Question about scene from "Ronin"

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For those who have seen Ronin with Robert DeNiro, When Spence (Sean Bean) starting to draw on the chalk board the ambush he saw, Sam (DeNiro) went over and told him to draw it again. The he started give him a hard time. What was the meaning of this scene?

Also, in another scene with DeNiro where he spills the coffee and wipes it and pushes the other man's coffee cup off the table. And then the man catches it just before it hits the ground. What is the meaning of the scene?

A.D. Skinner
Okay is my best guess ( for Ronin happens to be one of my most favorite movies )

In the scene where Deniro asks Bean to redraw the diagram...he was weeding out those that were not up to the ability of his own. Remember, he was part of the CIA, and couldn't afford those that were going to risk the operation. Upon the decline of Bean to redraw the diagram, Deniro then questions his entire history and begins to ask him very simple questions that he cannot answer. What was the color of the tower ? He then knew that Bean was not really up to this challenge, only to be reconfirmed during the buying of the Guns, in which Bean nearly got everyone killed during the exchange.

The scene with the coffee was just yet another test, for DeNiro suspects that Skarsgaard ( Gregor ) was yet another one that was being not upfront about his past. The dropping of the coffee and catching his reflexes was simply a test that he went through some kind of government training.

Though, if he tested these two, why did he not test the rest of the team as well....that is my question. But anyway...still an awesome movie.

yeah thats the reasons there lol

Bad Boy
I bought Ronin today, ain't watched it yet tho!

u should...its a great film!

A.D. Skinner
I never saw it in the theatres...never even heard of it until I was browsing the racks at the local videostore. I read the storyline and thought it sounded interesting...just one of those movies that I missed and absolutely love.

One of my other threads that I had started was asking people for their greatest car chase scenes...which I stated that I think the one at the end of Ronin is one of the best !

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