Why does the emperor look like [email protected]

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Y-chromo kid
This question has cropped up recently on forums. Some people have suggested he suffers wounds as a result of a severe kicking from yoda. I remember hearing some time in the past that he was ugly because of long term darkside force use. Maybe it's down to self abuse. I don't know Opinions anyone?

The One Part 2
It's a combination of Dark Side use and something that happens in Episode III. The new Star Wars Insider mentions that the Emperor's appearance will be explained.

I think it's the Dark Side use also.

somtimes after a really ruff night at the cantina i look like palpatine.

well, dude isn't young, possibly dark side too, yes
but some rumors claim that he always looked like the one in EpVI, and that he uses the force to look "good"
(even means he keeps his "normal" face while talking to his apprentices in TPM and AOTC)

Dirty Vader
This is EU, but in Dark Empire they say its due to the overwhelming dark side energy in his body which cannot cope with it. That's why he needed to clone himself.

super shadow GL
ok its plain dark side use no more no less

Its the metachlorians in his blood turning dark which the loaded negative ionic energy. either that or he cut himself shaving

super shadow GL
i dont know

The One Part 2
The Star Wars Insider says that something happens during Ep3 to make Palpatine appear the way he does in the OT.

The rumor, like the one said, is that "something special" happens during E3 to cause his appearance. That's all that's known so far.

Darth Ninja
Yoda sneezes on Sidious/Palpatine, then beats him with his gimer stick, right before they duel with lightsabers, where Yoda trashes Sidious.

There was a thread on <another forum> borne out of an interview with Ian McDiamid in which this very subject was greatly mooted. I will try to find it and post a transcript as it makes for interesting reading. Of course, if someone were to find it first and do the job for me...............??!!

The use of the dark side since longtime give Sidious the look he have in RTOJ. Nothing to do with Yoda battle which might have hurt him; though using such anger and hate could accentuate is poor looking physic.

In Epsiode III, Sidious will beat Yoda to such a shame that many fan will cry out that it's unfair, the dark side is much more powerful than the light side for the destructive side at the price of health.

Captain REX
Dark Side use, and age. If I'm correct, Palpy should be in his late 90's by ROTJ...

Darth Jello
it's either yoda, or he's been using the dark side to mask his age

embarrasment Sidous/Palpy has to be over a thousand years old... Remember? It is said that the dark side hadn't shown it's face in over a thousand years. Unless Palpy was spawned by the meta"whatever"ians recently. I think he's been in hiding, building his strength and the plan to take power. He's using the force to look younger. evil face


they meant the Sith in general. Not ONE Sith Lord. where in the hell did you get the idea that a human can live past 200 years old.

anyways...Palpy looks so decayed because of the Dark Side of the Force. It prematurely rots him physically.

'Sidous/Palpy has to be over a thousand years old... Remember?'

whats your basis for saying that? i'd say he is a human nothing more

perhaps cause the sith have been extinct for a millenia according to Ki Adi in TPM and the weird assumption that that somehow means Sidious is that old messed

yoda farts on papatine in ep3,its been confirmed......

no, it hasn't.

anyways, palpy looks like shit because the dark side physically, as well as mentally, has corrupt him...

and the rest comes from the Ep3 battle, soon to come.


yoda beats him with an ugly stick, it's actually the same stick he uses to beat R2 in Empire Strikes Back smokin'

palpatine starts smoking crack during the clone wars

Evil can not create it folds in on itself and destroys from within. .....

That's one of the best statements Tracy Hickman ever made w/ her Dragonlance series, and it seems appropriate here.

im bettin its the dark side. I still think he cant beat Yoda without a massive Force attack and it messes him up real bad, and thatd be the reason hes ugly and the reason he walks with a cane

it cant be from old age, b/c he could use the dark side to walk better

Darth Sidious used the Blackest depths of the Dark Side, causing disfigurement, but also sustaining him beyond his years so that even in old age he remains a figure of terrible power. The clone body was needed because the Dark forces were withering his proper raiment. Evidently the darkest forces have properties all their own.

i hope its a kick @ss brawl between yoda and palpatine,i mean dam yoda got royally decieved here,you know that yoda believes palpatine needs to be stopped......

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