Fourth Pirates of the Caribbean sequel

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen boys and girls (that's what they say at disney land) We are back by popular demand to shed a little light in your pathetic lives hahahahaha, we're now onto our fourth story for a sequel Happy Dance so get ready for a rootin' tootin' good time!

Authors: Orlando_lover45, MissesDepp?!, really_bad_eggs
nick names: OL, MD, RBE okay?

Will usually doesn't wake up quite as early as he did that morning, he stumbled out of bed, kissed Elizabeth on the head got ready and decided to take a walk through town. Not that there was much happening in town though, the merchants were getting ready to start a day of business. The sun had just risen and was now almost half way in the sky. It was peaceful, serene. He could smell dew and sun. Be for long this scene was disturbed by a little comotion in one corner. Someone was trying to steal bread. Will stopped and turned. The boy had grabbed onto a loaf of bread and the merchant was fighting for it. Will approached the boy, the boy looked about 16. Will tapped him on the hand.
"Put it back, this is wro-" The boy turned his head to reveal he wasn't a boy but rather a girl. Will let go of the bread giving the girl enough time to run away. Will started chasing after her, he was running on one side of the booths and she on the other, the only time they caught a glance was the time when the booth ended. Finally Will took jumped through one of the openings in a booth and grabbed onto the girls collar. Will yanked her back causing her to let out a little choking sound. The girl spun around, she knew she had been defeated. She was wearing a very dirty button down shirt that appeared to be too big for her, on top of that an old leather vest and a peice of cloth trying to resemble a tie. She had a sort of ancient conductors hat and generals coat. Will was out of breath.
"Stealing. Prison." the girl nodded. She was taken to Commodore Norrington.
"What is wrong with todays youth and society girl if we are allowed to steal others property?"
"The kind of youth and society that is hungry." The girl replied
"Hungry is the food of rightgeousness."
"Rightgeousness? you can talk about rightgeousness when you army guys get up off of your arse and do something!" Commodore Norrignton looked hard at her.
"What's your name girl?"
"What do you want it to be?"
"I sudgest you tell me or else you might have to talk to the exicutioner."
"...Samantha. Sam." she retorted, in no hurry to see the exicutioner.
"Last name?"
"Nope." she said simply. Will looked at her, a little grunjy but still attractive. Will felt bad for her.
"There is space at our house for you." Will said. Sam looked at her.
"Thanks, but no thanks. I got my lecture and I'll be going now" She put her hat back on and started to leave.
"Splendid idea turner...teach her manners and grace, re enter her into society."
"What? am i an animal now?"
"You might as well be..." Norrington said.
"You can't make me go anywhere."
"With these." he held up her realease papers "we can." Sam looked worried she went up to Will.
"I eat a lot, tons i'd eat you out of house and err...home." Sam smiled hopefully.
"That's fine the chef makes too much already." Will answered. A look of disapointment crossed Sam's face. Will went to sign the realease papers Sam watched as the pen almost touched but then she distracted him.
"BLADDER! i have small bladder, it's funny though because i also have a bladder control problem so everything that's there just, comes out."
"Don't worry we have 5 bathrooms in the house." He went back to signing it.
"LOOK! i just won't be very happy okay?"
"Believe me, you'll be fine." Will signed it.
"Okay. so now that I'm being forced to go I'll have you know, don't expect me to be all polite and stuff."
"I don't."
"You couldn't be polite if you tried, that's what we need to teach you." Will kept walking. Sam stalled.
"Come on Samantha." he said still walking up the path to the house which looked more like a castle to Sam.
"You mean a dress?"
"And the heels?"
"Ya the heels too."
"Corset?" Sam winced.
"Oh god, i'm not going to last!"
this is one of the first beginnings i've done that didn't start with Jack. but he comes later and MAYBE takes Sam on an adventure confused Will he? or won't he? no yes wacko whistle

Wait! really_bad_eggs had a really good beginning! she pmed it to me, i'll go get it. i'll post it on here and if you like it we can start a new thread.

