matrix faults

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lol after watching the matrix several times, it just dawned on me. when cypher is in the matrix striking a deal with the agent, how did he get in and out of the matrix by himself? lol.

any other mistakes ppl found plz feel free to post em here cool

Already been answered (officially, too). When Neo walks in on Cypher and shits him up, he is creating an auto-dialling program to get himself in and out of the Matrix wink

I found a page with all the matrix bloopers!! hehehe look! big grin -- the matrix -- matrix rev - matrix reloaded


i've seen some myself...

in the subway, when neo was doing that summersault thing to avoid the train... he was definitely hanging on to the harness... you can see it very clearly...

on the oracle's door, when neo was about to open it, you can clearly see a reflection of the camera lens on the door knob...

and in room 303, when agent smith shot neo with the first bullet, the camera changes angle and faces neo... if you look at the wall behind neo there is already a huge blood stain where he's supposed to leave one when he backs into it... this one i haven't seen on any web site, so if you guys can confirm, it would be great...

I think there is already a thread for the matrix faults.

I believe the blood stain on the wall is actually a result of the first shot by Smith. Being as close as Smith was, the bullet would easily pass right through Neo's body and make quite a mess on the other side. I think that the stain on the wall is intentional and accurate.

As for the one with the camera lens on the doorknob, I never realized how obvious that one is. It looks like the tried to cover most of it up with the same material that Morpheus' jacket is made of. The camera cover even has a continuation of his tie.

shouldn't there be a bullet hole too..? bah, i'm just nit picking now...

>flickerstick> you're explanation is quite logical and acceptable unless otherwise proven...

you have too pay to get acces to the blooper site, atleast one of them, and i sure as hell aint payin', lol anybody here got any of those pictures on file you can post?

Yeah! So it wasn't really a mistake now-was it? wink

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