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I want to know a bit about how films are rated in your countries, cause I know there are quite a few differences in what makes a film high-rated in the different countries.

what are those things?
name a few examples on how films are rated.

In norway I think the ratings are pretty mild, at least on some factors. Foul language never makes a rating high here, but films with a lot of heavy violence seem to get 18+ rating quite often.

american pie 1/2 was allowed for 11year-olds +
road trip also 11year +
south park 11year+
requiem for a dream 15year+
lord of the rings 11year+'
braveheart 18+

american pie 1 R
american pie 2 R
road trip R
south park R
requiem for a dream R
lord of the rings PG-13
braveheart R

R doesn't allow anyone under 17..and PG-13 is suggested for people over 13..FYI.

In the UK you have the BBFC ( http://www.bbfc.co.uk/ ) who classify all films and videos in the UK.

Something like 99% of cinemas in the UK have it as a condition of their licence that they can only show films which have been certified by the BBFC.

That said, if a local regional authority feels that the certificate granted is not strong enough they can override the BBFC ruling and raise the certification for their area or ban the film all together, this happened with CRASH in Westmister I think it was.

The current ratings are

U - Universal
PG - Parental Guidance
12 - Over 12's only
15 - Over 15's only
18 - Over 18's only

There are some new PG-12 and PG-15 ratings being trialed in some areas. These will work like the normal PG but give parents a better guide as to the films content.

Additionally, Lord of the Rings was recently given a PG certificate but was caveated with an advisory that children under 8 may find the film too intense.

I think that's about it for the UK system.

hmm, a lot of differences in ratings there.

LOTR 11+ in Norway
guess AOTC will get the same rating

Thomas H
Just wnated to say...cool with so many Norvegians at this page.

Some movies in the US are released as 'not rated'
They are mostly shown in arthouse theateres for mature audiences.

censorship will be the downfall of film.


what about some examples

mah: here are some:

children: cartoons... Emperor's New Groove
12: Stepmom
16 (NOT 15 like I said!): Hannibal
18: Baisse moi

censorship is the worst that brought to film since barbara streinsan . censorship is the thing bringing films like sugar and spice and bring it on and other bad movies more likly to be released in theaters then a soon to be great film like house of a thousand corpses out

"G" General Admission
"PG" Parental Guidance suggested
"PG-13" Some Material unsuitable for children
"R" Restricted, no admitance if your under 17 without a parent
"NC-17" No children under 17, reguardless

"G" General Audiences, all cartoons mostly.
"PG" Parental Guidance suggested, Ella Enchanted.
"PG-13" Some Material unsuitable for children, LotR here is PG-13, the Fellowship I mean.
"AA" Adult accompaniment required. I think the Matrix was this erm
"R" Restricted, no admitance if your under 17 without a parent, this would be things like Dawn of the Dead, however theaters vary with their ratings here erm

big gay kirk
The wierd thing about the UK system is this... lets say I'm fifteen.... I can go into the video shop, and rent a 15 certificate film, or a 12A certificate (or PG12 depending on where you are in the country...) but I can't rent a PG without an adult's permission... this means I could borrow, for instance, "Pitch Black" or "Jurassic park III" but not "Shrek..." or "Gundam Wing..." bizarre, huh....

It is messed
So they can watch movie for older audience but not movies meant for them, as you mentioned... Shrek

Darth Revan
huh... That's funny... Here the main things are violence and nudity/sex. Language hardly counts for anything..

American Pie--I think it was rated NC17.. Meaning that you can't even see it if you're under 17
Matrix--R (over 18, except with the parents there)
LOTR--PG or PG13.. I forget

G-general (cat in the hat)
PG-parental guidance (scoobydoo 2)
R-18+(Kill Bill)




The question should be why do we have to censor stuff. I mean me and my mates played grand theft auto (the popular game where you steal, kill, boost cars, assasinate, kill policemen, start road blocks and blow up cars steal tanks.) when we were like 7 and not one of us has turned into a psychotic. As violence is concerned, if its too violent dont watch it. Sex i can understand, but once youve learned about sex education (which is in year 6 in the UK) you should be able to watch it. And as for bad language we learn half of that at school so every film should be universal.

as far as I remember, LOTR had 16+ in germany
but than again Wrong Turn had 16+ also
...that's kinda funny, isn't it

The video game probably has a Parental advisory sticker on it.
I think researchers say it desensitizes ppl. Not that it makes us violent from watching it.


The spellcheck didnt complain LOL
Its suppose to be: you stop caring. Things stop bothering you. Like you see a dead body and it doesnt upset you.

kinda like that phobia crap. If you cant stand spiders, tie yourself to a chair, pour spiders over yourself and eventually your mind will simply get bored of being scared of them and accept them.

Quote: "Mankind has always feared what is does not understand" -Magneto/X-Men

Yes, in a way.
Love that quote!

Recently, a non-US board poster mentioned a movie as being rated "14A", which I presume roughly means "R", since that's what "Kill Bill" was here in the US. However, it got me to wondering what the ratings are like around the world. According to the website of the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), the official (yet voluntarily imposed) ratings for US-released motion pictures are as follows:

1) G--General Audiences (all ages admitted)

2) PG--Parental Guidance Suggested (some material may not be suitable for children)

3) PG-13--Parents Strongly Cautioned (some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)

4) R--Restricted (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)

5) NC-17 (No one 17 and under admitted)

Now, as I have no strong desire (at the moment) to scour the internet for the web pages of other nations' ratings systems, I wonder if the international representatives on this board would like to sound off as to movies in their countries are rated.

I know i sound like a moderater but theres already a thread on this called censorship. Look it up. Actually screw that, Keep this thread dont take no s***.

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