man stood on the edge of a cliff, surrounded by men in uniforms pointing guns at him. "Mates, you'll all remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!" With this he stepped back and dived into the blue ocean below. The men fired their guns but their bullets bounced harmlessly off the jagged rocks below.
Jack was falling onto the rocks, falling, falling, falling....
"GAH!" Jack suddenly jolted awake, causing his jug of rum to roll onto to the cobbled floor with a thunk. He walked up to the bars of the makeshift prison, wishing the napping jailer would go away for a bit so Jack could pry open the doors with a bench a few men were dozing on. He turned a bit and spotted two medium-sized rocks near the corner.
He grabbed those and some hay sprinkled on the floor and began to rub the rocks together, quickly, until after several minutes a small spark jumped on the hay. Jack blew on the smoking hjay, making it hiss and grow red at the tips. When a small flame appeared, he through it out a tiny window into the haystack outside.
"Mate! Oy, mate! Wake up!" He threw small stones at the snoring jailer when finally the smoke from the smoldering haystack awoke the lazy man. "Jesus!" He shouted waddling quickly outside. When the man was out of earshot, Jack lifted one end of then bench and dumped the men laying on it.

this was all by really_bad_eggs by the way

I like them both. You guys are the writers, you figure it out.

ahhh i don't care!!! we'll start off with missesdepp?!'s beginning and mine will introduce when jack comes in

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(this is continuing off of jack's intro)

He then placed the bench intricately into the bars as a lever and pushed down. The bars squealed and scraped against each other and finally lifted up. The other men in the jail cell looked at Jack in wonderment. Jack smiled a crooked smile and said, "I'm off, mates."

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once on deck, Jack hid behind a pile of tangled rope, thinking about his next plan of action. That's when he saw black tatered sails appering trew the fog. The Pearl. They were coming to save him from the Spanish Navy, who had captured him when he tried to steal a great deal of their gold. Obvioulsly, he had been caught and thrown into the brig. and now he was going to escapee. but how to get to the pearl without being seen? He thought for a minute, and then he had an idea.

"Will? who is that?" Elizabeth was up when they got back to the mansion.
"This," Will gestured to Sam, "Is Samantha. I saved her from jail. She was so hungry, she was stealing. Commidor said that we could keep her and show her proper manners."
"Really?" Elizabeth walked up to the girl.
"My name is Elizabeth, and your Samantha?" She gestured out a hand.
"Yeah, but call me Sam. You got any food around here?" Sam asked.
"Yes, third door on the right." Elizabeth pointed down the hall.
Sam raced down the hall in that direction.
"Is this okay? I mean, we don't have any experience..." he trailed off.
Elizabeth knew what he ment.
"Yes, but she's so skinny. We can have her stay here for a while. We have an extra bedroom and the maids can buy her some new clothes. It'll be great." She said, leaning slightly on Will.
"All right, as long as it's fine with you." Will said.

Meanwhile on the pearl Jack had just been pulled out of the water.
"That's what you say every time." Jack brushed past her.
"What be the plan of action Jack?" Mr. Gibbs asked.
"I think i might be on to something lads...we have to go back to Will and ELizabeth, they'll support the mission."
"Aye, that they will, but Jack? What be the mission."
"That, my associate is a surprise." Mr. Gibb's response was interrupted by gun shots.
"GUN FIRE CAPITAIN!" a crew mate warned.
"Let's get out of here!" he smiled

