New and Improved Sequel. Actuall plot!

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Okay, we decided to start a new sequel with a plot. only members of the potc club can post and you must do more then a few sentences. and try to make it as professional as possable (no lol or messageboardish) because this will be posted on our site. Who wants to start?

so what exactly is the plot

just a suggestion, pm me for more plot idea's dont post them on the thread, but how about the title is Pirates of the Caribbean and (because we voted that this wasnt the real story) and the legend of devil's throat. that way, we can even have a fake movie poster for it! any other idea's pm me about so we don't junk up this thing randomly with names and plots.

Come on, don't be shy.
Okay, if someone doesn't start this think pretty soon, I'll start it!

~~~~~~~~~~~Pirates of the Caribbean~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~the legend of Devil's throat~~~~~~~~~

(orlando_lover45 and I made this up) Flashback:
"Mother!" Will shouted.
"Will, go to the nearest lifeboat! Hurry!"
Will's mother pushed him tward the last remaining life boat.
"But-" he looked behind him, but he couldn't see his mother.
Suddenly, a cannon ball hit the deck right in back of him. Before he had any time to move out of the way, the whole side of the ship colapsed into the dark, icey water. The last thing he remembered was his mother shouting to him, "Will!"
He hit his head, and everything went dark.
(Go to the begining of the first movie, when Elizabeth meets Will)
"I'm Elizabeth Swann."
"Will, Turner."
"It's okay Will, I'm watching over you."
Will blanks out.

Will woke up in his bed. he sat up and looked around. Elizabeth was asleep next to him. Everything was the same. Everything was okay.
"Will, why are you awake?" Elizabeth had woken up.
"I had the dream again, the one about me on the ship with my mother."
Will said.
"Go back to sleep, Will." Elizabeth turned over and went back to sleep.
Will couldn't go back to sleep though. He was to shaken up to sleep. Dreams about his mother always did that to him. He missed her alot.

Finally Will just couldn't take it anymore. He decided to get up and go downstairs, trying to make little noise because Elizabeth was sleeping. When he got downstairs he heard something coming from the kitchen. He decided to see what it was.

As Will walked into the kitchen, he heard someone tapping on the window. He walked over and tried to see who it was, but it was too dark.
Will unhooked the latch and swung open the window.
Will peered out of the open window, and, to his surprise, saw Captain Jack Sparrow, lying on the ground.
"Now that was uncalled for, mate"

"Jack! What are you doing here?"
"I'm obviously not here to sit on me rear, mate,can i come in?"
"Yeh, sure, go around to the front door."

"Jack?" Will said again, "Why are you here?"
"because, boy, " Jack answered, " there is someone lookin' for me, mate. if they come knocking, don't tell em' anything. I did some things that may have made them a little...angry."
"What did you do this time?" Will asked.
"Jack? Is that you?" Elizabeth came down the stairs.
"Ello, luv. I was in the neighborhood and-"
"Oh, Jack. Why are you really here."
"Some people are after him." Will turned around.
"Well, I can't say i'm surprized." Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

"I need somewhere to hide out for a little while."
"Don't you have a ship and crew to protect you?" Elizabeth asked.
"Well..." Jack answered.

"I can't find the Pearl." Jack mumbled.
"What?" Will and Elizabeth both said.
"Yeah, Me and me crew were off deck, getting supplys and what not, and then the pearl was gone." He finished.
"wasn't someone watching it?" Will asked.
"Yes, some new guy. What was his name..." Jack pondered for a moment.

" Ohh I know Bob but we call him the blob, he seemed a like a nice guy tll he stole me rum ... but that was once , therefore he couldn't get off the ship... and that's all me bloody 'ead remembers"

"So, you lost your ship, someone's out to get you, and you are staying where again?" Elizabeth asked.
"Well, it's not that i dont have a place, but i..." Jack trailed off.
Will exchanged looks with Elizabeth.
"Fine, fine, fine. You can stay here, Jack. Just, stay back in my workshop so if the person comes looking for you, you won't be seen." Will said.
"Ah, yes. Thank you very much, mate." Jack said. He got up and went into Will's blacksmith shop.
"Will, lets go back to bed." Elizabeth was already halfway up the stairs,
" I'm tired and Jack can settle in by himself."
"I'll be right up." Will said and he locked the front door and closed the window.

"Well, where's your pirate crew?" Elizabeth asked with only a little concern.

Orlilover43, you posted to late.

Sorry, it's supposed to go before yours. Oops!


