Hot Celebrities Addresses

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ashton's girl
Hey!!!! does anyone have any addresses 4 their fave actors? please put them on here! if anyone has ashton, chad michael murray's or seann william scotts it would be greatly appreciated! smile

erm... I dont think we are allowed to do that kind of stuff know stalkers and stuff

ashton's girl
yeah, but i mean fan addresses. thats why they have them u know

Search the net, look in websites about them...they usually have addresses to the their manager agencies and emails.

i know orlandos smile US and UK address. i'll find them in a sec.

why do you want their adddresses?

she wants to stalk them!

ashton's girl
no, i want 2 write 2 them. thats y they have addresses especially 4 fan mail

Lil Seraph
yeah cuz when you write to them they send you autographed pics of them n stuff like dat, obviously.

ashton's girl
yeah, one of my friends wrote 2 chad michael murray and he sent her a signed pic!

yeah one of my employees here sent a postcard to Viggo a couple years ago, she just got a reply poscard from him. she placed it at the her massage board.

The D
I have lalaines (Miranda from Lizzie Mcguire) fan e-mail address - its [email protected]

I want Lindsey Lohans. She is sooo finebig grin

kevin clark address would be nice, i kno his town and state, that's all..... higland park, illinios

does anyone have Johnny Depp's. =)

yeah, kevin clark, max pirkis, and kristen stewart are the 3 i want...anyone know any of theirs???

Princess Re
i want keanu reeves...he's so hot..and i love him as an actor...he's a great fav film he was in is the matrix

Darth Jello
well, for all you racists out there, I know a guy who lives 2 houses down from Louis Farrhakhan

Princess Re
i'm not racist

Princess Re
but mostly? i want the girl who plays niobe on the matrix,i want her address

i also wan them but i cant find them... sad confused

go on imdb, they hane addresses of people on there
hope that helps

errr...can anyone give me chester bennington's?

try this one...

Johnny Depp
9100 Wilshire Blvd.
Ste 725 E
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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