explain this to me

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if they killed bootstrap bill after they stole the gold, how did bootsrap bill die?

according to the movie if you steal a piece of aztec gold then you cant die. they said that the mutinee on the black pearl happened after the stealing of the gold. so they tied bootstrap bill up and sent him to the bottom of davey jone's locker, but the thing is that he couldnt die because he stole the gold too. so i think that either the writers over looked this or its a leadway into the sequals where we may get to meet bootstrap himself.

After the curse was lifted, he would still be at the bottom of the ocean. So, he would have drowned by the end of the movie.

unless, he took off his boots with the cannon on it or came to an islad or sumat. i dont think he would still be under the ocean for 10 years... maybe the writers have him coming up in the sequel but who knows...?

Ooo... that would be interesting. That would be an interesting twist!

yeh innit, well i guess we'll jus have to wait until it comes out... i wish it would come out sooner though..

same here. I don't think I can wait that long! (August 2005, right?)

yeh think so, wel sometime on 2005 i mean cudnt they release it this year, ok i know they cnat but still the anitciptation... sad lol...

yeah, and I heard that there will be auditions for a 10-15 year old girl.
i think it would be fun to try out, but I don't know how you get in. *sad*

I think he would have blown up into pieces after being starpped to a cannon and all.

why would he blow up?

yeh me too... sad *dreams about getting in big grin*

I agree w/ you above^. it just downright sucks, you probably need an agent to get you all the details and stuff...dammit mad and depressed

You're probalbly right. sad miffed mad

yeh i know that sucks a$$!!!

wel if he was strapped to a cannon he would sink, the pressure at the bottom of the ocean is enormous, at just 100 feet your lungs cave in, and the caribean is a DEEP ocean, he would be seriously crushed and dead, and if not dead he wouldnt be able to go anywhere would he being all crushed, so as soon as the surse is lifted, then he would DEFINATELY die

Oh! That makes sense.

I agree. We can't all be rich enough to have an agent... someone rich and posh will get the part and get to meet Johnny and Orli and everything... sad

I hate them!

well not all agents have to be paid for.. they might choose you.. if you are really into that kind of stuff then you should starting having scene nights and you might get luckybig grinthumb upyes

jack's dudess
we've been over this soo many times!!

My understanding of the movie was that they had the mutany before they reached the gold, and Bootstrap Bill didn't take any gold because he was against the mutany. But I may have to watch it again.

my friend and i are gonna ask her mom to be our agent lol if i find anything out you'll be the second ppl to know (i've also got to tell my other POTC freak friend too lol) but i'll let u know right away

A.D. Skinner
Okay - From what I gathered from the film is that yes, the mutany did happen prior to the finding of the Aztec Gold, for it was the location of the gold that caused the mutany in the 1st place. Even one of the pirates themselves mentioned the fact that it never sat well with Bootstraps what they did with Sparrow, and the mutany and all.
Bootstraps did indeed have a piece of that aztec gold, and handed it off to his Son ( William Turner ). Bootstraps having being tied to a cannon, would have still been cursed as he sank to the bottom of the sea until such time that the curse was lifted some 10 years later. So in theory, he very well could have just untied his boot and swam to freedom. The story of Bootstraps was left untold ( I think for the reason of a sequel, but that remains untold as of yet. ).

Ok, i've tried explaining this to lots of people, and have failed almost every time. But i will try again.
The writers have gone into major detail about what actually happened to Bootstrap Bill, and it's quite a reasonable explanation.
Jack Sparrow was friends with Bootstrap Bill way before he gathered his crew to go and find the treasure. Barbossa asked Jack to tell him where the treasure was, and he did (giving up the bearings). This led to Jack's marroon on the island. Bootstrap Bill kept to the code of conduct and said nothing about what they had done to Jack. He went ahead with taking the treasure, therefore cursing himself.
But, guilt became too much to handle, and he made a whole scene, saying that they deserved to be cursed.
Pirates attach him to a cannon, and push him over-board...he sinks down to the crushing depths of the ocean and that's the last we hear of him.
The writers explained that he would just be a "very thin puddle" by now.

but that had to be after he sent the gold to Will right?

Do you remember in the very beginning of the movie when they pulled Will out of the water. He was still a young boy. The gold medallion was around his neck.

yeh, well the only thing to make sense is that bootstrap must of sent it before opening his mouth to Barbossa as he probably knew that they were gonna push him over.

yea.. like he knew that he was going to tell them all his opinion and being pirates they weren't going to take his disagreement well

He sent the coin off to Will so that the pirates aboard the Black Pearl would never be able to be human again. He said that they deserved to be cursed. And then they chucked him overboard.

This conversation is hurting my head now

lol ok then, thats like the same thing we said lol...

anyhoo take care luv AS!!!

P.S you like my siggy i changed it big grin

jack's dudess
Are you expecting the plot to make sense?

well yeh, i mean a good story makes sense dun it..

Kamikaze nice ziggy! big grin

Ok...well I believe that bootstrap is alive.

1. He DID have a piece of the gold...at one time.....but handed it to Will.
2. The other pirates didn't have their gold pieces anymore, but were still cursed until all of the pieces were returned and blood had been spilled.
3. The curse was lifted at the end of the movie.
4. Bootstrap bill never would have died b/c he was just like the other pirates, cursed......... so he would have been able to stay under the water and untie his boots....then he was on his merry little way.

I think that Jack may be the one that actually run's into bootstrap.

Runs into bootstrap?

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