bob marley.....suckas

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metal face
no women no cry
turn your lights down low
get up stand up.....

i could go on but i believe you get the point

anyone else listen to marley? or all ya'll suckas?


lil bitchiness
Erm...What the f**k? i didnt really understand half of that post...

I love Bob Marley..he is so awsome!! thumb up

marley is the greatest of all time

metal face
does anyone else listen to bob marley?

ya that actuelly is pretty hard to understand

what does it mean?

i dont know....

i cant read


lil bitchiness
Yeah....awsome english!

metal face
hey atleast i spelled it right and didnt use netspeak like the rest of the

lazy ass slackers here, like really you dont spell "you" with "u"

im sick of netspeak, use all the letters

sound it out

gimme your adress i'll send you some hooked on phonics

i respect him. Buffalo SOldier lol smile

Bob Marley is awesome, and metal facetry to make some sense in your postings.

metal face
who are you to tell what to do on this board?

my posts have made perfect sence

just drop your addresses and i'll mail you some hooked on phonics


metal face
i got a warning

cuz finti thinks he's god or something

im pretty scared

i might get banned

how will i live on

stop being a ****er and telling me what to just cuz youthink you're god

or a mod or whatever, you're not tough so shut the hell up

here's the mods of kmc

and of course finti

I understand everything that Metal Face says. Can't understand why people are confused. Is it just me that is fluent in understanding and decoding BULLSHIT????

most mod's suck around here.

not everone is into hip hop slang or have english as their first language so out of respect for them please resond in basic English

i dont think thats a rule here is it? cuz if it isn't let him type anyway he wants.

Captain REX
Here to support Finti, since the anti-Mod views are starting again.

Without mods, this place would be even more of a hell-hole than you make it. It would be endless arguing. Not much fun...

And keep in mind that if you argue with us, you are outta here, temporarily or otherwise. Even if you don't care, it just reduces my headache...

lil bitchiness

Bob Marley is cool! One of my flat mates listens o him all the time...he wakes up early and starts playng Bob Marley...soetimes its really nice to wake up to ''No Woman No Cry'' big grin

ummm argueing is better than acting like idiots like in the otf forum. just IMO.

Captain REX
Not everyone in the OTF is an idiot. Plus, most of our forum idiots don't come from there. Metal Face seems to be running for the title.

Captain REX
Bomb Marley is cool indeedy!

i dont know how metel face is an "idiot" but have u seen how ridiculous people act in otf. i like them as people/human beings but cmon discuss something better. and most threads are same but made by different people.

and yea bob marley is great.

Captain REX
Yes, some people in the OTF are idiots, but the majority of members who visit often aren't.

Metal Face is being an idiot because he is being a jerk to a mod...

gotta get rich
no you just cant say shit about Bob Marley. he was a genius.

ummm being a jerk to a mod doesn't make him an just shows he has balls to fight back. i respect him for that.

metal face

this all started cuz i said ya'll or something

then someone told me how to talk or type however you want to say it

i got angry cuz no one tells me what to do, if im not breaking any rules

and i wasnt, i was just defending myself, i may have been a little harsh,

indeed, but in my opinion the mod seemed on a power trip

it looks like its resolved, but it looks like i got captain crunch on my


now, you guys arnt our mothers or fathers, so we CAN talk back...

you're to break up fights and report broken rules, which neither happend

so simmer down...

but again i think everything is resovled, maybe not i dont know...

but hahahaha, ya hockey had a good point, have you read the stuff at

the OTF? hahahaha, all comedy, but some people need to grow up

99% of the people in there for starters

hey captain i might get the prize for being an idiot, but your mom gets

the trophy for the best cookies in my book....and ive tried A LOT....


The OTF can be discussed in the OTF. If you dont feel like posting in there because of the things mentioned above, well I totally understand and actually agree. But here we can discuss music, in a civil manner, which obvious is a huge interest for a lot of back to Marley. I like a lot of his stuff and my favorite song by him is Jamming

metal face
mine has to be

no women no cry(live)

Captain REX
Heh, turned your reply into a rap song. You get credit for that. wink

Though, calling my Captain Crunch and the mom remarks are just dumb...

Finti was just doin his job. I'm just doin mine. Sorry if you can't deal with that. Anyway, before somebody gets banned or loses a moderating job... big grin

I need to listen to Bob Marley, I haven't recently.

good credit for that he means. smile

Captain REX
Are you sure? stick out tongue

j/k, yes good credit, though means nothing...

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