You can cut out that last part I wrote. It doesn't fit.


Will was about to go upstairs when, crash! He turned and ran into the blacksmith shop.
"Jack! What are you doing!"
"This bloody anvil fell on me toe!"
Will heaved the anvil back onto the stand.
Suddenly, Will heard a scream coming from upstairs.
"What was that?" Jack asked with wide eyes.

"Will! Come quick!" Elizabeth screamed.
Jack and Will raced up the stairs to see Elizabeth backed up agenced the wall by a snarly looking man.
"Who are you?" Will demanded.
"Samual Baggins." the mean looking man said."Now tell me where Jack is. Or else the lass gets it." he held a pistol to Elizabeth's head.

"Will, don't do it!" Elizabeth pleaded.
"I have to." He answered. "Jack is-" Will paused. "in the hall closet."
Elizabeth saw a small grin flash across Will's face.
"Good!" The pirate threw Elizabeth to the floor and went into the hall.
"Come on, we have to get Jack and leave." Will Grabed Elizabeth and ran down the back stairs.

"Jack." Will wispered. "Follow me, no time to explain."
They all hurried out the door.
"Now where do we go?" Elizabeth asked.
"To the dock!" Jack replied.
They raced to the dock and clambered into a boat.
"Row!" Shouted Will.
Jack and Will rowed and rowed. Elizabeth could hear Baggins running acrossed the dock.
"I'll get you!" he shouted as he got into a boat as well.

Elizabeth made an atempt to push the huge man out of the boat, but she couldn't.

Kelsey, the names Samual and Baggins are from LOTR

Will made a last attempt to save elizabeth and all of thier lives. He swung the oar as hard as he could at the burly mans head. It worked. the man fell into davy jones locker unconcious.

who is samuel? from LOTR?

OMG they are! I cant make up people without haveing them be from someting. I didn't even get that from there. my sisters friend is named Sam(samual) and baggens came from the book i'm reading.

Wow! you have mind powers! *creepy alian music*

"Will, you saved me." Elizabeth looked at him with love in her eyes. *crowd aws*
"Come on you love birds. We've got to row if we want to get out of here." (once again, Jack ruins the moment)

ummmm I am confused ... there is no samuel in LOTR

Isn't Frodo's friend Sam (short for Samual)?

ok back to the story .... as soon as the group realized how far out at sea they really were, they slowly started to row back to port royal. Elizabeth was to curious though.
" jack why was that guy following you?"

umm no sam stands for samwise Gamgee ( it means halfwitt)

Oh! Sorry.

"beacuse... well i'll tell ya. he wants, to get me back for some crime i did ages ago. i mean whats the point its was so long ago i cant even remember."
Jack sort of explained, to Elizabeth, although confused himself. he starts to think about why the guy was really after him, but gets interuppted by Elizabeth again.
"surley you MUST know why, he's after you. it must've been something pretty awful, he looked really angry and determined to kill you!"
"ahh, yes, but why was he after me?" Jack replied still confused and confusing Elizabeth and Will who wasl istening to the conversation.
"Let's talk about this later on, like in the morning, when we are awake. i'm still half-asleep." Will told them.
it was quite as they approached Port Royal, and Elizabeth was falling asleep, in the boat but kept awaking suddenly as the boat was moving.

WIll climbed out of the boat, the night seemed soo peaceful compared to how the night had been earlier. the moonlight was shining off the water so he noticed through the blackness that both jack and Elizabeth were fast asleep. " you mean I was rowing by my self the whole way ... jack when I wake up your going to get it !" just then two hands grabbed elizabeth pulling her down with him. Will quickly realized the situation and grabbed jack to save his beloved elizabeth.

Soon, the group reached the dock.
"Help me tie up the boat, Will, and then we can go back and get some sleep," Jack comanded.
"I don't think so."
They heard a deep voice behind them. They turned to see who it was.
An entire pirate crew was standing at the end of the dock, pointing thier pistols at them.
"You'll be comin' with us," the same man orderd.
The next thing they knew, all three of them were bound and gagged, and heading for a ship that was ancored just beyond the harbor.

Jacks eyes strained to see the name on the ship they were going to go on. He managed to glimpse at the name scrawled in peeling paint, The Dead Sky. His eyes widened and said to the man leading him their and said, 'You know, mate, I think I left something...somewhere...can I go back and" The pirate grinned a rotten teeth smile and shoved Jack further along, who gulped deeply and walked slowly ahead towards his doom.

