The fate of the Trade Federation . . .

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Darth Ninja
What do you think will happen to the Trade Federation? It has been rumored (by some) that Anakin/Darth Vader will kill Nute Gunray, Rune Haako and (possibly) Lott Dodd. Others have said that the Trade Federation will be turned over to (or into) the Coporate Sector Authority. Personally, I think the Trade Federation will be "absorbed" into The Empire. The Trade Federation ships and weapons will be "recycled" and used to make Imperial ships and weapons. The Neimodeians will most likely be exterminated.

dunno, perhaps the empire will pick off the remains of it, don't forget they fight against the republic so will possible get a lot of damage first

yeah I'd tent to think that the trade federation would be a major target for the republic when the sh!t hits the fan so I think most of em will get wasted. What's left will go into making up the empire.

Rebel Racer
it'll prolly be somethin we least expect.

Isn't the same sound effect used to make the Droid fighter blaster as TIE blasters? and the Battle Droid's rifle is the same sound as the stormtrooper ones. If this isn't just to make it sound like the OT then maybe they do get taken into the empire.

I'm thinking along the same lines as you mephisto; the Trade Federation will most likely become a part of the Empire. Nute Gunray and all his little buddies are real cowards so I see them just accepting Palpatine's power.

Commerce and trade appear to be operating in the time of the Original films- there is a Miner's Guild, after all, that Lando side-stepped so as not to be noticed, and you wouldn't have Guilds like that if the Empire had assumed control of all trade.

In fact, GL's original ideas for SW- as still contained inside the orignal novel- have Palpatine coming to power on the backs of these very guilds and federations. The original ANH second draft goes into detail:

...through a series of assassinations and "elaborately rigged elections," the Galactic Senate became pawns of the "Power and Transport guilds." The Empire was truly born when subjugated systems were "exploited by a new economic policy which raised the cost of power and transport to unbelievable heights."

It has taken GL over 20 years to get these ideas of his on the drawing board and I will not be surprised if the essence remains the same- and that these organisations, far from being purged or even swallowed by the Empire, are actually the foundation of it.

Of course, the existing Viceroy etc. may be killed first.

The foundation?? I never thought of that. Nice one Ush. thumb up

very good call on the Mining Guild there USH, I belive the emperor will put "some of his own" people in charge of the Guilds though

Darth Ninja
Yeah, Darth Sdious/Palpatine didn't exactly like those Neimodian slugs . . .


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