Britney Spears or No Doubt

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I LUV THEM BOTH....But who do u luv?

no doubt over brittney any day

well I prefer no doubt if I just had to choose, even if they have a poor ass version of its my life

Sometimes I like Gwen over Britney and other times I like Britney over Gwen,

I would pick anyone over Britney anytime, never encountered a more overrated and ove exposed artist.

No Doubt.

And I agree Finti, "It's My Life" is a terrible song.

The original was much better.

NO DOUBT!!!! Go Gwen!!! big grin

total metalhead
DEFINITELY No Doubt. some of their songs are halfway good, but Britneys are all terrible.

and Gwen Stefani is much sexier than Britney yes

yeah she is gavin better watch when i get signed im on that shit

my favorite ND song is Sunday Morning
My Brit song is Toxic

i really liked im just a girl by no doubt i would tell you my favorite brittney but every time i see her on tv i turn the sound down it makes her videos ten times better

definetly Brittany. I mean No Doubt? Even their name is played. But seriously I wouldn't dislike them so much if every other freakin' song, on every album after the second wasn't about her break up with Tony kAnal. I mean how can the poor simp stand it? If I was him, she'd have caught a bass to the back of the head a LOOOONG time ago!

ND is better
gwen is ****ing hot as hell

total metalhead
definitely yes


BOPRecruit 16
no doubt all the way! britney spears is not competition. she's not even a rocker.


None stick out tongue

But isnt it cool though that i like them both.........i like every kind of music sep Hardcore metal,no metal at all,no hard core rock and that's a black Xboy and i luv Britney,No Doubt,Good Carolette,Blink 182,Jay-Z,Aaliyah,TLC,50 cent,Ja Rule,Fefe Dobson,etc.....................see i like a lil bit of everything......isnt it great........................ smile smile smile smile

oyah I LUV Gwen in all but Britney's wAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy hotter!

I LUV "ITS MY LIFE dont u forget,caught in the crowd, it never EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEnds"

i would not say that you are into a lil bit off everything since your list consisted of all pop

no it didnt check it again Jay-Z is not pop + there are way more artists that i like that i did not put down.....okay......okay

Darth Revan
I can't stand Brittney and No Doubt isn't THAT bad... so I agree with TM (total metalhead) on this one definitely No Doubt...
On a side note though, I would advise you not to post threads about pop music in here... you are likely to get your head ripped off...

Darth Revan
I wouldn't say that... Good Charlotte and Blink-182 can both be considered rock depending on your taste in music. They're not 'true' rock but I like both of them. My taste in music actually is quite broad.. I'll listen to practically anything except pop and rap. That includes stuff like classical, blues (and by that I mean REAL blues like Leadbelly not the "rythmn and blues" *coughpopcough* they play now), jazz, etc

thank Darth Revan..........but see the thing is i can post anything i want in here because well..........i started the thread in the 1st place...........................but thank u though atleast some1 has common sense..................................................

Thing with "Its my life" xboy is that the original version of it with Talk Talk from 1984 is extremly good. No Doubt doesnt give this great tune any credit with their ,in my mind, really piss poor version of it.
Then again No Doubt sucs,in my mind(yet again) as a cover band. On the Clash tribute cd they have a version of Hateful and it is really really bad

sorry blink 182 and good charlotte and jay z are all pop music blink and gc are pop punk and jz is some of the popist hip hop you can find but no direspect to each there own

um... neither? they both suck... brit is a stupid b*tch and no doubt is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too overrated... and they're are both commercial crap...

Lord Shadow Z
They both are really annoying to listen to

i guess im the only 1 who likes ND and Britney..............................owell

no i said i liked no doubt

definately BRITNEY

steely balls
Britney is a talentless retard, and Gwen is much more talented and better looking. i'm just sick of hearing about britney spears i never had a problem with her untill she started to get over exposed and people start worshiping her music, but she can't sing. I don't see the big deal with her.

Fallin Angel
No Doubt all the way , i think Brittany is turning into a **** ( sorry for those who love her)

No Doubt duh...

she might get more points if sge gets more slutty

total metalhead
amen. this thread is over.

omg ppl the woman can sing she might not be able to sing and dance at the same time but she still sings..OMG*blows up*

I don't like either of them. No Doubt is overplayed. Britney is annoying.

If I must choose, I'll say No Doubt.

I've just listened to "Just a girl" and I can't believe how amazin Gwen Stefani's voice is.

um... i dont really like either of them... but ND obviously over B
Don't Speak is a classic yes

and gwen is a lot hotter love yes

No Doubt! I hate pop music... ugh.....
Gwen Stefani should have stayed in No doubt!

neither they both suck

XCall 0f KtuluX
If you listen to either, you have a vagina.

Britney's songs are often very well constructed and composed, but poorly executed and overproduced. Baby One More Time is especcialy good, I once heard a cover by someone with just vocals and guitar, and it astounded me how good the actual song is.

I'm not saying I like her, but most people are bashing her cause she is about the most commercial and marketed person in music today.

I can't comment on the Versus cause I haven't heard enough No Doubt to build a solid opinion on. But I'd the comparison isn't as uneven as some people make it seem.

As if there's any competition.

Also Gwen Stefani's voice can be VERY annoying

No Doubt had dignity laughing out loud
Britney is trashy

What kind of sick thread is this?You expect me to choose between a pile of garbage and another one?

Originally posted by Bierbommetje
Also Gwen Stefani's voice can be VERY annoying

Oooohhh yeah.

No Doubt were brilliant!

It is offensive that they are being compared to Britney!

no doubt any day there good.

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