someone tell me all about the animatrix and enter the matrix

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what r they about and what characters r involved in it

well.. in the anamatrix are like 9 mini.movies..that tell more about the matrix for example how it was created..and why!!..and if you remeber the kid in the matrix Reloaded & tell tell u about his history.. and there's one of trinity and one of the important is the last transmision of the osiris.. do you remember in the matrix 2..when niobe say:
" This geoterms confront the last transmision of the osiris"blabla!
well in the animatrix U can see the story of how does they see that the
machinnes were begining to dig! big grin

the enter the matrix-- you see morea bout niobe and ghost
all the things that they have to do and part of the movie that you dont see!

both are kewL! wink

thanks. but let me ask this there was a shot of the game commercial where niobe was getting ready to fight smith in the portals and u here morpheus say be careful is that a deleted scene or was that scene done after the reloaded movie to prompt the revolutions movie

no, niobe fights smith in the game, that scene it's not from the movies

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Anyways, I am NOT going to type out all the info on those two... too much!

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I'm from the Matrix, but you can call me Mike. thumb up

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gabimr> i'm from bolivia, and the thread is ready, go to the offtopic forum, is called the spanish club

well, back to the topic, are there anymore questions about The Animatrix or ETM?

is etm based on niobe

hehehe okidoki thankssssss!!big grin

someone please answer this

The Omega
Rox> In ETM you can either play Ghost or Niobe.
The game start half a day or so before Reloaded, and you play through a parallel storyline to the movie.

ok thanks! thats what i need to know so its basically a two character playing game

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they r making a new matrix game it's called matrix the path of neo

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Originally posted by sith_darth_jay
no, niobe fights smith in the game, that scene it's not from the movies

That's what I didn't get. Neo is the only one that can even TAKE ON an Agent, let alone Smith!

alien I'm not sure because I've been kmc for a while now and have like 433 posts or something. About that Neo is the one the code that he carries permits him to do that, ghost and niobe don't have that code they can fight the agent to push out of a plane or into a electricity box, and thats wrong niobe doesn't fight smith she fights agent brown ( i think that's what his name is) on the plane to rescue axel.

DirectorFitz niobe or ghost in the run from smith level, you can hold your own against him

the animatrix

final flight of the osiris: created by the CGI team behing final fantasy the spirits within

in reloaded, niobe's team pick up an emergency drop in the matrix and it contains the footage of millions of sentinals and the big digging machines...the osiris is the ship that discovered that the machines were digging towards zion....they get hunted down and destroyed by the sentinals but not before they get a message to niobe and her crew

the 2nd renaissance part 1 and 2: these cover the story of mans creation of artificial intelligence and show how machines started off as slaves who were abused by their human masters...when one machine known as bi66er turns on his master and kills the entire family there is a trial and hundreds of machines begin to demonstrate for equal rights...they are sent of to a country to live separate from humans (the creation of the machine city 01) soon the machines start designing and building other machines and computer programmes that are far superior to anything the humans create and thus the financial markets begin to be ruled by the machines..the humans then put trade embargos on the machines and surround 01 with war ships.
the machines send representatives to the united nations in new york where they are arrested and removed before being given a chance to speak. part 1 ends with the ominous line "this would not be the last time the machines took the floor at the UN"

part 2 begins and the war between man and machine is in full soon becomes clear that the machines are winning and are building bigger and better machines more quickly than the humans

the humans then unleash a black substance into the sky to block out sunlight to try and prevent the machines from having a power is then that the machines begin experimenting with humans as a power source...still alive and conscious...some people are cut in half vertically and plugged into machines and other such brutal experiments take place

part 2 ends with a machine that looks very like a sentinal standing at the main stage of the UN talking to the defeated human leaders

in a raspy voice he tells them

"your flesh is a relic...give up your flesh...and a new world awaits you"

then the matrix towers are seen

kids story: shows the story of the annoying kid from reloaded and revolutions who keeps following neo about...he comes to the attention of the agents and gets chased all around his school before being chased onto the roof...he jumps of and before he lands he wakes up from the matrix to the voices of neo and trinity talking about how he is the only person ever to have self actualised (or something like that)

world record

shows the story of an olympic sprinter who begins to realise that the world isn't as it should he is running, his leg snaps but he uses his belief that it isn't real to continue running....the agents are then seen to take over the other runners and start chasing him down the track...his mind eventually gives in and he collapses on the ground but not before temporarily waking up in his pod...he is last seen as a mentally and physically broken man in a wheel chair in hospital

programme: shows a fight taking place in a sparring programme based on fuedal japan where one person is trying to convince another member of the crew to betray the others and return to the matrix... a big fight ensues and at the end of it when they jack transpires that the whole thing is just a training programme anyway

a detective story

centres around a detective who is beginning to unravel the secrets behind the matrix by discovering trinity and trying to find her...they meet on a train and as trinity is about to reveal the truth...they agents find them...he fights them off to allow trinity to escape...thus getting killed in the process


shows the story of a "ghost" house where glitches in the matrix are occuring such as loss of gravity and other weird events...some kids are playing there as they seem to think its quite girl finds it while searching for her cat...eventually the whole place gets cordened off by agents who come in a weird looking truck...the final scene shows that the glitches have been fixed


easily the weirdest of all the animatrix series...i cant tell whether it is set in the future or the past

it shows a group of rebels in hiding on the planets surface and being hunted by some strange machines...they managed to capture a machine and by jacking it into a really surreal programme cause it to have empathy for the turns to there cause and is symbolised by its eye pieces turning from red to green

very weird

enter the matrix

runs along the same timeline as the matrix reloaded but centres on niobe and ghost

starts off with them recovering the disk drop from the osiris at a postal depot

the story interweaves with the matrix reloaded at various points...for example when neo is going to see the architect and they have to shut off power to the reloaded, niobe is seen looking at a power station as it blows the game you actually play through the mission of planting the explosives in the powerstation

it ends with their ship being chased through the tunnels by sentinals

the coolest bit in the game is after your character fights seraph and meets the oracle...while being let into the white corridors of the matrix service bits you come across smith...after a brief discussion with him as he is looking for then appear in a half built skyscraper being chased by smith...great level...

thats pretty much all of it

thank you

starwars God I wonder how long it took him to do that.

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