At the house Sam sat in front of a cupboard eating absolutley everything in site. Elizabeth watched her disgusted.
"Your manners really do need help Sam."
"What wrong with my manners?" Sam asked, then she burped.
"Exactly. Also your clothes..." Elizabeth looked Sam up and down. Sam looked at her sleeve.
"Ay! what's wrong with 'em?"
"Your smell" Elizabeth answered with a fact. Sam smelt under her armpits and shrugged.
"And of course edicate!" Elizabeth stated proudly.
"What's edicate??" Sam asked, her mouth full of bread a little spat out and hit Elizabeth on the cheek, she closed her eyes and whiped it away.
"Sorry." Sam said swallowing.
"Because we don't have new clothes for you at least take a bath while we wash your old ones."
"Annabel!" She called to a maid. The maid walked in
"Yes mam?"
"Please get your girls to assist her with bathing."
"Yes mam." a few other maids came to help by taking Sam upstairs. They filled a tub with water that they had heated on the stove.
"Please remove your clothes."
"Silly girl, do as your told." So Sam handed her the clothes. Annabel gave the clothes to another maid who nodded and left the room. Without that much of a struggle Sam was finally clean, her hair was brushed, and she put on her new clothes. She was then sprayed with perfume. Sam coughed drowing in the fumes.
"What's that?"
"It's rose..."
"Smells like lily."
"Well it's not Lily it's rose." Annabel let Sam go back to the kitchen, Will and Elizabeth were upstairs talking.
"She's a very nice girl." Elizabeth said.
"Ya, she's great."
"Just needs a little polishing that's all. We should have her good as new in no time." Sam was in the kitchen stuffing her face with bread. The doorbell rang. Sam leaned back in her chair but saw nobody going to answer the doorbell rang again. Outside Jack was looking in the window.
"C'mon laddy open the door." Sam got up still chewing on bread and opened the door she lifted her arm.
"Hel-" Jack started. Sam interuppted.
"What does this smell like to you?" she asked. Jack looked alarmed, even though he had been around some pretty weird people he had never had such a question.
"Do you think it smells like Rose or Lily?" Jack awkwardly leaned in and took a short sniff.
"Yes, yes it does." She smiled.
"Now is-"
"WILLLLL! ELIZABBBETTHHH! DOOOR!" she shouted. Elizabeth came down.
"Hello Jack! Have you met Samantha."
"Yes, your daughter smells very nice." Jack smiled at her. Elizabeth looked confused.
"Oh i'm not her daughter she saved me from dying of hunger." Sam nodded.
"How old are you?" Jack asked.
"A little old to adopt."
"She didn't adopt me." Sam said with sass. "The daughter of Elizabeth Swann does not wear such un fashionable clothing sire." She said standing up straight, hands clasped smiling and batting her eyelashes.
"Look,she's got it down pat. Only i'm not a sire."
"Just, Jack."
"Oh so you're a Jack are you?"
"Sam I think Jack and I have to talk alone." Elizabeth interuppted.
"Ah, i see. Well Jack, i bid you adue." She bowed.
"A lady doesn't bow she curtsie's." Elizabeth called after Sam as she walked down the hall.
"Adopting street rats are we?" Jack asked.
"I can help her." Elizabeth said, head high
"A tiger can't change her stripes."
"It's a leopard can't change his spots." Elizabeth corrected. "Anyway what have you come here for?" ELizabeth invited Jack in.
"Well i was wondering if you could support another mission?"
"Whats going on this time?" Elizabeth asked, sam was listening from the kitchen.
"A race."
"A race?" Elizabeth asked.
"Almost every country in the world. Chinese pirates, Spanish pirates, Indian Pirates, Privateers. It's a long course but the prize, luv. It's worth it. Treasures beyond your wildest dreams." Sam heard it all from the kitchen but at treasure she couldn't hold it she came running up to Jack.
"You mean Treasure? and adventure? and pirates and TREASURE!"
"Excitable little thing aren't you?" He laughed.
"Pirates! A BUNCH OF PIRATES. Oooo you're a pirate. are you romantic and mysterious?" she asked. Jack smiled smugly. He liked the idea of being romantic and mysterious.
"Like you wouldn't imagine luv."

did you use the lily rose part as a tribute to johnny depps daughter? or was that an accident?

"Sam, that is a very un-lady like question."
"well it's a good thing I'm not a lady." Sam smiled. Jack smiled back.
"So you'll be supporting us then?" Jack asked Elizabeth.
"Of course, and as usual I'll be going with you."
"YOU?! on an adventure?"
"I know it's hard to believe luv but she once at worms." Jack laughed. Sam looked shocked. Elizabeth blushed.
"That was only because we were starving. Now then Jack don't you need a dock pass for the night?"
"Yes luv."
"I'll go get that then." Elizabeth patted off. Sam stood gawking at Jack.
"Smile." she said. Jack smiled revealing his gold teeth. Sam smiled back.
"Turn around." she said again. Jack spun around once giving Sam time to look at him.
"Do you have a gun?"
"Pistol." Jack corrected. He reached into his coat and pulled out his pistol he handed it to Sam.
"It's beautiful!" Sam exclaimed and handed it back.
"Sword?" Jack pulled out his sword and handed it to Sam. She looked at her reflection in it. She started spinning it around making whoosing noises. Elizabeth came out with the dock pass.
"You're going to get dirty sam." Elizabeth warned. Sam sadly handed Jack his sword back.
"Alright then off I go." Jack opened the door and went to leave.
"WAIT!" Sam called after him he stoppe and looked at her.
"Can you say 'Arg me maties it'd be the plank for yas'?" she asked.
"Let me do it Jack sparrow way. Walk the bloody plank you lazy land lovers."
"EVEN BETTER!" She beamed. "Bye!" she called after him
"Tah!" he replied. Elizabeth shut the door.
"He is SO cool." Elizabeth rolled her eyes, sighed and walked away. Sam looked out the window and watched Jack swagger off.
"A real pirate" she said to herself.

