supershadow no more... hopefully

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There is a petition online at the petitiononline website. The petition id number is 5551313. That's petitiononline <dot> com/5551313.

Hopefully this will rid us of the evil that is


petitiononline has no legal influence what so ever

Plus there's only one signature...laughing out loud

There's only one signature because I only started that petition today.

I know petitiononline has no legal bearing. It is meant to convince someone to take action by mass persuasion. And that's exactly what I intend to do, providing enough people sign it.

There's no room on the internet for mickey suttle.


Rebel Racer
*signed* still only 4 signatures...

I know. As of right now, this is the only board that knows about the petition. So, for the time being, I guess it's up to the members here to sign. This thread has had over 50 views. It would be nice if everyone who viewed it would sign. This really isn't a joke for me, I hate this guy. And if I can somehow get him off the net with this petition, then I have to try. smile

Just wanted to thank those who have signed the petition so far. There have been over 100 views of this thread, so if all those people who have viewed it would sign, and tell somebody else to sign, and if they told someone else, it would grow exponentially. So please sign!

Many thanks


Lucas Sucks!
Come on!!! who cares about that site!! will it do any harm... jesus! Whats the big idea! you dont have time to get laid or do anything because of your over weigh and all you can do is about complain about that site.... you post more anti super shadow post than talking about star wars! give it a break!

The One Part 2
Lucas, I will guarantee that I am more in shape and get laid a hell of a lot more than you do!

i love the way threads start with one subject and transform into something completely different LOL :P

Online Petitions are useless. I hate Supershadow as much as the next guy, but this petition isn't going to do anything. What are you going to do, show it to Suttle and say "There people hate you! Close down!"? He'll just laugh in your face.

After a certain amount of time, the petition will be printed and sent to George Lucas.

Not all petitions work, but many DO. Maybe this one will, maybe it won't. But it definitely won't hurt.

So sign it already!



As mentioned on this forum before, SS is obviously a fraud, and every link on his website is something stolen from another site. But the lies even go deeper.

At the top of his site, there is a hidden link within the collage of Star Wars Character pictures. Right above Luke's head is the invisible link. When you click on it, you are taken to another page of the site that lists all of Mr. Suttle's "brilliant documentary" about paranormal activity and extra terrestrials. Interestingly, none of the "films" that he lists can be found in any directory, yet Mr. Suttle claims that DVD copies of his documentary films can be purchased from "most popular movie stores".

There is also a link on this page to an article entitled, "Are We Alone in the Universe?" It appears that Mr. Suttle is passing this article off as his own work, but it is, in fact, a word-for-word copy of an article written by Ian Crawford for a magazine called Scientific American way back in July of 2000.

The fraud of this man runs deep my friends. But he is a sad individual, indeed. I used to read his sight daily, thinking it was a reliable source for news on the production of the prequels. Then I remember it just hitting me one day. Nothing made sense about it. So I sent him MANY messages through his sight expressing my disgust in his arrogance and lies.

I am a radio morning show host, and lately I've been thinking about contacting him some way requesting him to do an interview on the air with me by telephone. I would indicate to him that I am a big fan and that I want to interview someone who is "in the know" with Star Wars news. Then when I get him on the air, I would totally expose him and interrogate him concerning his fraud and lies, and why he is such a loser. Anyone who can help me accomplish would be great.

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