oooo cool!

Will was tired, but he didn't feel much like sleeping. Soon, dawn would break and they would think of a way to escape. He had to. Elizabeth was looking at him.
"Why did you let him stay? if you hadn't, we wouldn't be in this mess." Elizabeth wispered.
"Because he saved our lives, we owed him." He wispered back.
"You know, Will. I bet you could get us out of here." Jack said. He had been examining the hinges on the door of the cell.
"What do you mean?" Will asked.
"I have been in many cells, many cells indeed, but arn't these like the ones that you rescued me from in port royal?" he asked.
Will examined them.
"They are! I can get us out." Will looked around the cell.
"Elizabeth, could you hand me the stool?"
"The stool?" she asked, handing it to him.
Will inserted the legs of the stool under the cell and pushed down. The bars creaked and the door came crashing down.
"we're free! Well done, mate." Jack stepped over the fallen door.
Will was out and about ready to give Elizabeth a hand getting up when they heard something behind them.
"What are you doing out of the cell? Get them!"
Jack hurried up the stairs and Will helped elizabeth up and hurried after him, thinking she was right behind. but she wasn't.
"WILL!" she shouted. he looked behind and elizabeth had been recaptured.

will Will go and help save Elizabeth?
or will he follow Jack?
Find out on the next post!

"Elizabeth!" Will Shouted. "We have to save her!"
"No mate, we have to go. We can come back for her!" Jack grabbed Will's arm and dragged him up the stairs and into the lifeboat. He cut the ropes with his sword, and they fell to the water's surface.

"Jack, I hope you have a plan. I can't just leave her there." It looked as though Will was about to jump out of the boat and swim back to the ship.
"Oh, don't worry mate. I've got a plan alright. And it's foolproof! We'll get your bonny lass back, just you wait."
Will looked uncertain for a moment.
"What's the plan?"

"The plan, mate, is to sneak on in the middle of the night in discise. then, simply we go in and get her. it's fool proof! now we just wait for the right moment."Jack smiled.
"we wait an entire day? wont they come after us?" Will answered.
Jack looked at him.
"There goes my foolproof plan, mate."
"Now what? Elizabeth is stuck in there with nobody. They could kill her." Will said, aggitated.

Suddenly, a smile crossed Will's face.
"I've got it! You have something of thiers, right?"
"Yes, I do." said Jack.
"What is it?"
"Well, I sort of, stole thier map to Devil's Throught. But how will that help?" Jack asked.
"We'll use it to negotiate with them."
"You're not serious." Jack answered.
"I don't see you coming up with any briliont ideas. So we may as well try it." Will retorted. "And, the way I see it, we don't have to give them the map. We'll just escape before they can get it."
Jack thought for a moment. "Alright, I'm in."

Somebody write something!

okay! cant think of anything to post.

So there was Jack walking straight into what he thought to be a trap he didn't even know why he was risking his life for someone so stuck up they could have had a lot of fun on that island wink wink None the less he walked up the deck holding the map. One of the pirates aimed a gun at him
"A-A-A!!!" he shook his finger. The pirate looked at the map
"DEVILS THROAT!" Jack smiled and nodded. The pirate wiped the blank expression off his face and smiled evilly.
"I'll shoot you and take the map!" Jack was about to say an ecxuse as to why he can't but then he realized...he COULD just shoot him and take the map. Just then Will came out and shot the pirate.
"Last time we're using one of your bloody plans!"
"ELIZABETH!" he called Jack hit him across the face.
"They might just hear you...bah, love." he walked away leaving will speachless

Below deck, the cells smelled of old fish and was covered in sludge.
"Elizabeth?" Jack wispered.
Nobody was in the cell.
"Where is she? Where have they taken her?" Will asked.
"Will, there are two things they could have done to her. One is she could have been marooned on that island that we saw, another one is that she could be stowed away somewhere. Now, if we look for her around deck, we could be spotted or she could not be on the ship. If we go to the island, she might not be there and still on the ship. Which do you propose we do, Will?" Jack asked.

"uhhh i don't know Jack, this smell is a little funky how about you stay here and look for her and i'll be on deck?"
"You whimp."
"Shut up and look!"

Jack knocked over crates and looked in barrells finally he heard a knocking coming from a cuboard he opened it and sure enough out tumbled Elizabeth she was panting and sweating, her arms were bound but loose and she was blind folded she took jack and kissed him.
"'s not will."
"It's Jack actually." She screamed.
"Shhh... shut up, gee now i'm kind of glad i didn't do anything with you on the island. It would have been loud."

