if we will finally see an extended fight when a character wields 2 lightsabers against one, Nick said he wished we could have seen the parts of the Ep2 duel that were cut out.

- When asked if we will see any more beheadings like Jango in Ep2, Nick said "heads will roll in Ep3".

- Nick's description of "the big fight" in 5 words: "#####, ####, #####, #####, ##"

- Nick thinks it is possible for Ep3 to have a PG rating.

- Nick's Jedi character's name is "Cin Drallig", his real name spelled backwards.

- "Kit Fisto goes out like a Bi'tch."

- It is posible for someone to wield two sabers at once but since it is uncomfortable, they would need very special training.

- Nick & Mousy both grind their teeth when watching the lightsaber fights from the classic trilogy and thinking how they could have been improved, especially when matching the fighting and skills to the characters involved.

- We will see double-bladed lightsabers in Ep3.

Oh... embarrasment Sorry...this is the only place I get news from though so... confused

Great post, thanks Jade_Eyes. happy thumb up

laughing out loud
just like you can read Jade-Eyes post everywhere on the net too

laughing confused stick out tongue

"Nick's favorite lightsaber from the saga is his own and it is yellow. " ^^

Holy, thats a lot of spoilers Jade Eyes! They're really getting me pumped up for the movie! eek!

I hope most of them are true!

FallinStar, they're ALL true

Jade Eyes just copied the Hyperspace Chat of Nick here roll eyes (sarcastic)

So there will be more lightsaber colors in 3? Sweeeeeeet

apperently, if nick isn't pulling our leg

though it could also easily be that he alone gets it (like only mace has a purple one) and he already said he will only be on screen for a few seconds, so you might not even notice it

Yay, the decent stuff is starting to roll in now...

Isn't it exciting?!?! Happy Dance

there's lyn! set for stun stick out tongue

stick out tongue laughing

i think that mace windu will die in the jedi temple like it was distroyed by the sith sad

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