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Ok, this is the plan... ...

you give the top two movies in a certain section and on january 2th, the posting stops, and then we know what were the best movies of the year in each catagory...

So... what are the rules?

You can give only ONE vote for each catagory,
the movies you select are from this year (so NO Gone by the wind stick out tongue)

The movie you give as your numbre one, gets 2 points, the number 2 gets 1 point...

I think I covered it all now...

the catagories are...

science fiction/horror/comedy /warhistoric/animation/thriller/drama/romance/action/crime

happy voting

science fiction: final fantasy, Lord of the Rings
horror: /
comedy: Bridget Jones Diary, American Pie 2
war: Enemy at the Gates, Pearl Harbor
historic: Brotherhood of the Wolf; /
animation: Shrek, Monsters Inc.
thriller: Along came the Spider, Thirteen days
drama: Man of honor, Save the last dance
romance: Chocolate, /
action: Crounching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Training Day
crime:/ ,/

(sorry, I don't remember that much movies...)

yerssot, some of those movies came out last year.

Wouldn't it be better if we just voted for the ten best of the year? Then your 1st listing gets ten points, second nine. . . ext.

even better
(come on, I can't find good history movies)


put your top 10 here, number one gets 10 points, number 2 gets 9 points, ...

1. Blow(I think it came out this year)
2. From Hell
3. Vanilla Sky
4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
5. Ocean's 11
6. Life as a House
7. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
8. The Majestic
9. Spy Game
10. Planet of the Apes

I'll get back to you, yerssot. I need to find a website with a list of all movies that came out in 2001.

Here it is:

1 Riding in Cars With Boys
2 Artificial Intelegence
3 Blow
4 Shrek
5 The Fellowship of the Ring
6 Bridget Jone's Diary
7 Life as a House
8 Pearl Harbor
9 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
10 The Others

1)Vanilla Sky
5)Oceans 11

That all folks!

All be it, that I have not yet seen many 'Oscar buzzed' films sad

1) The Fellowship of the Ring
2) Shrek
3) Hannibal
4) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
5) Bridget Jone's Diary
6) Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
7) Vanilla Sky
8) AI
9) Planet of the Apes
10) Pearl Harbor

These are my fav movies of this passing year. BTW these are the movies that were released in the UK 2001.

1) The Fellowship Of The Ring
2) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
3) Traffic
4) Almost Famous
5) Apocalypse Now Redux
6) American Pie 2
7) Hannibal
8) Rush Hour 2

Crouching Tiger, Almost Famous, Appocolyse Now, and Traffic should not qualify for this year. They all came out last year. Otherwise, I would vote several of those for my top ten list. Yerssot, please disqualify these pictures, as they are not appropriate for the 2001 nominees.

King Jedi
Are we counting those films or not? I don't think I've seen 10 movies that were released this year.

well, to be honest: a lot of movies are shown very late in Belgium... I'm sure that they where shown in Belgium this year...
I don't know about England and others but mine are still counting...people can stil change it...

KJ, if they aren't changed, and you are SURE you saw them this year, they are counting (because not EVERY movie opens on the same day, same month)

King Jedi
So what are we doing? Top 10, top 5? Zed has a top 8.

doesn't matter, if you have seen many movies, I think it's just fair that you can give more points ...

King Jedi
Well that isn't fair. It means that someone who has seen 10 films will get 10 points for there first choice and someone whose only seen 5 will only get 5.

It's going to mess it all up.

post the top ten and I'll try to figure out a new way...

(and the date has been changed, january 5th is the last date)

King Jedi
Just post a list of the best new releases you've seen this year, even if you've only seen 3.

Give 10 to the first place
9 to second
8 to third and so on.

Mine would be

1. Shrek
2. Moulin Rouge
3. A.I
4. Apocalypse Now Redux
5. Planet of the Apes
6. The Fellowship Of The Ring
7. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

indeed, I'm going to see what the smallest ranking is and that will be the top that will count (the smallest will be three)

1/ Shrek
2/Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
3/ Moulan Rouge
4/ Amelie
5/The Others

Sunday is the last day to vote people!

Thomas H
1 Lord Of the rings.
2 Pearl Harbor

These movies are the only I can remember...and the cinema in our city was closed for re-decoration so they did not screen many movies this year! roll eyes (sarcastic)

This is the most half-assed awards I've ever seen. So, what are the results, yers?

King Jedi
I think Yerssot will rig it. smokin'

We'll have re-count after re-count like in America.

I'll be in charge of the re-count.

King Jedi
It would help if we knew how it was going to be done before we voted.


King Jedi
It's still too confusing but I suppose you did a good job under the circumstances. smile

So what happens now? Do we party? Is there going to be a post stuck at the top of the board telling people the results?

damn! I didn't get to post FellowshipOTR higher up on the list , cause I haven't seen it yet. sad

King Jedi
Did you vote for it even though you hadn't seen it?

I haven't voted for anything, I hoped to see it before the voting ended.

too late smile

I'm now going to talk to Raz, to see what he can do...

But for now: LET'S PARTY!

I didn`t understand one bloody thing of the whole award thing..

hmmz,,,i`ll take it next year

well, it was his first edition...

You write down what your favorite movies were this year (the ones you saw in a theater) and they get votes, the one with the biggest number wins (three movies at least, otherwhise it would get cramped)

well, start writing down your movies for this year, cause next year there is another one smile

Just read through it, and its VERY confusing.

A better option would have stuck the top five movies in a poll for all people to vote for....but thats just my suggestion.

Anyway, I'll stick this topic, so others can read (or get confused by) this.

BTW, another excuse for a similar poll could be to guess who gets an oscar for what.

So I can still vote?

I thought it was to late now

votes are over (sorry, had to keep it open a bit longer I think)

King Jedi
Raz' idea was better. Next year give a few weeks to allow people to nominate there favourite films of the year.
Then take the ones with the most nominations and put them in a poll for us to vote.

yes, I know, but at that time I was tired, so I took the easy way sad

Rest assure, next year it will be better; a lot better

O.K...I guess it will be better at the next voting then...maybe a better explanation of how to vote....I can`t hardly wait to the next time...hehe laughing out loud

Thomas H
laughing out loud stick out tongue

If your going to do this again next year, I suggest that you make a list of movies that came out for the year.

I know the list would be long, but then everyone would know what movies would qualify.

Because some of those movies were last years news to American's (Crouching Tiger, Traffic).

ok, it's noted ... I think

what r u on about i don't get u? confused confused confused confused

You're not alone there.

we should have a upcoming movie forum also

This forum is for both upcoming and released movies.

Closing thread, on request by thread opener.

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