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does anybody know where I canget free piano sheet music for potc cos I doubt there will be music books like lotr.

omg!!! i wanted the piano sheet music too!!! but i play the violin so id play the top part, you know??? i think you can go to google and just look under "Pirates of the Caribbean sheet music"

oh, i dunno if its free......

then put free in there too.. search for 'free POTC sheet music' that should workyesyes

Yea thats what i did for flute and a ton of stuff popped up. You have to pay fro most of it though. Also sometimes they have it at local music shops. i found LOTR once at a second hand music shop smile

I found Attack Of the Clones sheet music at a local store. I think you can order them too.

ahh that would be well cool to play- but i coldnt play it even if i did have it because i cant play any instrument that well- shame but at least i have the soundtrack- which rules

the soundtrack is the borders up there with the LOTR soudtrack but I don't know........

its a tough choice but i pick the LOTR soundtrack because it has much more of a variety of emotions and it makes me cry ( yes i know sad!)

but the pirates soundtrack still rules

I just bought the soundtrack yesterday me and my friend were listening to it and fighting about what part each song is. we have no lives.

Okay, yea, the sheet music to POTC isn't free cuz my sister had to by it for a different movie, but this one MAY be different, but it might not cost THAT much.... I LOVE THE MUSIC TO THE MOVIE!


I found Pirates Sheet music...I found it in a local Band store....Didnt get it considering i dont play an instrument

me and my sister were doing that cos its confusing cos the music doesnt go in order

I've bought the piano book at it is really good, quite cheap 10.00 all together with delivery.
I'm listning to my friends potc soundtrack at the moment cant wait to get one myself.

is the soundtrack good? Because I was going to get it but then I read the titles of the song.. they're really weird.. so I got ROTK instead.. STEWARD OF GONDORlovelove (Pippin's Song)

the POTC soundtack ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

soooo much percussionhappy
laughing out loud duh that'll make me happy - i'm a percussionist myself!!!!!laughing out loud

are you.. cool.. I'm going to buy it as soon I actually have money to spendstick out tonguestick out tonguestick out tongue

Im not, boooooooring!

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