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Jack pondered what had happened at the mansion on the way back to the dock. Sam seemed like a very perky girl, reminded him of vickie.Ironicly, vickie was waiting for him at the dock when he got there.
"Jack! are they coming? do we get to go on the adventure now?" she asked, hope and youth in her eyes.
"Yes, she's just informing Will." Jack said.
"Yay! this is wonderfull." she raced to the boat and climbed abord.
"No man," jack thought to himself, "invented the word yay, no man."

Back at the mansion, sam was in the kitchen, eating more. Elizabeth walked up the long stairs, to where Will sat at his desk.
"Elizabeth." Will turned around.
"Will, that was Jack at the door." Elizabeth said.
Will smiled.
"Let me guess, he wants us to come on some far-fetched adventure again, i take it."
"A race." Elizabeth said. she was just as confused as Will was.
"A race?"
"Yes, i dont know what the prize is, he only told me it was a race and he wanted us to come. all the pirates in the world compete trying to find clue after clue left behind by ancient pirates." Elizabeth said, almost laughing.
"Well, lets pack. We should go, shouldn't we?" his eyes questioned Elizabeth. she always seemed discomfort on a boat.
"Yes, of corse. Jack is our friend." Elizabeth looked happy.
Will sat on the bed.
"Are you sure?" He asked.
Elizabeth sat down next to him.
"Will, we can do this. we do it every other week anyway! 3 adventures now, i can handle this." Elizabeth got up and started to pack some things into her bag.
"Well then, i guess we are going. But whatabout sam? should we let her go?"
"No, she can come."Elizabeth continued packing.
"Come? she's a child!" Will got to his feet.
"Yes, but Will, we can't just put her out on the streets, again. think how that would look." she had finished packing and was now leaning agenced the wall.
"You are right. But she wont know how to do anything." Will leaned on the wall next to her. they had been married for a total of 12 days. The govener had baught them a house over by the dock, just incase. Will liked the ocean. He was a pirate at heart. But he didn't know about Elizabeth.

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On the pearl Vicky was doodling in a sketch book.
"What's that?" Jack asked.
"It's well you." Vicky turned it around. There was a sketch that looked just like him.
"It's er...well." Jack said spinning it around
"It's okay Jack, I know you aren't artistic in the least."
"Good, no worries then." he smiled.
"So how are they?" Vicky asked.
"They're good, I didn't really see Will but Elizabeth looks good. They have a kid you know, well not really a kid, she's A kid but not THEIR kid."
"Oh!" Vicky's eyes widened.
"Yes, and please spare me my ears and don't say yay."
"Ugh, Mr. Grouch." She kissed him on the cheek.
"She seems rather fasinated with pirates, all this rubbish about romance."
"No romance? Dare I recall running through the streets of Venice onto a roof where we watched the sunset." She smiled. Jack pointed at her.
"That almost killed me." He said. Vicky laughed.

