really random sequel

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ok this is the really hyper peoples stupid random sequel thread~!!!!
this is something to do when you are hyper !!
here are the rules in the story there must be mention of
1. bannana/bananna pudding
2. monkeys
3. purple polka dots
4. starfish
5. delcatessions( you know sandwhich place)

have fun .. here is OLando_lover45's first post .. go with the flow

Will was eating banana pudding when suddenly, a monkey came and stole it from him.
"Elizabeth! They've taken the banana pudding. We have to save her."
"Will, whe don't know where the ship is. We could guess and-"
"That's not good enough!" He slammed his spoon on the table.
"Don't make the mistake of thinking you are the only one who cares about banana pudding." Elizabeth said sternly.

Suddenly, Big Bird flew in! He was wearing a purple polka dot eye patch.
"Ha ha! I have your presious pudding back on my ship! You'll never save it!" Then, he flew back out the window.
"Since when did we have such a big window?" Will asked.
Elizabeth just shruged.
"To the pudding!" Will shouted.

The pudding gazed longingly at the chocolate pudding sitting three feet from him. He scooted over a bit and said, "Hey there, brown sugar, I'd like to eat you all up!" The chocolate pudding stared at him and said, "I'm a guy!" Banana looked ambarrased and apolized quickly. He missed Will and he wanted to be back home where he doesn't get seasick.

He also had stepped in purple polka dotted gum and it wouldn't come off.

and then, batman runs threw the scene wearing a red plether dress. he was being chased by bugs bunny in spandex.
"I'll get you, doc!" he yells.
and then they are out of the scene, leaving both puddings to ponder what the heck just happened.

"Do you know them?" the chocolate pudding asked.
"um, no. " the banana pudding answered.
"Well, I'm scared for life"
"yep, same here."

And then, bursting threw the door, was Will and Elizabeth. They had come to save banana pudding!
But suddenly, darth vader was in the way.
"You can not go past me." he said.
"Yes but we can laugh at you. Your wearing a Wedding dress!" Will said. and infact, darth vader was in a wedding dress.
"Think it does anything for my clevage?" he asked.
They looked at him like he was crazy. he probebly was
(you have to get the clevage joke if you listen to potc on keira's commentary)

THen the chocolate pudding got swept away by the tide. She fell overboard saying, "AHHHHHHHHHH" and the banana pudding just looked at her and shrugged and wondered what was for dinner.

"Help! I'm not really a girl! I'm actually a boy! There's something in my pants!" he yelled. But nobody cared. He died.

okay, cool. he died with chocolate pudding and Bananna pudding and Elizabeth and Will all went home from the evil munchkins and they all watched VH1 on tv.

but suddenly pamela anderson came into the room screaming and her silicon fakies were blowing up like balloons and then they popped all over and she said , "POLKA DOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GUMMI BEARS!"

Then, she died too. And no one noticed.

and then, Kate Bosworth was found to be a really mean person and was hung, but will got over it and called me conferming our date after filming.

Well, he couldn't really get over it, because he never really cared about her anyway. It was just for puplicity.

yeah, but he still called to conferm the date he had with me after shooting.

ok that story did n;t go anywhere .. and i haven't been on all day * sham sham e*

Then, he "bought me the moon."

Suddenly, the banana pudding noticed the chocolate pudding was gone.
"oh well. I never liked him anyway."

but the banana pudding had a moment, you know a whole thinking moment.
"What if i am really orange pudding?" but the bird flew in and ruined the moment by taking a poop in the banana/orange pudding.
"Oh great, now i'm vanilla! But i'll always have my rum to burn" suddenly Jack showed up.
"You can't do that!"
"Why not? I am made from the natural naval fluids of banana's i can do what i wish"
"I'm supposed to be hitting on Elizabeth."
"well hit on me" the pudding mumbled.
"Nah, i only like you for your poop." The pudding dumped out the poop onto Jack's hand.
"" he asked, eyes twinkling.
"yes, it's a curse though."
"I could care less i just want to braid it in my hair." does it look good?
"I'm busy Jack i'm trying to find a purple polka dotted doughnut."

um, wow. that is random.

um, what's with the poop?


