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I dunno...PotC is the greatest movie I've ever seen, but a sequel? Somehow, I thought it was kind of finished.

Most of you are probably ticked at me for saying this, but why a sequel?! Just because it's a great movie, doesn't me they can gamble like this. I've seen many a movie that has been given a sequel...

And the sequels were all terrible. 'Cept for Final Destination 2. But that was only because the first one wasn't living up to it's potential.

All-in-all, I'm only worried that this sequel won't be as good as the first...I don't want to see all that hard work to be down the drain because some people were being idiots.

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I understand where you're coming from. Matrix, for instance, was a very brilliant concept, then they had to go make Reloaded and Revolutions. Hopefully, the writers of POTC can keep the same wit and freshness as the original. I would hate to see such a great movie be ruined.

True, we al have seen sequals (sp) bomb but we have seen the few that do succeed. I think that they will be fine as long as they keep the same characters and idea. I dont think ONE sequal will do much harm.

but the sequel for POTC isn't exactly a sequel.. it's more another story.. like it's just another of Jack's adventures.. okay I don't know how to put it but I think it was already written out as a book so it might be good.. hopefullystick out tongue

wait, theres a book on it?!?Where can u get it??

I don't know but I looked in Chapters and they didn't have itsadsadsadyou'd probably have to order it over the internet

yeh i mean they're gonna be different stories, so that shouldnt be too bad.. and the Lord of the Rings, sequels were all good so hey thats some hope big grin lol

take care

luv AS!!!

What a coincidence! My best friend was recently commenting about that. She's a HUGE LotR fan...the books, not the movies. She commented on how she wouldn't go see RotK even if Orlando Bloom got some kind of slipped in nude scene. She said she was ashamed to go see it because of how much they butchered "The Two Towers".

So, it really all depends on whether or not you've read the books, I guess.

yeh, i know... mostly when a book is being filmed they cut out loads of stuff... like for instance LotR and the Harry Potter books.. i mean they cut out chunks..

prob because when making a film you need more stuff and you gotta use real stuff, the whol movie cant be based on special effects and stuff so i think thats probably why they cut out chunks. but for a film i think they were good.

anyway im glad this was not based on a book, but the book being based on this so youwont get chunks of stuff missing that you'd wish were in the film hehe.. big grin

yea.. I want to read the books it would be cool!!!!big grinbig grin

i have the book

which book?I own all of the LOTR and Harry Potter books that are out.. but I haven't read the LOTR books yet.. I almost have done the first bookstick out tonguestick out tonguehey I'm getting their


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