The next day the mansion was in a fuss. Sam woke early.
"When are we leaving?" she asked Elizabeth and Will. She was standing under the door frame while Will and Elizabeth ran around packing in their room.
"When you say we you must mean Elizabeth and I right?" Will said eyes still on his suitcase as he packed.
"What?" tears began to start in her eyes, this was her only chance to go on a real pirate adventure. Elizabeth stopped for a second.
"it's too dangerous Sam, you're just a child."
"Bah!" she said and ran downstairs and right into Jack.
"well, well, well if it isn't our favorite pirate lover." Jack smirked.
"Not in the mood." Sam walked past him. Jack went after her.
"Not in the mood luv? what's wrong?" He asked. She stopped walking.
"It's just that not only am I forced to be clean, something I've never been before but now I can't even go on the adventure!" she whined. Just then Annabel, the maid came by with some corsets and dresses.
"These are yours." she smiled triumphantly and showed Sam the dresses then waddled off. Sam stood there jaw open. When she looked at Jack he was smiling.
"There's no way I'm wearing that!" she made a face.
"You're not giving up mate, you'll find a way onto that ship." Sam had her head down. Jack lifted it with one finger.
"See you there." Jack smiled and went out the door. Sam stood confused, she had to go on this adventure just had to. She looked at one of Elizabeth's massive trunks.
"Woah, she brings a lot of clothes you could fit a whole person in that-" her thoughts were cut off. She slyly moved out of sight and took out all of Elizabeth's clothes she took a hand drill and got in the box.
"Where'd that last trunk go?" she heard Elizabeth say. "Ah there it is, thats the last one." She was suddenly lifted and heard a groan.
"Ms. Swann this is so heavy what's in here?" Sam scowled she didn't like the thought of being heavy. There was a lot of commotion followed by nothing at all, she thought she must be in the storage so she pulled out the hand drill and drilled a few holes to breathe from and ocassionally see out of. After about four or five hours of a very uncomfortable postion and pure bordem she felt herself being lifted again and suddenly the holes were filled with light. She put her eye to the hole, someone bent down to pick it up and was probably startled by her eye. He let go and sent it falling into the water, the holes were filled with water but luckily enough she broke free and swam up. When she emerged everyone was looking at her, Jack was laughing.
"I bet you anything you had something to do with this Jack." Will said as he grabbed onto Sam's arm and pulled her out of the water.
"I have no doubts..." Vicky sighed. Sam was a little dizzy from the fall.
"No i'm fine. A little disoriented but none the less fine."
"You must be Sam i'm Vicky." Vicky introduced.
" you're the pirates romance?" she smiled at Jack.
"Ya I geuss I am." Vicky smiled.
"Well he couldn't have picked a prettier-"
"Sam? Go sit in the Capitain's quarters. We're not amused." Elizabeth said crossly.
"I am." Sam smiled. As she was leaving she heard one of the spaniards shout.
"Oh looks like British have recruited children, well there's no geuss as to who's going to win this race." They laughed.
"Ya, ya you wait!" Jack called Back. Sam sat on the bed for a good hour.
"Ahhh, i'm so #####. This trip has just been mainly waiting!" she complained. Jack came through the door.
"They're doing boring check in stuff, i prefer sailing, like you care to go for a walk?"
"ANYTHING to get me out of here, Pirate."
"I do have a name." Jack reminded.
"I know." Sam said as she left.

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Sam sulked in the captain's quarter's. As she thought of what to do her eyes sparkled and lit up. She screwed her face up and began to make herself cry, and think of the saddest thoughts. When Elizabeth stormed in, she saw Sam crying. "Oh dear,, darling, pet, whatever is wrong? I'm sorry I was cross with you but-" she was interupted by one of Sam's mournful wails. Elizabeth embraced Sam, stroking her hair. Sam sniffed miserably, stalling and thinking. "I'm just upset that someone that acts the closest thing to a mama to me will leave me just like my mama did. I want to come with you."
"Darling, you're just a wee girl! what could you do on here that can help us win the race? If you think of something, then you may come."
Sam wiped a tear from her face and sighed. "I could run errands, perhaps. I will try hard to be a young lady and if it's dangerous I'll stay out of the way I guess."
"All right darling. I'll talk it over with Will." Elizabeth turned away and shut the door gently. Sam grinned wide and silently jumped up and down. "I have a sort-of family and am going on a sort-of adventure. Not bad, Samantha, old girl" she thought.

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Jack was ready, with Will by his side, and Elizabeth by his other side.
"Hoist the main sails, swash the deck, billow your weasly black guts out! MOVE!" Jack barked at the crew. Annamariea tapped Captain Jack Sparrow on the shoulder.
"Before we leave, i'd like you to meet my son, Danial. Can he ride with us?" She asked.
He looked down at the boy. No older then 14, but he could tell he was tough. he looked just like his mother.
"Danial, you want to become a pirate?" He asked the boy.
"Yes, Captain Sparrow." He said, straitening up.
"Aye, he can stay, as long as he keeps out of my way." He said to annamaria and straightened his hat.
"And what can he do right now to help?" She asked.
"Nothing for him to do now. Elizabeth and Will brought someone abord, they are making her a young lady, she's in the captains quarters last time i saw her." He said, pointing to the cabin.
Danial slinked over to it, not expecting to find when he opened the door.

