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Lets make our own sequel! it could be like a fanfic or something, only alot longer. and people post each part. I'll start;

Will Turner woke up, beads of sweat running down his face. he had just awoken from a dream. a dream about his father. He had been sailing alone thru some fog when he saw his father on an island. he was yelling "they are comeing, will. They are comeing. find it before they do."
then he had woken up to something. he heard it again. a knock at the door. who would be awake at this hour? He got up slowly, reaching for is knife. then, wepon ready, he opened the door.
" You wern't going to skewer me with that thing, were you mate?"
Captain Jack Sparrow stood in the dark doorway, a crazy smile acrossed his face, showing off all of his crooked teeth.

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Will put down his sword.
"why are you here? What about the Black Pearl?"Will was suddenly awake.
"Don't worry. The crew's got it sailing right off shore. Now why i'm here, you'll never guess what I found, mate."

wut did he find?? keep writing!!

okay, i'll keep going as long as afterwards you do a little, too.

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"I found the treasure map, the only treasure map, of deadman's treasure. do you know what deadman's treasure is?" Johnny kept going without an answer.
"It's your fathers treasure, Will."
Will's eyes widened.
"and you need me because..."
"I only have half the map. He split it in half right befor he died and sent half to you and half was hidden under the broken floorboard I accidently put my foot through."

"wait a minute, i think i remember that" will then walked over to his dresser and pulled out the other half of the map.
"is this it" he asked.
"yes" jack exclaimed as he pulled the map piece out of will's hands

all of a sudden they heard someone walk up the stairs into the room
"jack" elizabeth said surprised to see him
"well hello ms swann, it's a pleasure to see u again" jack told her
"mrs." elizabeth corrected him
"mrs. turner"

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"Well, we should be going..."Jack said
"Wait, where?" asked Elizabeth
"You can come, too. Will and I are going to go looking for Deadman's Treasure. Now, lets go."

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ok it may take a bit so no one write any more to the story because i'm continuing from "You can come, too. Will and I are going to go looking for Deadman's Treasure. Now, lets go."

Elizabeth smiles quickly and runs off to pack a few things. As she enters her bedroom, she hears an odd noise. "Hmm.." she thinks to herself. "It sounds like..." CRASH! She whirls around and screams "MONKEY!"

A small monkey climbs out of her open window and scampers away as Will and Jack run in, looking puzzled.

(psst.....for all you slow people the monkey is from the first movie)

Elizabeth "the monkey! It was here! The monkey, he went thru the window!"
Jack and will looked out the window, but saw nothing.
"the monkey," Elizabeth was breathing hard,"he was a skelitan! He still is apon the curse!"

hey if this turns out good let's send it to the writers lol so they'll have their story and can start sooner

Jack peered out the window and paused for a second and jumped out of the window, sliding down the roof onto the ground. Will grasped Elizabeth's arm and said, "This may be harder than we thought."

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Jack looked about and followed miniscule tracks to the start of a dock and then they dissappeared. He heard chiriping and looked to the right where Jack the Monkey was. JtM grinned a cute monkey smile and dived into the water. Jack followed him into the black waters.

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Will grabed elizabeth by the arm and the raced outside to the dock.
Elizabeth"where did he go?"
Jack"he dove, love. but i know where he's going. now, get on to the ship, we've got to find that treasure before monkey does."
will suddenly rememebered in his dream his dad told him to find it before they did. Was they the monkey. who were the rest of them?
he climbed onto the ship, along with jack and elizabeth.
Jack barked orders to the rest of the crew and they sliced threw the icy black waters.

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Elizabeth turned to Jack and said, "How have you been, Jack? We haven't seen you for more than a year!"
Jack turned and gave her a small smile and pulled his shirt a little to the right a turned around. Five long slashes raced across his back. Elizabeth gasped and ran her finger lightly over them as Jack winced slightly.

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jack spoke softly, his voice acidic. "I'll find the bastard that did this. HE took-" "What?" Elizabeth whispered. "Never mind, love."

"Tell me!" She hissed. "He's kidnapped someone dear to me."
"Who?" "Love, he's kidnapped me daughter."

