Best Movie Moments

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What are youre Best Movie Moments????,

The Top 10 Movie Moments, voted by 1,000 UK filmgoers were:

1. Bridget Jones's Diary: When Bridget's granny knickers are exposed on her date with sexy boss Daniel Cleaver.

2. The Matrix: When Neo stops the bullets and becomes The One towards the end of the film.

3. Braveheart: When William Wallace cries: "You'll never take our freedom" as he fights for his cause.

4. Pretty Woman: When Vivian returns to the shop where the assistants were rude to her, expensively dressed and loaded with shopping bags and says: "Big Mistake. Huge."

5. Gladiator: When Maximus kills Commodus in the last fight in the gladiatorial ring, exacting revenge on the man responsible for the death of his family.

6. The Italian Job: When Charlie says: "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" when they are practising explosions for the bank raid they were planning.

7. Breakfast at Tiffany's: When Holly is window shopping at Tiffany's in an evening dress and with a croissant in her hand after having been out all night on a date.

8. Pulp Fiction: The scene when Vincent Vega is dancing with the wife of Marsellus Wallace, played by Uma Thurman, in a club's dancing competition.

9. American Beauty: When Jane and Ricky are watching the film Ricky has made of a plastic bag being blown about in the wind.

10. Saving Private Ryan: The opening battle scene of the D-Day landings.

I liked Al Pacino's speech at the end of Scent of a Woman.

I really like in Jurassic Park when we see the big long necked one(I don't want to try and spell it) for the first time. First time I realized how good special effects could be. And of course Luke Skywalker learning about his heritage in Empire Strikes Back. And take your pick of any moments in the first two Godfathers.

In Godfather II when they are trying to get into that house to get the rug. The one guy goes, "This is my buddies place! The son of a ***** locked the door!"

In the Patriot when a stray cannonball rolls and knocks the guys leg off.

i like thepart in i spit on your grave ,when the main character is being ass raped and she shreks in pain when the guy enters her ,but the guy looks like hes just moving his head

well... I think every movie has things like that ...

King Jedi
Too many moments from Star Wars to mention.

ZULU- At the end when the British think the battle is over and they are counting how many men have been killed. Then thousands of Zulus appear on the hill.

ROB ROY - When Rob Roy(Liam Neeson) escapes on the bridge.


I'll think of more.

The Omen part 1 when Gregory Peck finds the 666 on his sons head. Freakin' marvelous. cool

King Jedi
Enter the Dragon - The fight at the end in all the mirrors.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, when they jump off the cliff.

What about The godfather quote, "I`ll make you an offer you can`t refuse" or something.....

I liked that

King Jedi
I don't really remember that.

Thomas H
Well, I have to say what movie does not have that qoute Tec-Ice??
It surley was not the godfather who started with that! rolling on floor laughing

King Jedi, are you kidding? That's one of the best lines to come from the movie.

In the very begining, Marlon Brando says he's gonna make the film director an offer he couldn't refuse.

Michael says it twice too, when he's explaining how powerful his father is to Kaye, and later when he wants to buy out Moe Green's hotels.

So it's there three times. I suggest you check out that movie again. It doesn't get any better!

On second thought, you will see it again. Why? Because I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse. wink

And yes, Thomas, it was in the Godfather first.

King Jedi
I've seen all the Godfather movies but don't really remember much about them. It doesn't really interest me.

But I liked the way Marlon Brando died.

Yes, that is a classic scene.

King Jedi
And of course the horses head on the bed.

Bad Boy
It can't be denied that the best 3 movie moments are:-

1) The build to the attack on Pearl Harbor -Pearl Harbor

2) The president's speech- Armageddon

3) The cock during the Disney film- Fight Club

Like I said, it can't be denied!

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