English please >> some ppl take french!!!

ok I say we re do this one ... clean slate .. it is going no where ........ where should we start .. * thinking*

"Turtles like to swim " said will dreamily* temperarily suffering from a bonk on the head at the bottom of th ocean.

" I think he is coming back " ,"whelp.. can you hear me " said jack

"I like th e color maroon" Will blacks out.

" right mate, and you were expecting me to carry uo home... I don; thtink so ... I'll le elizabeth do the dirty work." dusting off his hands and bowing to the uncontious Will.

Later that night Elizabeth came running from her mansion to carry her fiance home.

" WILL how did this happen ... well I was fishing this afternoon when you told me to pick up some potatoes. i dropped a quarter in the ocean,, and went to pick it up when I realized it was a 40 foot drop ... i het my head .. and jack was in his underwater bubble talking to dory, marlin and nemo so he saved me I guess and now I am here.

NEMO! I LOVE NEMO! but i take french, too. i just found this site that will translate any word(yes, even swear words) into itallian and i think it's funny.


ha! that was fun

of course Will didn't answer. Elizabeth rolled her beady eyes and removed his corset.
"It's gone are you okay now?"
"Take of the leaderhosen too."
"okay now i can talk."
"What should I do?"
"Kill Jack."
"yes but heroism doesn't matter dear, it's that..."
"What will?"
"His's not pompus enough."
"I geuss i see your point."
"Okay now i must return to the job i hate but keep it somehow to learn how to fight when really i am just incappable of wooing you."
"Bye then."
Will returns to his shop which had been painted purple.
"Damn them pirates whom i hate, see i can hate them because i KNOW i'm not one. Wait a minute something in my shop is not right...oh yes the donkey is stampeding counter-clockwise. No, oh my a pirate *girlish shriek*."
"This is the second time mate! Ouch! my head, too tired to fight...better sleep."

SUDDENELY A GIANT HIPPO CRASHED THROUGH!!!!!!!!! He walked over to elizabeth and slurped her up and ran off. Elizabeth was in the hippos tummy banging her hands against the sides screaming.
WIll ran after her for a few steps and said, "Well I put up a good fight, let's go watch some Oscar MAyer weinrer commercials-"
"No! Let's go chase after the pretty hippo mate! COuld lead somewhere....exotic or something." Jack interjecting, picturing a few beautiful women, and some rum.
"Okey Dokey, lemme go pack some pantyhose and my extra lederhosen and we'll be off!"

I dunno if this is random or anythin lol u don't have to use it

"Jack was my daddy really a pirate?"
"No, your mother was a hamster...your father smelled of elderberries."
"Oh so that explains the lederhosen?"
"Certinatley, i was thinking of calling this "The curse of the purple hippo" what do you think?"
"Well the curse of the pretty lederhosen would have been much mo- hey! what curse?"
"Oh right, when i asked the bannana for his poop it was a curse, i braided it in my hair, looks mighty fine huh?"
"Jack your risking your life for another memorbilia hair token?"
"Memorbilia? I found these things on the floor of a jail cell."
"We're approaching the purple hippo,please will i know it's near impossible but try not to moon the sun while parading about in parachute pants."
"Damn Jack, what are you doing here?"
"I have come to steal the hippo and take the cow."
"What cow?"
"Elizabeth of course."
"How'd you escape the trap i set you?"
"When you left me on that island with that one godforsaken cup of bannana pudding you forgot one ignsignifigant thing mate, I'm- dammit Will! i said no mooning the sun while wearing parachute pants."
"Sorry, it's in my blood."