"ur daughter" elizabeth said in shock, "well where did he take her"
"i dont kno" jack said "but I'll find out

Will turned around startled. "What?" Jack squinted a bit. "Her name is-"

"Captain!!! WE've got a ship on our tail!"
"What is the flag have on it?" Jack hollered to the bird's nest.
"They haven't got no flags, sir!"

Jack "jack the monkey isn't alone. he has friends. his friends are not friendly."
Elizabeth"they did that to you?"
Jack"yes. their owners arn't friendly, eather. the scoundrals are looking for the same treasure, mate. They have been looking for it for over 8 years and havn't found it. when they heard that I had the map, they sent the monkey troops to find it."

A dark, ghastly ship was lumbering behind them, steadly increasing the pace.

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Will had been listening to their conversation, looked up at the ship. Jack and elizabeth folowed his gaze.
Elizabeth gasped.
Will reached for his sward. thank goodness he had grabbed it when he heard the knock.
Jack sighed, winced, and started barking orders again.

"who are they?" elizabeth asked, panicked
"it's jeramiah and his crew" jack told her
"jeremiah?" will asked
"yes, he's the one with my daughter"

Will" what should we do?"
Jack"there's only one thing we can do. we're going to split up."
He told one of the crew members to get the escape boat ready.
"us three are going one way and we will meet the rest of the crew on the other side of the bay over there."
Elizabeth"what's happening?"
Jack"we're going to escape with the map. the pearl is going to go left, we are going to go right, then the pearl will circle around and come pick us up, savvy?"
Will and Elizabeth nodded and looked back over to the boat behind them.
"will, what have we gotten ourselves into?"

Will"and your daughter?"
Jack"we're going to rescue her, of corse!"
Will sighed, rubbed his face, and kissed elizabeth's forhead.
"i don't know what we've gotten into, but we'll do it together."
a tear ran down elizabeths cheek.
Will"I promise."

"You two coming or what?" Jack had already gotten into the other boat.
Will helped Elizabeth on and jumped in himself. He and Jack started to row.

Jack was almost in the boat when he jumped out and ran down into the captain's quarters. He came out holding a crate and grinning. "Almost forgot the rum, mate!"

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Elizabeth looked behind them. the pearl slowly faded away into the fog. then she saw something in the water. it was comeing closer.
"MONKEY!" she screamed.

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Jack plunged his hand into the water and brought out a writhing monkey. He stuck out his tongue (like when Mr. Cotton shows him his non-tongue) and throws the monkey into a sack full of old potatoes.

elizabeth looked at the bag and then at jack
"what are we going to do with it?"
Jack smiled an evil smile.
"the only thing we can do to a posessed monkey."
he tied the top of the bag and threw it over the side of the boat.
"Potato's dont sink."

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Will"there's more! they're comeing after us!"
Elizabeth" what?"
she looked behind the boat and saw about 20 monkey's swimming twards them.
Elizabeth looked at Jack again.
"what are we going to do now?"
The only thing we cand do to about 20 posessed monkey's"
he grabbed his oar.

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So they rowed and Elizabeth watched the swimming creatures swim harder.
"they are gaining on us, Will."
Will looked up and saw them, too.
"what's your next plan of action, Jack?"

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jack's dudess
Jack, will and elizebeth jumped out of the small boat and began to swim to shore, but afew meters away from the bank a strong current pushed them fast along the shore line.
"Well, at least we're away from the monkeys." jack sighed as he tried to keep afloat in the fast water.
"could be worse." Willed added as he pulled elizebeth back up from under the water again.
The current pushed them faster and harder, all three were spining around.
"ROCKS!!" Elizebeth screamed pointing ahead.
"where?! I can't see...........i'm gonna need alot of rum after this..." jack said spining round.

As the monkey are fighting against the current, the crew of the Black Pearl are fighting against a storm, tossing and turning the ship away from where it's meeting Jack and the others

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ofcorse. go right ahead

well from the strong currents, Jack, Will and Elizabeth have been pushed onto a small island (even smaller than the one they marooned Jack on).

Will: So, Captain Jack Sparrow what now? how do we get off this island?
you're used to making grand escapes off islands... do you think the hair on you back is long enough to make a raft this time?

