mind CAN live without body

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a body cannot live without mind. but a mind can live without body.
neo seperated his body with mind. it wasnt the power of the One i think as Oracle did tell him that his connection with the machines in real world was his another power. so, what about the other people who died in M1 as cypher unplugged them. they died in real world but they could live in the matrix. we also find in many religions that a mind can live without body.

it was totally my on personal opinion. i just want to know what do u all think about it?

yeah thats what I think its just really hard to understand coz its wether you believe (ur mind) if it can live without or not... thats just my opinion yes

if it wasn't the power of the one, then how come he's the only one who did or done it..? i think that it was a special ability tapped into when he went through the door of light... i would say he went to the source, but as the architect said, there would've been a temporary dissemination of the code he carries and he would have to choose 23 individuals from the matrix to rebuild zion and afetrwards, the matrix would be reloaded, which didn't happen as we all know...

okay, i'm getting a bit off topic, but to continue... i think apoc and switch, possibly even morpheus, died-- or would've died-- because their minds were not strong enough to survive without their body... plus, they came to know that if you're unplugged without "signing off" first, you die... neo's wireless jacking was an accident... he wasn't meant to be able to use it yet, he shoulda been dead as the oracle put it... and if neo was to be unplugged, he would probably-- PROBABLY-- die...

that's what i think...

I think that Neo's only power was that he realized that what the Matrix says/does is not absolute, so it can be reversed or ignored or whatever. Switch, Apoc, and even Mouse didn't have that degree of realization. They died because they believed they had no choice, unlike Neo.

Nonsense. The mind resides inside the brain. You absolutely, 100% CANNOT exist without something housing the brain- i.e. your body. At all times, in some way, your mind in the Matrix is being broadcast from your brain, but still being connected to it. That is why Neo was able to be returned to his body via a standard download link (hooked into his brain) on the Hammer. All he has is a way to make a wireless connection. That is in no way the mind surviving without the body. If his body in the real world had been destroyed, he would still have died.

And the Oracle did not tell him it was not the power of the One- quoite
the opposite. Even in M1, Morpheus told Neo that the One had the power to enter and leave the Matrix at will.

It is just wireless connection; no more than that. All that stuff about not realising they had a choice for the others cuts no ice- Neo would be just as dead as any of them if his connection was cut- his brain activity would cease.

Not that there is any apparent way to cut his wireless connection, though.

But where does Neo's wireless connection come from? Just being the One? Because that's a lame-ass excuse. Worse than "he got it when he came into contact with the source". I hate that one.

Besides, isn't the Matrix just broadcasting sensory perceptions into the mind of a person jacked in, and they are reacting to them? So their conciousness(mind) never really leaves their body, does it?

The Omega

Omega et al. have my vote on this one. Neo's mind in the Matrix IS Neo's brain in the real world. In the real world, Neo sees/feels things through the electrical inputs of his own sensory neurons. When he is jacked in (by hard connection or wireless), these inputs to his brain are manipulated so that he perceives the virtual world instead. In both cases, it is the same physical brain that does the thinking, reacting and "being".

The Matrix is just a highly sophisticated virtual reality "game", with the inputs going directly into brain instead of through gloves, etc. Neo can't live on in this game after dying any more than you or I could live in the wussy games we have now.

While I might wish otherwise, I see no "reasonable" way for his mind to exist without his body. Having said that, I'm waiting for the W. Bros to make me a liar... wink

lets try some electromagnetic interferrance and c how neo stands up to it...hehe

I'm with Ush and Omega and whoever else has said this: The mind can't survive without the body. Your mind needs something physical to be attached too. I've argued both sides of this (trying to come up with explanations for various crap) and there's no way for the mind to live without the body. Neo's mind wasn't at any point seperated from his body, otherwise he would have been dead, not in a coma while his RSI was in the Matrix.

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