The Pirates of the Caribbean sequel is back!! HAVE EVEN MORE FUN!

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Jack lay on his bed in the capitan's quarters. Any minute now cotton's bloody arse parrott was going to intrude upon his restful slumbers. And alas, his dreading occured. In through the window flew a colorful parrott.
"AK! leave you bleeding pigeon excuse for a parrott."
"PEICES OF EIGHT! PEICES OF EIG-" Jack swatted at it, sending it flying through the window. As he stood up his head started pounding.
"AHH! I must have been drunk last night." he looked in his bed a girl lay there with blonde hair wrapped in the sheets. He was startled and jumped back a little.
"Must have been very drunk indeed." He woke her up she got dressed and Jack showed her off the ship. He looked around at the "Jolly Roger." it wasn't exactly the Black Pearl but for all he knew about the Pearl it was still stuck on the rock off of the Grand Caymen. He chuckled as he thought about his previous trip. Elizabeth came waltzing down in a pretty little dress and high heels Will was following close behind.
"Good morning Jack." Elizabeth smiled.
"Good morning Ms. Swann, Will."
"actually it is soon to be Ms. Turner." Jack looked at them and smiled brilliantly.
"A Wedding?" he considered this, sure Will wouldn't be able to come on any voyages with him any more but hey, drinks all around.
"We're here to give you the invatation Jack." elizabeth handed jack a envelope. Inside was a fancy card that had all this neat handwriting on it. Jack turned it around a few times in his hand.
"I can't read this stuff." Elizabeth's smile dropped.
"Just waltz on in through the back door on Friday, around eight as usual." Jack nodded and turned back to his ship.
"And Jack?" Will stopped him "TRY not to do anything stupid."
"a man once cut out another man's tounge for stealing his line." jack muttered. He was actually very excited. His best friend was getting married and even better, free boos. On Friday Jack made the tiresome voyage up the side of the hill. He stopped to rest about oh, six or seven times. Finally he made it in through the back kitchen. Will was really nervous, Jack had to coach him on steady breathing. They both weren't allowed to see Elizabeth until the ceremony started Jack watched it, very bored and whistled at the end when they kissed. Then he pretty much got drunk as hell. The next morning he woke up and there was a girl about 14 in his room asleep on the chair.
"Oh bloody hell. Great! now i get to go to jail!" The girl woke up.
"If you're thinking maybe we had done something your horribly wrong, you threw up on me, asked me to carry you home while repeadeadly hitting on me and of course passed out, fell on me and kept me trapped under you for a good half of the night, i tell you you're not that light." Jack realized the girl was realitivly pretty.
"What's your name, girl?"
"Victoria Cortez." Jack heard this and stopped scratching his neck.
"Did you say Cortez?" He asked slyly. Victoria looked confused.
"...ya...." A smile slowly spread over Jack's face.

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wait...this isn't the sequel is it???

Is that the sequal???!!?!?!?!?!

it's on the other thread

Ha! yes that's the sequel. hope you enjoyed it! lol


no seriously.


It's over! (Strong Bad)

oh, yes, strongbad.

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jdfan66 that part of the second movie...if so..where did u find the script?

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It's not, we're having difficulties with these folks...

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no woman orlando is mine as i checked on the love calculater and WE got 99% so you can eat your own words

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????? POTC chailink story is funnier than this??? Hmmmm

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Oooh , Cortez! Is she realated to the guy that made the Aztec gold?

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