*Elizabeth and Jack exchange looks*

Jack*with the hand moving and all*: alright, alright, not to panic we'll just wait until the Pearl find us.. *has weird expression on face*

Elizabeth: or we could sit here, listening to you not being helpful and DIE!

Jack:now come on have i ever given you reason not to trust me?

Will: lets stop arguing and try and figure out a plan.

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Elizabeth gets up and walks around.
"ouch!" she stepped on something sharp
she dug it out of the sand and held it in her hand.
"Will," her voice was shaky,"Jack. look what i found."
they stood up and came over to where she was standing, holding a piece of aztec gold in her hand.
she looked up and met their widened eyes.
"The curse is still out there." she said as a strange wind blew threw the palmtrees.

Jack "now we have a problem."
Elizabeth "so, where do we stay for the night. i doubt that the pearl will see us on this stupid speck of land."
Will "Elizabeth, let me see the piece of gold."
she placed it in his hand and he examined it.
"I thought this one looked familure. This is the one my father sent me, allong with the map."
Jack"The map!"

Keep on going, peeps. your doing great!

Jack:but i thought we got rid of the curse, how come the gold ened up out here?

Will: i dont know...

Elizabeth: well what are we going to do now!? we got a curse out there, no food or anything

Jack: ah, and no RUM!

jack's dudess
"It'll be soaked disfigured!! Ruined!!" Will shouted to jack.
Jack was franticaly searching the many pockets in his coat.
"you think i'd let him keep it?" elizebeth smiled.
"What?!" will and jack said together.
Elizebeth put her hand down her bodice, much to jack's delight, but to will horror. Will puled jack hat down over his eyes so he couldn't see anything...unessicery......
"what are you doing?!" will said, shocked.
Elizebth pulled out a bottle with a peice of paper stuffed inside, the top sealed with a cork.
"the map is safe....." she said stuffing it back.

(mine was after orlando_45's embarrasment )

Jack pushed his hat up.
"thank you, luv."
Will looked out into the mess of palmtrees.
"We best find shelter. This wind is unnateral. Who knows what could happen."
"The pearl!" Jack suddenly shouted
"the pearl! It's on fire!"

jack's dudess
Jack ran into the water toward the pearl, he got a few meter's out, will struggleing to catch up far behind him.
Jack clumsily ran in the waist-high water, thrashing about.
And then, he dissapeared into the water, gone.
"JACK!" Will shouted, floating in the water, the fire of the pearl illuminating his wonderful face.

He dove in. Elizabeth screamed back on the beach
He dove down far, bearly able to see through the dark icecold waters.
Jack was on the bottom, trying to get his boot out of a hole.
he was stuck. very stuck.
Will came back up for air.
"Elizabeth, he's stuck."
she has started wadeing out into the waters herself in her nightdress.
"Elizabeth, stay on shore."
he dove back down. Jack almost had his boot.
one more tug.
jack was free. He and will splashed back up for air and clambered back onto the beach. Will could see the worry in elizabeths eyes.
"i'm alright."
they looked back at jack, who gazed at his one true love, the black pearl, go up in flames.

*sniff sniff* im gonna cry.. awww Jacks only love the black pearl.. oh why kill the pearl... *cries*


Will "Jack, i'm so sorry..."
Jack "Well, there's nothing we can do. The Black Pearl was mine for awhile."
he clenched his fists and started jumping up and down in the sand.
"The Bastard took my daughter, my boat..."
He continued this ritual, kicking sand and yelling at the open waters.

Elizabeth woke up to the sound of seagulls squaking.
She looked around.
"Jack? Will?"
She stood up, brushed herslef off and walked over to where they had swam in the night before. Jack and Will were nowhere do be seen.
she started to get worried. She walked around the island.
No sign of them.
"Ouch!" she stubbed her toe again, but not on a piece of aztec gold.
No, it was Jack's pistol.
Jack and Will wern't on the island anymore.

okay, this has nothing to do with this but i think it's kinda funny.
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she looked out into the ocean and saw a ship sailing away.
she put her hand to her mouth to keep from screaming.
They were on that ship.
She was stuck on an island with a pistol.
She picked it up and terned it over.
"I wonder if he filled it up with bullets?"
she opened it.
three bullets gleamed back at her.
three bullets.
She looked back at the ship.
and she cried.