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Vickie stood on the side of the boat, holding on to a rope so she wouldnt fall in.
"Vickie, you best be getting down from there." Will said. he had been watching the water meters infront of her. She was imbaressed.
"Vickie, we are almost to the starting place. best that you get down. really." Will said again.
"Alright. I'll get down." Vickie stepped off of the ledge and gasped at what she saw. Big ships, small ships, ships with white sails, ships with black sails, one had a pink sail, some were long, some were stout. But all shaired one thing. a pirate flag.
"Pretty amazing, eh?" Will asked.
"Yes, they are all so..." Vickie couldn't finish.
"many?" Will said, gazing at them all.
"What you two be doing?" Jack walked by and saw the ships.
"Aye, the ships. they will all be behind us. We have the Black Pearl, remember?" Jack said triomphantly.

"well pirate, i don't see what makes this so special." Jack took a breath,
"You know what luv? I'm not even going to bother Will can tell you some other time."

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All lined up at the starting point, the crews on all of the ships scurring around, trying to get ready with their sails. soon, the sun would rise over the mountains and they would sail, hoping to see the checkpoint so they know they are going the right way.
"Well crew, this is where we show who the Pearl really is. Freedom. All say aye!" He shouted at the crew and his acomplisess.
"AYE!" everyone shouted.
"Okay, we are the finest crew abord all these ships, the only one with a strong crew, a blacksmith/pirate, an elizabeth, a Vickie... okay, you get the idea. Anyhoo, We will not give up hope, because the Pearl is Freedom, the best freedom that ever sailed these waters. All say aye!"Jack shouted again.
"AYE!" everyone shouted.
"Now, crew on deck, ready the sails, hoist the anchor, man the lifeboats, no just kidding you there, annamaria is in crows nest. Now, go!" The crew scampered about, leaving will and elizabeth and Vickie standing at the front of the boat.
Just then, the sun slowly raised it's self over the mountain.
"GO GO GO!" Jack screamed!
And they were off, slicing threw the waters and leaving all troubles behind.
"This," Jack said to himself, "this is what a pirate dreams of."

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Sam was looking out over the water. Thousands of ships, millions of sails it was a beautiful site. She sighed and was about to turn away when she heard Vicky.
"Wait! stay right there!" she dropped a bundle of rope and got her sketch pad.
"This isn't bleedin' doodling time." Jack commented.
"Jack when you get a plaque on that wall you're going to want this." Vicky said eyes on Sam. After about 10 minutes Vicky said she was done.
"What? so soon?"
"No I'm done my outline, now when i come back to sketching I'll know what the scene looked like."
"Oh." Just then A spanish ship pulled by.
"Looky here Captian, it's the nursery school fleet." A crew mate laughed.
"Aye, what about that one? The Italian girl." One interuppted
"She's quite a looker. Hey honey come over here and join some real winners." Vicky looked back at Jack.
"I WOULD...but i'm risking infection and disease." she retorted.
"AWwww come on!" they laughed, they then pulled away.
"Jack, why are we letting so many people pass us?" Elizabeth asked.
"Don't worry luv. We're going to let them think they're in the lead then we're going to unleash 'em." Jack gestured to two massive sails.
"Oh." Elizabeth was releaved, in a way. Once everyone had settled Sam
observed alot. She watched danial up at the crow's nest. She watched the crew at their posts, she watched Vicky work up by the sails, Will and Elizabeth in the gallows but most of all Jack. She watched Jack the most because he was the only one that would talk to her. Jack was flattered by the fact that Sam was fasinated by pirates.