is no one else gonna do it? fine i'll go on...

On deck they heard swords clashing.
"Will!" she gasped.
"My you do say that alot don't you?" he joked. She glared at him
"Sorry..." finally the clashing stopped. Elizabeth ran up the stairs
"ELIZABETH N-" it was too late she was already up the stairs.
"will!" she exclaimed Jack came running after her...they did see will only not as they would have liked. He was lying on the floor eyes closed in blood. Elizabeth went to him, there were four pirates and what appeared to be a captian who had his foot on Will's back.
"Don't worry love we didn't kill him." she stood up and spit in the capitian's eye. He took hold of her arm
"Already spitting in my eye dear?? we haven't even introduced ourselves...captian kidd, this is the dead sky and this is the monkey you might remember him. The owner was a good friend of mine. It was to my luck that you not only have something of mine." he looked at jack.
"But i can revenge his death at the same time two in one combo!"
"And for the price of a map" Jack muttered.
"Ah, you must be Sparrow."
"Captian Jack Sparrow actually."
"I see. I bet your pretty attached to that map huh? well don't worry we're not gonna kill you. We're gonna work you to the bone then kill you!"
"I'd rather die than clean your boat!" Elizabeth blurtted
"You won't be cleaning, you'll be asisting me...personal slave you might say and turner here." He kicked him onto his side. "Will be down in the then take 'em away boys!"

"uhhh this might be bad timing kidd but have you got a droplette of rum you could supply."
"JACK!" ELizabeth warned
"Just a droplette!!!!"

ok no offense but i like the one missesdepp started b4, can we just put that on the website this one kinda died no offense. just my opinion. i find the other one more intreging.

oh...well keep doing this one it can go places. you can add a little to mine if you want.

hmmmm...lets see. there are some pretty good things on here, but yeah, yours is doing well, too. maybe i can do something tonight. I can make them into one! i'll post it on a new thread tomorrow. This may take awhile. by the way orlilover42's comeing over so stuff.


here's my kate bosworth hate site! i just made it so i only have the front page done.

i need help on some good deep bad info about her. like she hit some poperotzi or something. maybe she hit her gramma.

maybe i'll just say she hits her gramma!

i cant remember which forum i read it on, but it said she went to a fashion show in a foreign country and made some recist comments

she's a biatch that's the point. Say she tackled her injured chiuaua or something everyone hates dog abusers. Johnny depp hit a member of the paperatizi because they wouldn't leave him alone when he was at dinner with his love.


what is ur brilliant IDEA missesdepp???

say that she was late for an intervwie and she was walking their and a little old lady with her toy poodle was in the way and kate BRATsworth shoved the little ol lady into traffic and now the lil ol lady and her toy poodle is in intensive

i'll add that in!

lol hehe you guys really hate her! haha so do i! lol...

Are you kidding! We LOATH her! Have you looked at orlando_lover's site yet? It's
funny stuff!

i changed the "why kate should die" page. it says something about she shoved an old lady into traffic. DIE LADY DIE!

lol love site ^^^ hehe DIE LADY DIE!!!

ok hate to interupt but the is already a 2nd film being written and a third the second is called something like the treasure of the abyss

sorry but no, the 2nd is being filmed January 27th 2005 and the third is coming being filmed the next year. Either that or they might film both back to back...don't mess with potc fans we know all... hahaha thats kinda creepy

yeah it kinda is creepy........but who cares lol not me creepys my second middle name right after physco

lol hehe yuppers exactly we now PotC, its kinda like a CODE lol hehe.. us mad fans know all!!! *evil laugh, with scary music in background*.... *coughs* and acts normal again

Lol lovely Kate Bosworth site. Poor puppy! :P

yeah, everyone, grab your pitchforks! we're going after Kate Bosworth!Help me chant!

you know, if keira knightly went out with him, because of their heartfelt kissing scene at the end of the movie, i don't think i would have the heart to hate her.


if you guys come up with more evil things that kate "did" ill post them, too!

OHHH! i got it! she throws rocks at the elderly!

she.. ummmmm.. flirts with Johnny in front of Orlando and Vanessa Paradis!!!!!

CAPTIN jack sperow dose NOT say mate that oftin and he would use more "choise" words towords will affter throwing him on the ground and it realy sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!! didn't sound like any of them!!!!!!!!!! sick sick sick sad confused evil face mad laughing out loud laughing out loud


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