On jaramia's boat, Jack and Will hid behind a bunch of rope.
"I promised her we'd do this together."Will wispered.
"I promised."
"Well, mate. My daughter means alot to me. I needed an extra person to be the distraction while i rescue her. that's you. if we brought elizabeth, then we would be easy to spot. We'll be back before she wakes up. Now, go be a distraction. and dont do anything stupid, like last time.
"but what if Elizabeth thinks that they took us, that we won't return?"
Will asked.
"We will be. I promise."

you like the story, lady_eowyn3? you post part!

hmm, I could only think of this:
Elizabeth sat on the island, dumbfounded at the atrocity her husband had comitted, leaving her there to rot on an island and she cried held the gun up to her head and...

CRASH!!! Elizabeth whirled around and found a tall girl with long messy blacks hair in a brown tattered dress holding some mangos. The girl spoke, "Welcome to me island! I've been here a few days and I've found some fruit for us to eat! What be your name, lass?"
"Elizabeth Turner."
The girl dropped her fruit onto the sand and looked Elizabeth deeply in the eyes. "Aye I've heard the stories about you and your husband. You knew my father."

Elizabeth's jaw dropped as the girl lifted the sleeve on her right arm. It was Jack Sparrow's tattoo. "My mum drew what me dad's tatto was and when I was a few years old, I got it. I never knew me father. He didn't even know me mum was pregnant before he left with a crew to go look at some gold from Cortez."

The girl turned quickly and sniffed, brushing something from her face. After a silence, she said, "Well, come on! Help me carry these mangos. There are some banana trees over yonder."

Elizabeth, still confused followed the girl, calling after her "Your name?"

"Mary Sparrow! Come on quickly! I've left the rum in the heat and it doesn't taste as good hot!"

Jack snuck down the slippery stairs to below deck. He wondered where Jaramiha put his daughter. He heard footsteps and quickly whipped around the corner just as two or jarahiha's pirates walked by. they were talking.
"did you hear? Mary's escaped! Jarahiha was trying to keep it a secret, but it got out." one said.
Jack wondered who Mary was. It was very uncommon to have a female pirate. That's when he realized that Mary was his daughter. He gasped in air, a little too loudly in fact. The pirates looked around the corner and saw him.
"you! Your Jack Sparrow."
"Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow."
"bet you came looking for your daughter. Well, you aint going to find her. She jumped off of the ship and we never saw her again. Now, your comeing with us to Captain Jaramiha."

"Didn't you see your father, naught a few hours or more ago?" Elizabeth called after Mary. Mary froze in her tracks and slowly turned. "Here?" Elizabeth nodded. "Oh that's just great! Really fantastic!" Mary shreiked. Elizabeth interjected Mary's wails, "He's trying to get you! He's out trying to save you!"

Mary turned around with fire in her eyes. "Don't ye see, girl? The...the...awful people that kidnapped me tied me up here with just enough food and water to last me awhile. They're luring Jack! They need him for something! For what, I cannot say."

Elizabeth looked away trembling. "Will is with Jack." she said simply.
Mary shouted to no one in particular, "THIS IS BLOODY GREAT!!!! No place to go while people we love are gonna be killed! BLOODY FANTASTIC!"

Chirrrip! Chirrrrrrrip! They turned around looked wildly as a familiar little monkey watched them from the banana tree...

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Will was in the cell, looking out a hole at the island slowly slinking away when jack was brought below deck.
Jack"it wasn't my fault."
Will looked at him strangly, then back out the peep hole.
"nomater how long you look out that hole, elizabeth will still be there, mate."Jack told him.
"U promised we would get back."Will said.
"I know, I know. guess what? Mary's not here. She jumped."
Will looked up. For the first time i his life, he saw Jack look overwhelmed, sad, and...defeted.
Then Will noticed something else.
"Arn't those the same hinges kind of hinges that I make?"

