Dust For Life is back with NEW EP!!!

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Dust For Life is finally back with their second CD "Degrees of Black". You may remember "Step Into The Light" and "Seed" from their first CD, both were in Billboards Top 40 for several weeks, with "Step" going to #10. The guys are back with an awesome new CD, and if you like Alice in Chains, you'll love Dust For Life.

The new website is www.dustforlifemusic.com

You can preview the new songs from "Degrees of Black" for FREE!! from the DFL website.

Please check it out, and respond via e-mail or post here in the forum; let me know if you like what you hear.

I'm so happy these guys are back again...

My favorite songs are "Seed" and "Dirt Into Dust"

My fav new ones are "Cycle of Frustration" , "Antenora" , and "Nightbreed".

Are there any other DFL fans out there???


anyone at all?

You can download songs/videos on the website...

"Step into the Light" got an unprecedented 48 ads at radio the first week including KROQ in New York and KROQ in L.A. "Step" was eventually played on 338 radio stations simultaneously while reaching #10 on Billboard's Active Rock charts.
The band garnered rave reviews and was featured in Hit Parader, Circus Magazine, Metal Edge ,Guitar One, and Guitar for the Practicing
Musician just to name a few. Dust for life even appeared as guest hosts on VH1's ,The Rock Show.
"Seed" was released as the second single in the spring of 2001 and
even without any push from the Label it went in to Billboard's Top 40 of Active Rock songs

I just want to know if anyone likes this kind of music anymore, today's music seems to be all hip hoppy now....

All replies will be appreciated; let me know what you think of DFL,

Thanks, T

i have their first cd...muchly loved! espcially poison, seed and lifelike!
um good news you bear! new cd yeah! big grin

Awesome....you rock!!

I also love "Where the Freaks go", and "Dirt Into Dust".

My best bud Mike is the new bassist for DFL, I've been lucky enough to go on the road with them (Milwaukee, Chicago, Carbondale, Little Rock)
Check the website, you can see the photos I took of the gigs, I think they just got uploaded today.

They usually open with "Dirt Into Dust" and slide right into "Seed"...man it gets the crowd going, let me tell you!

I've been amazed at the number of DFL fans out there, some who drove up to 6 hours to see them play a 30 minute set.

"Comedown" is the new single, and the guys are hoping the radio stations around the country start getting calls to play DFL...

Thanks so much for your reply, lets get these guys back where they belong!!


Hey guys, Dust For Life will be in Little Rock, Arkansas on Feb 7th for a show with a band called "Blue October" (great band). Here's a link to the venue:


Hope to see you there!



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