HAHAHAHA! by the way SamIam, i love the whole thing where will slams his fist down after loosing his pudding and going "It's not good enough." I laughed my arse off

lmao u guys this is so funny! ok i'm going to post lol here i go!

Will giggled when the sun turned around and mooned him right back. "Silly ol' sun! He should leave the mooning to the moon! Hey! That sounds funny!"
"Will, mate, i told you that if you drink pop rocks in pepsi it'll turn you brain into a thong; it hurts, and it's useless. So I'll just stick you in this box until the pop rock pepsi wears off." Jack told him.
"We must go after the hippo! It ate my girl who was wearing my favorite sock! They were so comfortable!"
Jack stared him in the eyes and said, "Mr. Turner, do not make the mistake of thinking you are the only one who cares for those socks." And at that he shut the box, hoisted on the magic carpet, and shouted, "TO THE JACKMOBILE!"

well MD I cvan't take credit for that .. it was all Orlando_lover45 and Olandolover42 .. they were hyper! but I love it soo much ... !!!

This is so random! I can't stop laughing!

here is a little backround

the JACK-mobile is a flying carpet that can be a car/boat/ airplane thinggy! it can fly about 2feet about the ground, and go about 20 miles an hour on the ground... as a boat .. well it can sometimes catch up to the pearl ... but not always !!

Jack climbed on his * music (dundundun)* JACK MOBILE!
" well after that hippo " jack says aloud .. but inside jack is thinking
* that bloody hippo took my rum and set fire to it .. he is worse than the rum burner herself!*

Suddenly WIll jumped out of the box and yelled, "PICKLES!" The socks had pickles on them! BLOODY HIPPO!"

pickles....pears, pudding.. , socks,girls and rum ...... the evil hippo had done it all ..... * hippos mind " oooo where can i keep al this stuff .. I am getting indgestion * scares all possible living life except jack and will( who is still boxed)... cuz they want revenge!!!! dun dun udn

"Hi Mr. Hippo!" a little girl shouted from her four story window.
Suddenly, Kate Bosworth came up behind her and hit her. Then, she pushed the little girl out the window onto a burning carrage.
"Ha! Take that!" She yelled from above.

inside the crate will screamed " now thats not very nice"


The hippo was very confused he had all this stuff but he wasn't all that happy, could he possibly want more in life? He took out the bannana pudding. The bannana pudding was the only thing in his collection that would talk to him.
"Why do I have no friends?"
"Sure you have friends! Elizabeth is your friend!"
"No, she's in fear of me taking her sock."
"It's MY sock." he heard from behind him and turned around there was the (dundundunduugghhh!) JACKMOBILE. Jack was standing with his foot on a box.
"Blast you BOXWILL!"
"He is Boxwill NO MORE!" Jack shouted and lifted the lid, nothing happened.
"Will?" Jack looked in the box. A chicken flew out.
"I'm over here Jack!" Will called from behind him.
"Blast, I didn't know you knew magic."
"I don't, Kate bosworth tried to turn me into Chicken Licken but instead she said i could buy her a 54K gold bracalet and take her out to dinner with you."
"OH......MY.......GOD.... CHICKEN LICKEN! I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!" Jack shrieked chasing after the chicken.
"I don't care!" croaked the hippo. "On with it!"
"Oh yes."

But, Chicken linken wasn't on jacks side, he was on the hippo's. He wispered in the hippo's ear and the hippo clapped her hands er, hoovs.
"I have a plan! I'll put you two in a box, and i'll put that box in another box, then i'll mail that box to me, and when it arrives, I'll smash it with a hammer! It's perfect! It's foolproof!" She exclamed.
"Except that you just told us so we are going to go run our bloody eyes out." Jack said.
"Or," Will suggested, "We could go and watch 'Trading Spaces' or something."
"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I like it!" the hippo exclamed.
and they all became great friends and forgot about elizabeth and lived happily ever after except for the occasonal tea party, because that was just disterbing. Untill this one day...