Jack looked at Will and smiled slowly. "Mate, grab that bench and let's pry this damn door open!"
He and Will open the jail door with a thump and grabbed their effects on the table.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Mary were hacking down palms trees eyeing the canopy above nervously. They slung a makeshift raft and tied the logs with rope from Mary's imprisonment and some long strips of bark and leaves. Together with the gun (rum tied to the raft) and a sword, they rowed with two paddles made from large branches and a sail made from a petticoat (which had been adjust to make a sail)

Will and Jack snuck above deck.
"there's the rowboat, mate." Jack pointed to a small boat.
"how do we get it down without being seen?" Will asked.
"What do you think? you'll be our distraction."
"no way," will said,"last time i was caught. your turn."
so as it turned out, jack did become the distraction.

Jack jumped out with his hair pulled up under a hat disguise as another one of the crew! (Will had his tripod hat) and said "Arhhg! The prisoners have escaped!!! They've hidden below deck!" The captain screamed "All hands down below! Come one faster you dogs!" Jack pretended to go last but snuck over to the boat. "Come on mate, we've no time!" As they lowered the boat, they noticed a speck coming towards them. "Who is then, mate?" Jack barked rowing as fast as he could towards it. Will grabbed a telespoce abandoned on the boats floor, peered for a moment, and whispered in a excited voice, "It's Elizabeth and Mary, I think!"

"I'ts Jack and Will!" Shouted Elizabeth.
"It tis! They've escaped!" Mary smiled, "I finally get to meet my father."
Elizabeth smiled, too, and waved her hands.
they paddled faster until they were feet away.
Jack pointed twards shore.
"before we get this big family reunion started, lets get back to shore."
once back on the island, Elizabeth flung her arms around Will.

Jack and Mary looked at each other for a moment. Then Mary flung her arms around him an hugged. Will and Elizabeth looked on, smiling. Jack saw them watched and pushed Mary away gently. "All right, all right enough of-" SLAP! Mary had slapped him across the cheekWill looked at Jack's face and said "I think you deserved that..." Mary sternly told him "THAT'S for telling mum you'd come back and you didn't." Jack looked embarrased for a second, but quickly recovered. "Ahh....Your mother....how is she." Mary galared a bit and said, "Dead, thanks for asking." She took in a deep breath and said, "Now, where the hell are we going? Can the rum come with?" JAck smiled a bit and mouthed to Will, "She's me daughter all right"

Will smiled(yes, and it's the kind that could make a billion teenagers melt right where they're standing).
"now that we have the boat, we can go back to the dock and-" Will was cut off by Jack.
"Go back? Not if I have anything to do with it! we still have a treasure to find!"
"a treasure? What treasure?" Mary looked at her father.
"Dead man's treasure, of corse!" Jack motioned for elizabeth to give him the bottle.
Will gave him a look.
"oh, fine."
Jack turned away from elizabeth so he wouldn't see anything.

Elizabeth handed over the bottle, Jack trying to see the reflection of her bodice though the water, but failing. Mary rolled her eyes and grabbed the bottle before Jack could. "Daughter of mine," he said thourhg gritted teeth. "It is wise to hand me the map."
"Father of mine," she said coldly, "You don't ask me why I take it? I take it beacuse I have an idea." She ran off for a moment and produced a piece of parchment. She then drew a map, but it was not the one on the original. She grinned wickedly and said, "Aye, it will lead them to treasure, but none other than an alehouse!"

The three others laughed as Mary handed Elizabeth one half of the map and kept the other half. They both slipped the papers into their bodice's with their backs to the men. Then Mary handed the bottle (she ripped the fake map in half and put the two halves in the bottle) and he slipped it in his jacket.

Jack smiled
"and now, we just need to get this to a monkey..."
"we saw a monkey earlier, didn't we, Mary?"
"Aye, we did. but he went back into the palmtrees."
"we'll need a banana. could you find one, Mary?" Jack asked.
"there be one over there. my last one. the monkey stole the rest." she answered.
"ah, then my plan will work smoothly. we put the banana into the bottle with the fake map. because the monkey is trained to get that map from us, he'll take the map back to the ship. the banana is just a lure."
so Will stuck the banana into the bottle, put the cork back on, and gave it to jack, who put it on the ground a few feet away from the nearest palm tree.
"Now what?" Will asked.
"Now what? We leave!"

They jumped into the boat and at the same time Mary and Jack spotted a crate. "WAIT!" Mary and Jack shouted. Will stopped pushing the boat into the water and waiting while Jack grabbed the rum and brought it into the boat. "It might be a long trip," he shrugged.