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"Captain," Will said from the back of the boat, "should we release the sails?"
"WAIT...wait...okayyyyyyyyyyyyyNOW!" Jack commanded and the crew let the sails free, new sails, black still, but new so they didn't have any holes.
The were speeding past the ships now, speeding past by alot, when they finally got to their speed, there was but 2 ships infront of them.
"Captain, is that the checkpoint?" Danial pointed from the crow's nest.
"Aye, it is. We are going the right way." Jack said to the crew.
Just for the heck of it, he added, "All say Aye!"
"AYE!" they shouted back.
He chuckled and steered the ship, his long fingers caressing each rung.
"Pirate, why arn't we looting off of some other boat?" Sam appered beside him.
"Because, luv, that would slow us down, savvy? We just want to finish, and we want to finish first. We WILL finish first." He replied.

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As they passed the ship that was in second, Jack made sure that the boats were as close as possible. Jack then climbed up some rops, leaned over, and cut a few long gashed in the ship. Some men ran out, shouting in Spanish.. Vicky smiled and said, "That's why I didn't come with you! A bunch of losers!"

sorry writer's block too lol

yeah, we'll wait for missesdepp to write no!

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the can keep sailing till they reach the end of the world ( like i cronicles of narnia)

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Those first few hours were hectic, everyone was sprinting almost, But the ships found their pace and started spreading out. There was still one other ship in front of the pearl, the sky was slowly fading and everyone was pretty much off doing their own thing except for Jack who was still at the wheel. Sam was doing nothing except basking in self bordem. Danial came up from the gallows. Sam ran towards him.
"Are you done now?"
"Ya I should be."
"Please come do something with me!" Sam pleaded grabbing onto his hand. She had to look up seeing how he was a great deal bigger than her.
"Ya sure."
"Hey, boy! you should be fishing!" Mr. Gibbs called.
"How do I fish off a moving boat."
"Not all fish are smart." Mr. Gibbs took his finger and hooked it on his cheek as a demonstration. Sam made a face and rubbed her cheek, she wouldn't want to have that done to her. Danial sighed and walked away.
"What?! please don't start something new! I'm so #####!"
"Well, use your imagination."
"Ugh!" she said trotting away. She went up to Jack who was very consintrated.
"Pirate....Pirate...JACK!" she yelled. He looked down.
"Not now luv. Busy, very hectic." He said still looking out on the ocean. Sam went around to where he was standing and looked from his view. She saw nothing just the speck of the Italians off in the distance.
"Uh-huh..." she went into the quarters thinking maybe she could read but when she shut the door she didn't feel like it. Then she thought
"Why don't you look around a bit? Pirate must have some sort of past."
Above his bed there was a shelf it was mainly filled with books,
"He probably just has them for show." She picked one up it was hollow, when she opened he cover it was a little nook filled with some odds and ends, Vicky's portrait of Jack, a letter from some girl named Jessie adressed to uncle Jack.
"He must have a niece." Sam concluded then there was a marble. She picked it up and looked at it. It slid out of her hand, bounced off the bed and rolled on to the floor. when it got to one board it made a hollow clunk. Sam stepped off the bed and went over to where the marble had landed. She knocked on the floor board. It was hollow. She pressed on one side causing the other to stick up, Sam removed the board and pulled out an old cigar box. Inside was a letter from the navy congratulating him for enrolling.
"Pirate? a soldier? Well no wonder he ran away from that rubbish." She laughed. There was a brass toy in the shape of a boat. It was very old and looked as though he has had it since he was a child himself.
"Started at a young age." He had a pair of aviator goggles she tried them on, but they smelled old and dusty and she couldn't see out of them so she took them off. There were many old knicks and nacks, when she was done looking at them all she noticed a necklace at the bottom she picked it up and looked at it. It was a triangle with odd numbers around each side in a sprial which ended in the middle with a giant J. She dusted it off with a finger, then she put it on, it was long almost reaching her belly button and she felt...different. She heard footsteps outside and quickly put everything away she closed the box, dropped it in the hole and put the floor board back on she looked down and noticed she hadn't taken the necklace off so she slid it under her shirt just as Jack walked in.
"You might want to see this." He smiled.

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Jack showed her to the front of the boat. a beautiful ocean stretched before them. Sam gasped and noticed that Vickie was standing next to them, looking at the most beautiful sunset that Sam had ever seen. Also, down a little from Vickie, was Will and Elizabeth. They were watching it, too.
"Isn't it wonderful? We have only one ship ahead of us and we will soon be passing them, too." Jack said.

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Eager young blood want to read up on how the story has gone so far and add to it? Eh?

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