Want spoilers come here to see chat whit Rick Mcallum

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super shadow GL
Chat w/Rick McCallum as requested. Enjoy...

I was wondering, will Mace Windu's role be larger or smaller than it was in Episode II?
Let me put it this way. Not only bigger, but definitely unforgettable. You'll be talking about it for sure.

Are you disappointed that there is no location filming for Episode III ?
Part of me definitely is, as that's my favorite part of the whole process. But there's more than enough new challenges to help make up for it.

Will Christopher Lee be filming in Sydney, or is he scheduled to perform his scenes at a later date ?
Christopher Lee has arrived in Sydney, but he hasn't started shooting yet.

Hey Rick!

We want Vader! There have been rumors of only 5 min of vader! Will we be dissapointed with the screentime of one of the most impressive villains ever!?
By now, you should know not to believe every rumor your hear. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Are there any chances that the beautiful Keira Knightley makes an appearance in Ep3?
Keira is fantastic, but she has no role in Episode III.

Rick (you are the glue that makes SW work)

Have the scenes that explain why Anakin chooses the Dark Side been filmed yet?
I've been described as many things, but not often as glue. As for your question: partially.

Will any popular EU characters appear in EP III?

There is a character coming from there, but those scenes won't be shot until early next year, so there hasn't even been any casting yet.

Hi Rick,

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the Obi-Wan/Anakin duel. Can you tell us, has any of it been filmed yet? or are they still preparing?
It has not been shot yet, but it's the scene I'm most definitely looking forward to.

Will the fans have the opportunity to chat with George Lucas?

There are days when I have to wait for that opportunity!

Rick, will we be going back to Tatooine?

Hello everyone in San Diego. I hope you're having a blast there!

Yes, of course. Tatooine ties everything together.

There have been debates since TPM that Palpatine and Sidious are two different persons.
What do you say to this?
That they are always very entertaining.

will you and all the production team also be getting into the 70's look and feel by all growing beards and haveing short long hair cuts?

love your work
We're all supercharging our cars and replaced our doors with beaded curtains.

(Another for Comic con booth)

Is it true that Gearge will shave his beard on the last day of shooting, like he did on Return of the Jedi
I hadn't heard that plan at all. If he does, we'll sell it on ebay to help fund the years after Star Wars.

super shadow GL
heres another chat whit MCallum


Ok first the set diary. Pablo basically went through an explanation of what each stage has been used for up to this point. It was kinda pointless, but fun information. He also explained that for the first time ever in the prequel trilogy GL elected to use wire work instead of CGI to do stunts. Hayden and Ewan were doing stunts that required wire work and he said that they both were having a blast doing flips and stuff off of the wire rig. GL said that he doesn't like to use it because it seems kinda commercialized now, but sometimes you have to when it can't be done another way. Less CGI is fine by me.

Now to the Rick chat. I am just going to cut and paste the Q&A because its either that or me telling you what was said, which is basically the same thing.

Hello Rick, nice talking to you again!

Ian McDiarmid is my favorite actor in Star Wars, will his role in Episode III be larger than in the last two movies?
Thanks a lot!

Yes Ian has a much more substantial role in Episode III for obvious reasons!

Mr. McCallum,

Thanks for taking your time to be with us! How would you characterize the emphasis of Episode 3? Is it as VFX oriented as AOTC, or as story-driven as ESB?
It's actually both. It has the same emotional depth as ESB, and yet because there are so many new planets, it is visually one of the most ambitious films we've done.


and thanks for taking time out of your VERY busy schedule!

Does episode 3 end with a sad or gloomy note, or a hopefull note?

On the surface, the film ends on a sad note (and for me, a personally gloomy one, because I'll be out of a job), but of course, we know where the story goes from there. Anakin is the Chosen One, after all.

Hi Rick,

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule.

Can you tell us if Tarkin will appear in Episode III?
Officially, I can't answer that. Yet I can't say no either.

First off, thanks for doing this again!
Second, I apologise if these questions have already been asked, I've got a bad memory.

Have you filmed any of the lightsaber fights yet?

Will we see any cameos? and

What were you filming before doing this chat?


Sorry for the delay, but the internet connection's not great here. And I'm a lousy typist.

Yes, we've shot three major lightsaber battles.

I've just left the stage where we have an underwater tank where we're shooting Obi-Wan fighting with droids.

Although it's too early, I think there will be cameos in there. I'm trying to get my foot -- and my bald spot -- into this film.

With us fans as fanatical as we are - are you feeling the pressure of this being THE most important film of the prequels to us fans?

What is YOUR favourite film of the all 6?
Empire. And yes, I'm feeling the pressure. Have you seen a picture of me lately? I'm looking more like Darth Sidious than Jabba now.

Mr. McCallum. Do you have a favorite character in Episode III?

I think Palpatine's fantastic in this one.

hey rick! can you tell us just one word that darth vader says in episode III?
How about three words? "I don't fear... "


Does George explain all of Anakin's injuries in this film?

Yes, except for one.

Mr. McCallum

Once again, thank you for joining us! Does Ep. III answer all questions, or are there any left for the books to answer?
It answers the questions you have, but it may raise a few new ones too.


Will the opening battle sequence take place both in space and on land?
No, the opening battle's in space. But there are land battles.