"WE'RE BEGGERS AND BLIGHTERS, NE'ER DO WELL LADS! DRINK UP ME HEARTIES YO HO! AYE BUT WE'RE LOVED MBY OUR MUMMIES AND DADS! DRINK UP ME 'EARTIES YO HO!" Jack and Elizabeth were teaching Mary the pirate song as Will looked on rolling his eyes.
"Elizabeth!" he hissed.
"What? I haven't had any rum! They're one ones drinkning it!"
"Just leave them be, do a bit of bonding."
"Ok, fine." She said leaning against him. "PLease Will, promise me something..."

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"what" Will wondered.
"don't ever leave me on a deserted island again!" Elizabeth told him.
Will sensed she was a bit crossed.
"I'm sorry it was jack's idea" he pleaded

Elizabeth nodded and said, "Don't leave me ever again like that...I almost-" Her eyes trailed to Jack's gun holster and she shuddered and cut herself off.
"You almost what?" Will encouraged.
"Nothing, I almost died if it wasn't for Mary." she lied.

Will smiled his lovesick smile again( love )
"anything." he said.
"promise me that no matter what you'll always still love me."
*audience coos*
"I promise." he said as he wrapped his arms around her and hissed the top of her head.
"I promise."

*the crowd starts grabbing their pichforks, waiting to kill keira after having that heartfelt scene with Orlando*

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*the crowd starts grabbing their pichforks, waiting to kill keira after having that heartfelt scene with Orlando*


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Jack and Mary have stopped singing and Jack was telling her about one of his escapedes.
"It was fantastic, love! There I was, dressed as a priest, with a gun in my hand. They didn't expect a thing. And then-" his eyes closed and he fell over in a drunken stupor. Mary giggled and helped herself to more wine. She glanced at Will and Elizabeth and saw Elizabeth cuddling Will as he rowed. "AWWWWWWW!!!" Mary said loudly, causing Jack to stir. "Now you two lovebirds take a rest, lemme row. Shove off lemme do it. OOOOO pretty!" she exclaimed as she saw a medallion gleaming near jack's nose.

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ok which one should we use cuz im putting this al together, the one where he promises to love her forver or to never leave her again?

Will wanted to live another day, so he didn't let Mary row. besides, she was tired enough as it was. Mary examined the madallion. she put it around her neck and snapped it on.
"it's heavy,it is." she said in a slurred voice. she, too, fell into the bottom of the boat.
Will gave rowing a rest, deciding that if they were ever going to get anywhere, he would need the strength.
He slipped off to sleep, elizabeth by his side.
and back on the island, the monkey had found a map.

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The monkey quickly swam to the ship and gave the evil captain the pieces of the map. "Arg! I feel we may be richer soon, men! " he said laughing evily

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hmm..well first, he's not as old as barbossa, maybe around jacks age

well we're not very far....and captain jaramiha should be more vile than barbossa more evil and smart (ish)

maybe, i dare say....smellier?

he should be more handsome too, so he can trick people

Jakc the evil monkey jumped to the bottles side ... the now fat monkey knew he had to get the last bannana on the Island or he would break his perfect island bannana eating score..( he can't do that!) he yanked and pulled but he couldn't get the stupid cork out of the bottle . Finally with one pull ,which sent him flying to the other end of the Island, evil monkey was about to get his yummy prize when he realized that the uncorked the vil bottle and then hesaw that the bannana was so little it looked like a pea!!! instead there wasa bottle of bannana flavored LIPGLOSS!!!! unhappily he made his way back to the evil ship and to his evil gang of MONKEYS!!!!

what acter do you think would be best for him?

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he can be really tall and handsome... he doens;t dress like a pirate when he raids villages .. but on his ship he wears purple pants and a yellow shirt..and he stinks to high heaven and he has split personality he eats a ton and is a total slob!!! .... he has a gotee

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Me too!

Brad Pit would be perfect!

lol..yea he would, just make him look mean and dirty

nah hes to pretty maybe the guy who plays zander on buffy and hes in bring it on dont no what his name is

who's the guy who plays arigon in lotr? he might be good.

i think his names viggo or something i dont kno

yeah, with a little makeup he would be great

yea who do u think could play jacks daughter..