A giant purple pokadot doenut knocked at their door.
"Would you like to come in? We are seeing how to make pompom sword belts from Martha Stewart on TV." Jack asked.
The doenut agreed and came in. he was rather large, so he sat on the floor.
"Hey Doenut guy?" Will asked.

and then the doenut looked at jack and asked, "Jack, if McDonald micnuggets are now made with white meat, what were they made of before?"
"No idea/"

"But did you know that the day Pamela Anderson gets another breast implant It will have officially used over 80% of our worlds sewar water?"
"No i didn't know." The doughnut said nervously he began to sweat iced tea.
"Whatever is the matter?" Will asked.
"Well...i was sent here to kill you."
"BY WHOM?" The hippo asked, angry.
"By...Buffy the vampire slayer."
"Why? I thought we had a good little bang that one night, i told her it was a one night stand."
"She refuses to believe you."
"But we're not even vampires! she can't slay us!" The hippo protested.
"That would be putting a purple polka dot on her record!" Jack retorted.
"Ah, well." Jack squeaked giving up. "Might as well slay us already."
"really? you won't mind?" the doughnut asked, releaved.
"Nope, go ahead." Jack smiled.
"Thanks your a real swell guy, just let me get up..." the doughnut started struggling, nobody helped him, he finally stood up and the hippo ate him.
"Sorry, i COULD resist myself...but decided not to....mate." he smiled, mouth full of doughnut. Buffy burst through the door.
"" Jack murmered.
"I'm sorry love, i didn't know he meant this much!"
"no, it's that i wanted to eat him when he returned."
"Now on to more important matters, you used me like a hankerchief jack."
"I use my hankerchief many times, you must mean tissue, cause i use those like they grow on cheese...i mean trees."
"But that hurt me!" Buffy wailed.
"i know you're wearing your extra tight jeans." jack noted. Buffy came after him with a knife.
"Woah, woah. fine, care to give it another go?" Jack asked.
"yes." Buffy smiled her face full of tears. Jack and Buffy went in the other room while Will and the hippo watched queer eye for the straight guy and argued if the interior decorater has ever tried tying Gwen Stefani up in a ball and drop kicking her off the C.N. tower.

take that randomosity!

Suddenly a large nutcracker burst through holding Anamaria. She was holding a large wooden teapot and was drinking apple juice from it. "Hey there, Hippo! I like cheese! Care to dance???" She asked. The hippo though it over and ate her. Then he washed her down with apple juice. He burped and sauntered over to a large kitchen where P. Diddy was making a smoothie and said, "Here there Hippo, what's happenin' dogg?" The hippo didn't like being called a dog so ate P. Diddy too. The smoothie tasted like poo so he only had a sip of that. Then the hippo put on his hat that said "World's No. 1 Mom" (it was the only one for a dollar he could find) and grabbed his large stereo and left for timbuktu.


well just as our giant hippo was leaving for timbatu .... and old lady accidentally dropped her 2000 pound bag of potatoes, out a window, and it lannded right on top of mr. hippo!:

he was taken to hippo hostipal in hellisinki , and he went to hippo heaven angel :

there was a burial service that had to use a crane to get th ehippo in the ground , and Elizabeth will, jack and the bannanapudding all morned the hippo( mr. hippo's) death..
" he was the best animal that ever had any part of my bananainess" dance: said the pudding
" he was a good friend, he would always eat your enemies.. some of your friends too but i'll not get into that" said jack sadly\ :

"Yes and he was so purple!" Buffy cried.
"All i can be is myself!" she cried and ran off.
"She'll be back, they always come back." he marked his words. Just then they heard a bang, it turns out the old lady who killed the hippo was senile and had just dumped 2000 pounds of potatoes on Buffy. Jack took a yellow tye die pencil and poked her into the ditch.
"She will not be missed."

moving to general fiction.

Uhhhhhh! This is starting to get annoying!

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The others were okay, but this seems a little...nutty...

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