Have you filmed the Obi-wan/Anakin fight yet? I hear its really going to be something...
Only pieces of it, not the main action yet.

Will we see Kamino in Episode III? No.

When will Peter Mayhew begin filming? March of next year.

Can you tell us anything about the OT being released on DVD? It's gonna happen.

What are the chances of Star Wars ever getting its own theme park? Ask Disney.

Will there be an underwater battle in Episode III? Not battle, but a fight.

Will we ever see clip(s) of Dooku using 2 lightsabers from Episode II? What are the chances of him using 2 in episode III?
Only one in Episode III... but there is someone out there who has two... and he's bad.

Will we see many Jedi die in Episode III, or just a notable few? Yes.

How might this affect the rating of the movie? Too early to tell.

Will we see a scene involving the naming of Darth Vader and why he is named that?Yes.

Will there be a volcanic setting in Episode III? They've just put a muzzle on me.

Will we see Mr. Windu in any form of space action? That's an interesting way of putting it. Yes.

Mr. McCallum,

I have heard reports of stylistic motifs that will bridge the trilogies. Of these, will the hairstyles common to ANH characters (such as having sideburns) be in Episode III? Yes, they're all bad!

This may be an unfair question since you have not viewed the ultimate Obi-wan/Anakin lightsaber fight (assuming there is one) with the benefit of finished special effects and a John Williams sound track, but, here goes: Did you feel the intensity of the battle the same way we all felt it when Luke fought Darth Vader in both Empire and Return of the Jedi? Although I realize I was a child when I first viewed those fights, they took my breath away. Not because of the special effects but, rather, the emotions of the scene. I want my son to feel the same way. It's not the effects, it's about the betrayal.

Joel Edgerton has been confirmed as returning to the role of Owen Lars, but were his scenes for Episode III filmed back in the production of AOTC, or is he required to do more filming? We need Joel for a day's work, which will be done next year.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Rick.

Will we see Palpatine/Darth Sidious in any sort of 'action' or at least 'awesome display of dark side power' scene in Episode III?
Yes, most definitely.

Will Beru appear in Episode III, or only Owen?
Beru will appear.

Hi Rick,

How do you think most fans will feel about Anakin's eventual downfall? Saddened, shocked, anrgy or betrayed?How did you feel upon reading the script?
Yes. All of the above.

Hi Rick! Great chat!

Based on what you know about the story, which character will make the best action figure and why?
Sadly, the one character they won't let me talk about.

Hi Rick,

Will David Prowse be back to play the Dark Lord?

Absolutely not.

Hey Rick!

Any chance of a love triangle between Ani, Obi, and Padme? Thanks for chatting!
Many people think that's why he turns to the dark side...

Hey Rick.

Has John Williams already begun composing the music for Episode III?
No, he won't start until November of 2004.

What can you tell us about the birth of Luke and Leia?Well... when a man and woman love each other very much, and they find themselves in the backseat of a speeder...

Is there in Ep III a scene that you know for sure is a "dream becoming true" for ALL the fans...
Yes. I'd even go as far as to say the last ten minutes.

Mr. McCallum,

Can you either confirm or deny that a major character in Episode 3 (other than Boba) is a clone?

Will the story in Episode 3 move much more quickly than previous films?

Yes, most definitely.

How many pages of the script have been shot so far?
I think about 80.

The latest rumor is that the title of Episode III will be "Birth of an Empire." Are we close?

Not even close.

So far, what has been your favorite set to shoot on for Episode 3?
The set from the original trilogy.

Mr. McCallum,

I really worded my last question badly. What I'm getting at is, "Is Palpatine Darth Sidious?"
This movie answers that question conclusively.

Will Kit Fisto use a double headed lightsaber in Episode III like he does in the clone wars sketches?
No, he doesn't.

Will there be any issues with the Sith statement "only two there are, master and apprentice" in this film?
The statement remains true.

Is Padme a senator throughout the whole movie?


Is Rose Byrne returning as Dorme in ep. 3? Thanks!
Sadly no. She's working opposite Brad Pitt in Troy right now.

Has Anakin's Turn to the dark side been shot yet? If so is it cool!

It's a two-hour turn to the dark side.

How old are Luke & Leia at the end of Episode 3???
Less than a month old.

Do we see Padme pregnant in the film?

thanls for chatting with us rick

Do we finally get to see who was bron first..luke or leia? Yes.

Will we see yoda fighting again in EP3 or will it kinda happen off screen?

Yes. Full on-screen.

Ok that about does it. Hope you all had fun reading this beast of a post

Thanks a lot for posting the chat. It was great.

Thanx HEAPS SS.GL...that was a great read!!

I'll read it later when I have time.

Dirty Vader
Great stuff! Now I have many ideas of what will be shown in epIII. The things Mcullum tried to hide from us, I can guess.

Dirty Vader
Like that major caracter that will turn out to be a clone .

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i have more if you want some

you just post the hyperspace chats?

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your choice roll eyes (sarcastic)

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what do you mean please tell

I'm not sure what he means but I enjoyed reading it. Thanx SS.GL thumb up

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thanks man

Ya man thanks that was awsome!
i think its a good idea for you to post the hyperspace chats because some of us dont have that.

djee, jedimaster10, you can go to EVERY big starwars site and they post it too roll eyes (sarcastic)

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